PTGC NonToppers: Loving Her Naturally

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PTGC NonToppers: Loving Her Naturally

Welcome to this Falls Plant Training Grow Challenge and to the Non-Toppers! Let's see ours ladies how nature intended... sort of 😉 
Setting up my Candy cane Auto flower in Coco Perlite and High Frequency Fertigation HFF. 
I'll be starting with the [advanced platinum] P-150 light for seedling to young veg and then to the MarsHydro TS-1000 through to harvest.
Nutrient line General Hydroponics Trio, GH including Armour SI, Calimagic & Diamond Nectar.
Water drop then paper towel after 24 hrs. When tap root s shows, into Jiffy till roots appear and then into germination bag with Buffered Coco perlite. Final Pot 3 gal fab.

I have a 36x20x62 Tent I plan to fill up as much as I can with this Auto Flower!

I will also be putting a Clone, Cement Shoe's into the party Cup Challenge.

Growing together but never growing alone! 
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Posted : 08/14/2020 4:58 pm siscoweb, Chefomj and MedicalTrichome liked

This hopefully doesn't denote the rest of my grow lol 
I didn't record the time I dropped the seed 😏 

Cannabis Grow 2

but there is a crack in her seem! 😊 
Once I get home we'll see and maybe have to get the Jiffy ready

Posted : 08/15/2020 9:59 pm siscoweb and MedicalTrichome liked

So I took the cracked seed and placed it in paper towel on the heat mat (temps of mat, no idea. Temp of veg tent 26-28, rH 60-62%) once I got home from work and I hope to see a tail 🤩 

Posted : 08/17/2020 1:46 am siscoweb liked

I guess I should wait till I get home but I forgot to add my Party Cup! I topped a different plant, Cement Shoe's Photo period.

Cannabis Grow 116433769 10222841613618396 1638027091402230650 n
Cannabis Grow 110072031 10222841612498368 5010072619432235689 n
Cannabis Grow 109527530 10222841613058382 270896389318325008 n
Cannabis Grow 110235607 10222841612018356 2699019982261400215 n

I will be doing drain to waist but I might try a recycle when she has used up the party cup space with roots. And this in one of the contraptions I threw together for it.

Cannabis Grow 116873909 10222846412058354 8573958876954366748 n

The Clone have two side shoots I left in hopes of having 3 colas 😀
Maybe this pail later on if when the recycle doesn't work or to hard to maintain

Cannabis Grow 116154971 10222846411058329 6149155480586876178 n
Cannabis Grow 117377813 10222955226738653 1795114062121321274 n

And already in the cup! 

Cannabis Grow 117226867 10222965779162457 8371221813042443719 n
Cannabis Grow 117124799 10222965778682445 3547113446817293131 n
Cannabis Grow 117390972 10222965778282435 223359068777193806 n
Cannabis Grow 117394434 10222965779482465 5734214658600666547 n
Cannabis Grow 117646143 10222965779882475 5627234048892682554 n

Oh yeah and I have cheese cloth lining the bottom to assist in containing the roots. Any that come out will either be air pruned or cut off. 

Posted : 08/17/2020 5:00 am siscoweb and CanNateBis liked
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PTGC NonToppers: Loving Her Naturally

Yeah I got some tail this morning 🤩 

Cannabis Grow 3Aug16th2

She is now in the buffered Coco perlite and hope to see her head pocking out tomorrows or the next day.
I'll be mixing the first seedling mix once the cotyledons open. 

Posted : 08/17/2020 10:25 pm siscoweb and Brain Strap OG liked
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PTGC NonToppers: Loving Her Naturally

I think Cement Shoes is showing some new top growth
The day she went into the cup

Cannabis Grow 117826510 10223012179282431 292837710982815306 o

Tonight before work, don't let the close up fool you, it's 90` turned lol

Cannabis Grow 117665089 10223007570847223 3072988544815254609 o

I am finding the jiffy loose in the coco... let's hope she becomes more stable as her roots develop.
I've got her on the [Doc's] early veg nutrients and already moved up to the target EC and pH. May keep up with that or move to mid-veg. For some reason I recall I used late veg nutes once clones were rooted lol Guess who didn't or can't find where he recorded that lol Tip burn might have been from the rooting hormone as it was there after the cut to clone.

