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First time grower (mostly).  Started with the idea of growing cannabis May 2022, attempted to grow and killed several mango kush seeds from ILGM.  The plants took  one hell of a beating before I was finally able to kill them with help from the blazing heat of last summer!  So tried again Thanksgiving 2022, this time indoors.  We spent the summer reading and watching Youtube videos.  We decided to try to follow Dr.Coco's most excellent book.  Being complete morons we have so far completed our first grow with mixed results...

Posted : 03/19/2023 6:30 am
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Hi, our first post includes some of the below, just new to the forums and journals and not sure what we're doing! 🤣 


First of all, thank you for an amazing web site.  Very generous and kind to share so much knowledge and information.   My wife and I are new to growing cannabis.  We started looking into growing cannabis at home last summer.  We don’t know anyone who grows and don’t really know any pot smokers!  So we went on line and through web sites such as yours and coco for cannabis plus countless hours of research of numerous blogs and YouTube videos learned quite a bit.  But the learning has just begun.  So last Thanksgiving week we took the plunge on our first proper attempt at growing.  We just harvested our first grow, half is still drying, the other half has been dried and is now curing.

The results so far are confusing us and somewhat of a paradox that has left us scratching our heads…?

On 11_22_22 we germinated one Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate  (12-15 weeks to harvest).  On 11_24_22 we germinated 6 FastBuds Gorilla Cookies (approx 70 days sees to harvest) one Gorilla Cookie didn’t make it.  

We grew the remaining 6 in a 5 x 5 tent.  760 watt Medic grow light.  We used the GH flora series nutrients with root booster and added silicon and cal mag as we grew in coco which was buffered, filtered water EC 0.  pH was maintained between 5.8 and 6.1 throughout the grow.  Temp was in the low to mid 70 ‘s in the day and low to mid 50’s at night.  Humidity during veg we tried to keep around 60-65%, and 40-55% during flower.  The tent is in our non insulated garage but we live  in Southern California so the timing was perfect due to the mild winter.  The garage is in the process of being insulated and will be fully climatized before summer.  The light schedule was 24/0 throughout the grow.  The problem is the weed has no detectable THC.  I smoked maybe three bowls from different areas of the Gorilla Cookies and the results are the same as going to a bar and drinking a non alcoholic beer, there was no flavour, but very smooth at least.  Somewhat underwhelming perhaps is an understatement.  

The pistils did turn amber.  The trichomes never turned milky nor amber.  We decided to harvest the first three plants on March 1st because they were not looking too good, and by now they were at approx day 90 something (50% over fast buds approximate duration). We harvested 3 Gorilla Cookies on on March 1.  They dried for 10 days in the other 5 x 5 tent we bought.  Humidity was between 40 and 60% temp around 50- 70.  The other two Gorilla Cookies we let grow for a few more days as they were still completely green.  Auto Ultimate was harvested this past Friday.  Again, all trichomes mostly clear…

The dry yield so far is around 220 something grams.  Based on what’s drying still ( 2 more GC’s and Ultimate) total dry yield should be about 400 ish?  So we are ok with the yield but not the potency.   We think maybe the plants got pollinated because of little balls all over the bottoms of some plants and in the middle of other plants.  I’ve attached some pics hoping to connect with people who know what they are doing because we clearly don’t!  We currently have more Gorilla Cookies and  Herbies Mimosa Shot at day 4 in veg and more Mimosa shot with first fan leaves and first fan leaves showing in the terrarium. 

There are two major concerns.

  1.  The mystery of who stole my THC?  🤔 
  2.  If the plants did get pollinated, are we safe to continue with the new grow or do we need to purge the garage.

Thanks for any help!

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