PTGC NonToppers: Blue Cheese LST

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PTGC NonToppers: Blue Cheese LST

Hi All, 

This will be my third grow ever and first diary and I'll be running Blue Cheese Autos from expert seeds. After soaking all 16 of these seeds in paper towel I only managed to get 4 of them to pop and planted into the Coco. They've been about a week out of the ground for the first 3 and the fourth has just got its head up. Growth seems a little slow compared to the other autos I've run but let's see how things go over the next couple of weeks.

Cannabis Grow IMG20200902175547
Cannabis Grow IMG20200902175539
Cannabis Grow IMG20200902175535
Cannabis Grow IMG20200902175530
Cannabis Grow IMG20200902175523

0.8 X 0.8 X 1.6 metre tent for the first few weeks and then moving into the 1.2 X 1.2 X 2 tent for flower.
2 X 75 watt flood lamp led's in the small tent
2 X 250 watt Quick Bloom 2 led's plus a 260 watt HLG r spec in the bigger tent.
6 inch exhaust fan with mountain air carbon filter
6 inch intake fan with phresh intake filter.
50 litre res for small tent and 80 litre res for big tent
4 clips fans and 3 larger fans for airflow
small compressor running aeration to the both res and also for pumping air into the bottom of the Coco

Hy-gen Coco with 30% perlite in 5 gallon fabric pots running drain to waste.

Training will be heavy lst and then under a scrog in the big tent. Keep them low and wide and try to fill the space. No defol... yep not even a leaf

Nutrients. All Floramax, High quality nutes, easy for beginners and extremely pH stable.
Vegaflora A + B
Root XS
Resin XS
Flowering Enhancer

At about 6 days out of the ground gave them their first feed today by hand water with the A + B at half strength and Rooting hormone at 2ml per litre. EC 0.6 pH 5.9

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