PTGC NonToppers: Poison Party

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PTGC NonToppers: Poison Party

Cannabis Grow Durban Poison 20200910

Cannabis Grow Durban Poison 20200919


I've had a Durban Poison plant in veg for a while that I originally purchased as a clone from a dispensary. It's always been one of my favorite strains to smoke, but life happens, so I haven't gotten the chance to flower it until now. I hope she makes it through flower in her party cup...

Getting started

-Propagation-> I took a cutting from her in the first week of September, and rooted it in an aero cloner. On 9/19 I put her in a clear 18oz. party cup with four drainage holes poked in the bottom. 

-Medium-> 2 parts FF Happy Frog, 2 parts ProMix (Premium Moisture Potting Mix), 1 part additional perlite.

-Lighting-> Sharing a TS 1000 with some larger plants.

-Climate-> About 74 degrees F and 55% RH today. It has been fairly stable so far. 

Looking forward

-Training-> No topping. I'm still brainstorming of fun ways to do LST.

-Nutrients-> After flipping, I'll start adding some low doses from the Suite Leaf line once a week, Fish Sh!t once a week, and Cal/Mag to taste. 

-Pest Management-> I'll spray Bug-B-Gone once or twice as a preventative, then Dr. Zymes to taste for the first couple weeks of flowering. T-Drops in every other watering until strong root zone develops. 

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