Posted : 08/18/2020 11:37 pm siscoweb and CanNateBis liked
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Progress yay

Cannabis Grow 104581956 10222495104515885 4748341425414799162 o
Cannabis Grow 103607080 10222432202183366 1089232999842467025 n
Cannabis Grow 104222968 10222418073750164 8780183782116984574 o
Cannabis Grow 103278077 10222422473260149 8546374400997111912 n

Coco was buffered soak with 1276 EC Calmag. Then one gallon Calmag (1.75ml) and rapid start (2ml) Ec 465, pH 4.35 (I know) to rinse & drain coco for seedling.
Runoff from that was Ec 561, pH 6.42.
First nute event seedling mix, Ec 434, pH 5.91. Runoff is to minimal to get the meter to get an accurate reading for the first few events. I think I will just use more per event to get a reading. Waste of nutes but will keep the coco "flushed" as well so to speak.
2nd day and event 07:00 Ec 550, pH__/ 19:00 Ec 665
3rd Day 07:00 Ec 778, pH 6.12/ 19:00 Ec 820
4th 08:00 Ec 830/ 19:00 Ec 970
5th [Days off can do 3 events per] Day 00:00 Ec 1078, 13:00 Ec 965, 18:300 Ec 1110

I was giving about 100ml but measuring 200ml for the meters. I will start 

Posted : 08/22/2020 5:46 pm siscoweb, GrowingUpNorth and Chefomj liked

Part Cup Roots already out the bottom. Cheese cloth is doing a pretty good job keeping them in I think though. 
Top new growth not showing deficiencies in new growth 🙂  

Cannabis Grow 118159957 10223041853344264 3570121098979492020 n

I'll see how these roots go, if they air prune or not. If not I'll take em off

Cannabis Grow 117931594 10223041855424316 3651917770787816685 n
Cannabis Grow 118397099 10223041855064307 7625007887856203713 n

I choose to do a little surgery. I need to take a better pic but I took off the "3rd" node (and the fan leaf today, not done in photo) to open her up for the lower two nodes I intent to keep (5 tops including the main) and I took off the "4th" node flower site and left the Fan leaves [for now]

Cannabis Grow 117998346 10223041854704298 4521871514414992950 n
Cannabis Grow 118162189 10223041854024281 4603924048454724548 n

She is definitely showing new growth and adding to her height. 

Posted : 08/24/2020 11:07 pm siscoweb, CrackBabies and Chefomj liked

Under the P-150 and just the veg switched on in the veg tent she's moving slowly 

Cannabis Grow 12Aug 26th
Cannabis Grow 13Aug 26th2

I've been moving in coco as well as potted her up to her neck as you can see from the previous entry lol 
Seedling mix but of course I left my had written journal at home...

Cannabis Grow 118280546 10223071029593652 2493589306431389239 o

This is my new Journal for future grows, not this grow challenge though. Still fun lol 😉 

Party Cup is partying on late Veg nutes

Cannabis Grow 118580559 10223071045354046 5326251500613672586 n
Cannabis Grow 118473430 10223071046274069 7725060001659583229 n
Cannabis Grow 118471655 10223071044554026 1166496598346766978 n

Posted : 08/26/2020 11:07 pm OCGrower76, siscoweb, CanNateBis and 1 people liked
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Just loving the auto flower! She is very very tights with her node spacing!!

Cannabis Grow 15SAug31st2
Cannabis Grow 14Aug31st

Party Cup doesn't want to wait to be flipped lol 

Posted : 08/31/2020 9:57 pm OCGrower76, CodyDub, siscoweb and 1 people liked

I need to get an update pic of the party cut. She's about 7-8 inches, roots are doing well air pruning themselves. The four sides are not shooting up to the top as I thought they might, like I've seen before. So I squeezed the main stem to kinda super crop but not bending her over (hehehe sorry) but to 1. maybe slow down the top growth from the bruising and 2nd fatten up that main stem. She seems to have done number two (oh man what is with me tonight lol) 

As for Candy, she's coming along. 
Inflow is averaging 1100 +/- EC. I would aim higher but when you make your initial mix and it reads out just below target you leave it. Well I do. I wouldn't know who to bring it up safely, don't think you really can.
Runoff has been very good with 100+ points from inflow and fertigating twice a day during my work wk and 3 events on my days off. 

