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Hi everyone, this is the first time I am writing on this forum as I am a long time lurker. The posts and articles are great and after seeing the challenge I thought I'd have a try. 

I currently have a very simple setup which I will be detailing on my next post, but I would first like to clarify what the definition of "One cola" is. After looking it up does this match the description of what we are aiming for ? 

Cannabis Grow 20221223 145344

Posted : 12/23/2022 6:01 am TerpeneTed, Yeti, HappyCultivator and 4 people liked
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Hello all, 

Thanks for the warm welcome and for the single cola confirmation! 

I had a little hiccup as the clones I planned to use started flowering mode during the end of year festivities (probably neglected a tad). Due to this event, I had to purchase new seeds and had to wait for them to be shipped in so I'm a bit late.

So new plan, here are the strains I will be working with from seed: 

- Northern Lights x3

- OG Kush x3

- White Widow x3

These are all feminised as I don't have space to fiddle with males. This morning I proceeded with the paper towel germination technique with distilled water and they are in a covered dish near Jesus' terrarium (warm spot) to keep her company.

Here is a description of the setup I will be using for the veg and flowering time : 

  • Grow tent : Mars Hydro 3.3 x3.3 ft
  • Led light : Mars Hydro FC 4800
  • 6 Inch Inline Duct Fan and Carbon Filter
  • 3 Gal air pots
  • Biobizz Coco-mix + 10% perlite

And I will be using Advanced nutrients feed + supplements

  • Sensi Bloom Coco A&B
  • Sensi Grow Coco A&B
  • Piranha, Tarantula, Overdrive, Big Bud Coco, Sensi Cal-mag Xtra, Flawless Finish

Cannabis Grow 20230110 103842


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Hello all, 

Thanks again for the cheers ! It's always nice to be part of a welcoming community ! 🤩 

Here is a small update : 

No tap root visible after 24h

Here are some pictures after 48h :

Cannabis Grow 20230112 095759

Northern lights on the right feel like the need to catch up for the missed start

OG Kush in the middle have hardly broken their shell 

White Widow on the left is happily enjoying being brought to life

One hiccup, one OG Kush seed has not pierced at all. I would usually discard such seed, but due to her sisters being a bit slow I will give her a chance. 

Here they are all lined up in kindergarten under a Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED (150W) I use for seedlings and clones. 

Little emo has been left untagged in order to check her progress.

Cannabis Grow 20230112 105346

For future references : 

1 : White Widow

2 : OG Kush

3 : Northern Lights

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It seems I have missed a small update but here is where we are : Week 3 update

So little emo has been going strong and tall and has caught up with her sisters. Hooray! However, one of the white widows (which has sprouted) did not make it. After the first week when the two first true leaves were showing for everyone, this little lass was still pouting. So I dug her up to check, and could see the seed and the taproot but after inspection, the seed content was all mushy. So she probably got some kind of bacterial or fungal infection and died. Ho no! Anyway...

On the 31st of january (2 days ago) they were transplanted into larger pots to make some space for the roots. It was pretty incredible how in two weeks the seedlings were already close to root bounding.

Here is a picture of them wearing their new socks and being happy: 

Cannabis Grow 20230131 102130

It seems however that two of the plants have started to show traces of calcium deficiency. To correct this I have added some cal/mag to the watering solution. This seems a bit early to me as the coco should be buffed but these two were not happy so something had to be done.

Cannabis Grow 20230131 102157
Cannabis Grow 20230131 103119

I have been watering them with rainwater (tap water here is 550ppm so it's a bit too much for the young ones but is fine later on) and a 1/4rth of the feeding strength recommended by advanced nutrients. 

ppm of the last watering : 850

ppm of the last runoff : 650

It seems like they are going hungry so I will be reving up the feeding tomorrow.

Here they are today (2 days later) so you may appreciate the size improvement over that lapse of time :

Cannabis Grow 20230202 145857

Happy growing everyone and I hope February will be a lovely month for all of you !


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Week 5 update

I've been a bit late with the updates due to some mishaps and here we are today !

So these ladies have been waiting a bit too long to be moved into their final pants and you can clearly see here it was about time! 

Everyone is healthy but it's quite overcrowded...

This picture was taken 3 days ago just prior to repotting them into 3 Gal airpots with a mix of coco & 1/5th of perlite

Cannabis Grow 20230213 160944

Here they are later the same day : 

Cannabis Grow 20230213 173951

They were buried deep in order to leave a maximum of space for the main growth.

Also trimmed the bottom fan leaves and all the side sprouts which have been repurposed into clones for the best looking ones :

Cannabis Grow 20230216 131850

And here we are today, still happy and flipped into flowering cycle :

Cannabis Grow 20230216 131804

Cheers to everyone and I hope you all had a lovely valentines day ! 🌹 

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