PTGC Misfits: Mango CBD 1:1 by 34 Street seed +revegs

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PTGC Misfits: Mango CBD 1:1 by 34 Street seed +revegs

Decided to focus on my first purchased female strain Mango CBD, my first balanced strain.  I started it off distracted and overdid the lighting for a day burning it at +400 par, but I recovered it at 250 for two days and today she's looking good and praying to the light.

I anticipated a faster start so I watered more than usual and added half strength nutrients along with bokashi pro-gro half strength tea, hoping for a big takeoff but the water may have been too much along with the +400 par afternoon that burned it... 

Using promix HP in 1 gallon fabric with wallace microbes at germination.  top dressed 1.5 tsp of Jobes 4-4-4 along with Whole Earths castings that include langbeinite, fishbone, kelp etc for minerals and 1.5tsp of their root enhancer, 1.5 tsp of frass,  4 tsp of bokashi plus, prior to the pro-gro tea for second watering.   Sounds like a lot but HP always leaves my seedlings starving and it worked for Ever5st, but that was a male.  Hopefully with only water now it will root out and give me a growth spurt, or burn again lol

Lesson learned, slow and steady with the seedlings and clones. 

The maturing plant is a clone of my Trudeau reveg that finally took and was fed the same at regular strength, had its top tied down to encourage that canopy and has been at 500-600 par sometimes

Cannabis Grow 20220720 200042
Cannabis Grow 20220721 195300
Cannabis Grow 20220721 200211
Cannabis Grow 20220722 202629
Cannabis Grow 20220726 200046
Cannabis Grow 20220730 201007
Cannabis Grow 20220730 201032
Cannabis Grow 20220801 195924
Cannabis Grow 20220803 202817
Cannabis Grow 20220803 202829
Cannabis Grow 20220804 234650
Cannabis Grow 20220804 234714
Cannabis Grow 20220720 200000

Posted : 08/04/2022 9:58 pm LSLarf, CrackBabies, Whobesdoobies and 5 people liked

Mango 1:1 is looking happy, bumped to 360 from 300 par today.  Trudeau clone got transplanted into a 7 gallon but only 6 gallons of soil used, so I cut off the excess pot height and handles (oh well they hide gnat eggs), and treated it with the works:

1/4 cup of Jobes Organic 4-4-4 and 3-7-4 organic vegetable.  Suggested doses of Whole Earths #1 and #4, but castings reduced to mix with Ferti-Frass.  Also a half cup (1/3 dose) of Bokashi Pro-Gro to complement the others, and to top it off a generous sprinkling of Wallace microbes in all the right places.  Pro-mix Vegetable with its gypsum is my favorite medium used again here.  Watered in with 48hr drawn tap water as usual and I added around 4 liters to fully wet the medium to the bottom to activate the amendments and encourage rooting.  Most importantly I added Nemanights All Purpose nematodes before watering, to combat the gnats during the slow drying through rooting, and hope for the best.

The same will be done with Mango 1:1.  It's supposed to be a taller stretch so I will attempt to keep it low by tying down the top, and if too aggressive I can still top it after which usually creates a great umbrella canopy either way.  I am going to attempt to spread the entire canopy down and tie it with clips to both plants, and remove excess if needed.. So far trudeau is producing a great skeleton and after some rooting and growth spurt I will put her into flower asap in the 3x3 and Mango can join the reveg group in the 4x4.

In the 4x4 is Trudeau 7 gallon reveg back left with Purple Chemdog 1 gallon reveg in front of it , Super Lemon Haze back right and again my S1 of Super Lemon Haze in the 1 gallon in front of that. 

Cannabis Grow 20220805 151034
Cannabis Grow 20220805 204807

Posted : 08/05/2022 6:48 pm CrackBabies, Whobesdoobies, KeystoneCops and 1 people liked
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Forgot to mention, MF-2000 x2 at 50% dimming, producing 320 par on 12-1 lighting schedule in the 4x4.  In the 3x3 is 2 MF-1000 both at 60%, producing 500 par on Trudeau, 360 on Mango 1:1.  The 2 P600 Viparspectras go where their needed but are off now.

