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Ok - just couldn't get going enough to get this started yesterday.  I got my pots filled with Coco Loco by Fox Farm and watered it down last night.  I am getting ready to drop my seeds into water this morning, on paper towels tonight and hopefully have them in their first home by Wednesday/Thursday.

I am trying out a new 400W iPower HID light with a MH bulb for Vegetative and HPS for Flowering.  It's winter here in the DMV and I am hoping that rather than directly pushing the warm air out of an exhaust window,  I will be able to push some warm air into the dungeon (my tent area under the garage) over the next 2 1/2 months.   Using a 2 x 4 x 5 tent, four plants, which should be 100W per plant.  My first grow was under LEDs (HLG R-Spec and now my summer tent).

Here is a little note on the seeds (the Black Sugar and Blueberry (1 each) are 14 months old.  We'll see how good I stored them (fingers crossed).  Just dropped them in water and we will check back this afternoon/evening.

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It’s been just under four weeks and I wish I had something better to say or show, but I dropped the seedlings off of my heating mat onto the stones in my dungeon. I was able to pick them up and save a couple. I know the Black Sugar didn’t make it, and I am unsure about the RHC. I had some other seeds germinating as a back-up, so I ended up saving four – I am pretty sure my White Widow made it and I am 90 % sure on the Blueberry. The other two are most likely autos, Green Crack or Northern Lights / either or. Got them all together in one tent and we will see in about two weeks which ones flower and which stay vegetating. At that point I can separate the one or two autos into another 2x4x5 tent with the other three inch their own 2x4x5.

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