Cannabis Grow 23Sept3rd8
Cannabis Grow 22Sept3rd7
Cannabis Grow 19Sept3rd4
Cannabis Grow 18Sept3rd3
Cannabis Grow 17Sept3rd2
Cannabis Grow 16Sept3rd

I can't believe how squat she is with the node spacing. 
I'm assuming its because I had the Veg light on not both switches from the start but now have them both on. 
Oh and the pH I have been hitting low 5.8 most the time but once a wk I go to just under the 6.3 and my temps are 24-27 c and rH a nice steady %62

Grower Luv Growmies 

Posted : 09/03/2020 2:09 am CanNateBis, CodyDub, CrackBabies and 1 people liked
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PARTY CUP Shots from this morning as promised, did I promise? Bah who cares here they are lol 

Cannabis Grow 118716768 10223137417493308 3587450201899817930 n
Cannabis Grow 118642470 10223137416933294 4891310285001294517 n
Cannabis Grow 118700283 10223137418173325 8318000991894238238 n

On ig I was asked if I was going to top her...
She has the two nodes 4 branches at the base so I could. Could even clone the top lol But I can't start cloning every cut again! No no Dan you just can't! lol 
If I don't top, it's a flip next wk, like monday. If I top then I could make it to Oct 1st if not a wk before. This will give me those 4 tops and let me flip on time. But being in the non-topper, even though the rule isn't stuck on the Party cups I sorta want to stick to the non topping with her lol 

Posted : 09/03/2020 11:29 pm OCGrower76, CanNateBis, CodyDub and 2 people liked
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Cannabis Grow 24Sept7th
Cannabis Grow 25Sept7th2
Cannabis Grow 26Sept7th3
Cannabis Grow 27Sept7th4
Cannabis Grow 28Sept9th
Cannabis Grow 29Sept9th3

Photo Dump lol 
EC inflow is avg. 1150 pH 6 +/-
Moved into the flower tent and a slight tip burn showing (possibly from the few 1200+EC) and some odd looking new growth. Getting close the the auto flip date 😓 So I will start transition nutes and the EC is already set lower but I'll keep the early flower nute EC lower as well.

Posted : 09/08/2020 11:57 pm CanNateBis, siscoweb and OCGrower76 liked
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So Candy has some weird looking top leaf growth going on and maybe signs of her starting to the autoflower and what I am calling the vegetative and flower stretch. 

Cannabis Grow 30Sept10th
Cannabis Grow 32Sept10th3
Cannabis Grow 31Sept10th2

Posted : 09/11/2020 10:33 pm CanNateBis and Chefomj liked

I hit the EC peak with signs of tip burn. I'll lower the EC but I got a new meter not to long ago and it tells me a way different EC reading then the yellow one I have been using since the start. I'm now wondering if this is also a reason to attribute to my previous (Pro-mix) colones of clones grows and why I never hit the targets of @dr-coco chart and was always low. Luckily I never really adjusted to up the EC but had a few times mixed a less RO volume to get closer to target but that could be what caused other problem, EC read low but was high.

Cannabis Grow 118532255 10223132403967973 4262028128838686156 o

So this wknd I will see if I can calibrate the yellow one with how the white ones instructions says to do lol Not sure if the yellow can be calibrated but IF I mix the right amount of salt and get an accurate reading on one of them, I'll know the other is out and hope, if the yellow is out I can calibrate but if not, I do have the new one. 

By recollection I will dissolve 342 mg (what the white one says it is calibrated to, also states if you are testing higher EC solutions to calibrate it to a higher number?) or 500 mg of salt to a liter of RO. This should read as 342 ppm or 500 ppm. You then press and hold the mode/calb button till it plashes, turn it off and back on and use the on to raise the number and the hold to lower the number to hit the tds/ppm/ec as close as possible. I hope the yellow is the ones that's way off. Will explain a lot of the past grows and why I have tip burn when I was giving bellow 1000 EC (or 1.0ec) 

Posted : 09/11/2020 10:55 pm Prof-Knows-It-All, Chefomj, OCGrower76 and 1 people liked
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