Group Leader Giveaway Winners Announced!!

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The NYGC is coming to a close! The Challenge will end on May 1st. At the end of each grow challenge, we host a special Giveaway for the Challenge group leaders. Each of the six Challenge groups has its own group leader. The role of the group leaders is to follow along with all the journals in their group and make sure that everyone has support and encouragement throughout their Challenge grow. Group leaders are trusted growers and members of our community who volunteer their time to give back to the community in this way. We host the group leader giveaway as a way of saying thank you for that! The drawing for the group leader prizes took place last night, on the evening of April 17th. The group leaders for the NYGC this year were as follows:

Each group leader was assigned a number range, and the winner was chosen the same way as many of our other giveaways, by using the California State Lottery Daily 3 drawing that took place that evening. The NYGC group leaders and the Steering Committee met virtually to see the winner chosen in real time. Group leader @n.grower had the number range that the chosen number fell within, making them our big winner! The group leaders had 3 potential fixtures to choose from as prizes, and n.grower chose to receive the Mars-Hydro FC-6500 as their prize! The prize for the second runner-up was a ViparSpectra P1500 fixture. Group leader @PhoSoup won the second-place prize but would be unable to use the fixture in a grow for a significant amount of time. So, they decided to give the P1500 to fellow group leader, @ChaseG1992, instead! It's moments like these that make us extra grateful for this wonderful community that truly embodies the "Spirit of Collaboration". Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of the NYGC group leaders! These Challenges are made possible because of you all! 

The End of Grow awards for the NYGC are quickly approaching! The winners will be chosen and announced on May 1st, the same day that the NYGC ends. The nominees and prizes for each End of Grow award will be announced soon, so make sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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