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As you know, this year’s NYGC is divided into 6 groups by strain. Each group has a leader who would love to welcome you to the NYGC. Read their invitations below, select your group, and follow the link to start your journal!

Desserts – Group Leader: @eg18kgold

Growmies, It’s been one wild ride in 2020 and as the year quickly comes to an end, we all have something awesome to look forward to. In a time where we are all physically disconnected, our amazing community is spreading positive vibes of collaboration, friendship, and some friendly competition with the annual New year’s grow competition. There are some great teams to choose from, however with the holiday season in flight, you know you crave those dessert strains that sound so delicious on a cold winter night. So, grab your favorite dessert seeds and grow the cookies, cakes, and candies you told yourself you wouldn’t eat for your new year’s resolution!  Examples: Zkittles, Wedding Cake, Miracle Alien Cookies

Fruit Salad – Group Leader: @ChaseG1992

Lemon Haze! Blueberry Kush! JillyBean! The list goes on. If you're daring to take a ride within the magical gardens of fruits, you're in the right place! Let us indulge in the majestic wonders of my group, Fruit Salad! I'm Chase, your group leader and I'm here to help lead and encourage any grower looking to show off their growing skills/techniques! New? Join me! Experienced? Join me! But under one condition, you have to have fun! Whether you're feeling tangy, sweet, citrus, or ALL. Let your taste for fruit bloom this 2021 challenge.

Color Diet – Group Leader @n-grower

We all know how much 2020’s been a drag for everyone. Coronavirus, the elections, riots…. It’s been a pretty black and white world lately, but LET’S BRING SOME COLOR BACK INTO PEOPLE’S LIVES! Join us growmies in “Color Diet” for NYGC! This is N.grower, coming through with White Widow! What color best expresses you and your grow for this season?

Global Cuisine – Group Leader: @GreenGirl

Come Join Global cuisine and see what the world has to offer. Enjoy the taste from Thailand Haze to NY Diesel and everywhere in between! It all starts with you growing and showing your progress! We may come from different lands but smoking is universal and meant to be shared. This is GreenGirl, your grow leader and I will be growing Acapulco Gold. “Where” will you be growing?

Potluck – Group Leader: @PhoSoup

Grab whatever is in the fridge and get growing in 2021! Whether you’re a grill master, a baker, a connoisseur of fine European cheeses, or the kid who eats Gorilla Glue, There’s a place for you on the potluck team! Enjoy some Meatloaf or Livers BX1 appetizers and cover up your Meat Breath with some Banana Bread and UK Cheese. You never know what you’ll get on the potluck team!

The Misfits – Group Leader: @FurrySparkle

”All these fruity, foody, weird groups not fit to your style? Join the Misfits Basket. We accept all applicants and all seeds. Join the Misfits!”

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