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What a wonderful way to start the new year 🎉💃 Growing beautiful medicine with an amazing community 💚💚

Cannabis Grow IMG 20221231 222315042

I will be growing Mimosa from Homegrown cannabis company with Smotpoker. Smot will be journaling apple fritter. We dropped seeds at Midnight on the Smotpoker YouTube channel we scuff and drop seeds into warm water. We place them on a heating mat at 83°f. We will soak for 12 to 24 hours and then we will be placing them in general hydroponics rapid rooters. 

Posted : 01/01/2023 12:49 pm Heyron420, Aotearoa N.Z. N, E&E818 and 1 people liked
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7 out of 8 broke the surface of the rapid rooters. We had a heck of a time with those rapid rooters. We had to cut open several of them to reorient the seedling with tap root.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230106 073152719

the above picture was taken on 1/6. We transplanted the rapid rooters into prepared Solo cups. We use buffered coco and 20% perlite. We did not pre rinse the solo cups with the correct EC. We noticed the delay in any growth. One of the mimosas appears to be very droopy.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230109 063349009

we are using general hydroponics nutrient line and we are using Dr Cocos nutrient chart as a guideline.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230106 071829041
Cannabis Grow IMG 20230106 071818722
Cannabis Grow IMG 20230109 071534020

we are noticing fluctuations in temperature in the range of 70° to 76° Fahrenheit and fluctuations in RH 50% to 64% range.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230109 063310728

the next picture includes the apple fritter that Smotpoker is journaling.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230109 063318487

although we are off to a rough start I remain hopeful and excited to see what these genetics can do in our tent.


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Cannabis Grow IMG 20230110 195650278

As you can see Smotpoker is doing all the heavy lifting 💪and the seedlings are responding nicely

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230111 074819892

they are residing currently under the maxasun mf1000 🎉🎉Smot won that light at the grower love giveaway🎉🎉GO SIGN UP😉😁

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230111 074535628

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A lot has happened since the last post.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230111 074440529

in the above picture you can see the plants were doing fine. It's after this that things get hairy...

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230114 111005081

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230114 112119947

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230114 112132361

we think we accidentally overdosed them with H2O2. Overnight they appear to be fried. Some of the leaves literally crumbled. We thought they may be goners. We flushed them with tap water without  adjusting pH. Next we fertigated with nutrients following the same EC and pH that they were receiving. At this point we let them dry back for a few days. To my amazement they refuse to die.🌱

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230123 123955009 HDR

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230124 164357194

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230124 164336283

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230125 052125800

Although our plants are stunted from our mistakes I am excited to see what these genetics can do. I'm already impressed by what they've handled so far. The pot up was soon to follow. We decided to go with one gallon pots. Perhaps a s.o.g. is in my future.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230128 011200813

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230128 011224099

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230128 011234998

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230130 171042235

They handled the pot up quite well. We pre-fertigated the 1 gallon pots so that they were going into a like environment. We notice the runoff was still a little low.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230131 074943572

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230131 074958554

That is the EC and pH going on today. And the runoff EC is 👇

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230131 075025429

The Mimosa and apple fritter that refused to give up😁🌱

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230131 080343880



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Thanks for the comments 🙏💚 it's awesome having growmies like all of you here 💚

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230202 224104756

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Getting excited for the photo challenge

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230208 125015380~3

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Flip day 😉😁🌱

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230216 164539601
Cannabis Grow IMG 20230216 164534790

these girls are a side experiment 🧐

Cannabis Grow IMG 20230216 164543140

one apple fritter one mimosa we are keeping them in the Solo cup it may turn into the single cola challenge I am feeding them nothing but the runoff from the other plants we will see how it goes.

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20230219 154040448

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20230313 165010706
Cannabis Grow IMG 20230313 164939503

the flowers are here

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