Also ordered Mumm's sandwich sprouts for cover crop (aphalpha, red clovers, mustard, radish) radish is a brassica but is good for deep rooting aeration.  Since it's pest season I can't get away with using leaves as mulch.  I will attempt to cut up some stems and use them instead next time if out of cover crop seeds...  My cover crops mostly died on all the plants but the purple chemdogs, due to having too full of a plant canopy with a full tent.  Maybe need supplementary lighting to support them so they can support the soil better come reveg time....

All Par readings being done with Photone app which is proving to be fairly accurate if used carefully as a guide

Posted : 08/05/2022 7:00 pm CrackBabies, Whobesdoobies and Heyron420 liked

I didn't tie it down in the new pot yet, just spread it out by hand with a bit of overextending and light twisting, and she seems to be staying that way on her own for now.  Last time I transplanted this strain I did the same with success, but I prefer to tie down my base as it drastically increases stem size and strength so they don't flop over, keeps it lower and stronger in flower too.  The last few times I just did bending and twisting which is harder on the plant with inferior results, leaving you to have to bend and twist again during final stretch which is bad.  Tie downs like scrogg can be used safely while flowering so you don't get any shock or stunting.  Mango is really starting to take off again since recovery.  I will be increasing their watering amounts when dry from 15% to 25% slowly, trying not to invite gnats... Sometimes when the plants really get going and the soils amended they can hold 30% or so before any runoff. 

Lighting increased to 60% with 390 par on Mango 1:1 and 480+ par on most of Trudeau's canopy.  Lower humidity than usual makes a high VPD, makes me worry as it can result in higher uptake in nutrients right after a top dress and burn, so maybe I will try and do a water foliage spray tomorrow at lights on, with a really small amount of fresh Aloe if that's not pushing my luck...

Learned these MF-1000 are quite a bit stronger than the P600's regardless of what my Photone reading says, so I am going to go a bit lighter on the readings as it seems I'm always burning plants with them.  They are also a lot more efficient in the 3x3 corners alongside each other lighting a 1.5 sqft space rather than a 2 square foot space, and close to the walls, so maybe I am creating a reflective stress and getting cross lighting increases my Photone app can't see....  Having them and the 2 P600's in there was a real challenge with new strains, so I am going to try Trudeau in there soon on it's own with the 4 100w panels dimmed to 75%. Keeping them spaced allows for more plant height, as Dr. Coco calls for 9" in a 2x2 space for 1000 par at 100%.  I also put two together which makes them act like 2 200w panels but increases hanging height which loses spaces for plant height, but allows for better air flow and wider hot spot...  Wishing I had a rack light for ease of use, I may just use an MF2000 in there and keep it simple and low stress, but lose yield I suppose.  An Apogee par meter would make things easier to read cross lighting and reflective lighting I suppose. 

I also have ripple in the tent door seal I need to find a solution for as it could of been responsible for light leak stress.  Maybe some velcro or something.. Seems there is a defect in the stitching and fabric size or alignment in that area.  I informed Lumo of this and said I'd manage it somehow along with some pinholes from the stitching on the door window which I sealed up with a glue gun and black duct tape.  Checking the tent again soon for leaks, in a blackroom at night from the outside with the lights on, usually reveals any small pinholes or door seal leaks.  Take caution to check from all angles, including floor and ceiling heights, my light leaks only show on a specific angle.  I will also try and close myself in there during lights off and see if the sun or room lights are coming through any seals or holes I missed.  Electrical tape with a glue gun is best to fix pinholes.  I know this plant isn't a hermie and can handle stress but I still don't want any extra reasons as temperature spikes or high light may be an issue in this tent if I get distracted or carried away again. 

Cannabis Grow 20220807 021920
Cannabis Grow 20220807 021937



Posted : 08/07/2022 1:24 am LSLarf, CrackBabies, Whobesdoobies and 3 people liked
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Mango is looking great, I bet it will take off well soon.  I water when dry, but I will add some more nematodes and top soil due to compaction and over 3/4 liter this time.  I will see if I can light her well enough to keep her short and wide but if not I will tie her down, or even top a few times, taking heed on the "high stretch rate" warning.

I fed the Reveg bunch fish and seaweed 4:1 in half doses and will try to do a Bokashi Pro-Gro tea for a full vitamin, nutrient and EM boost the next watering or so... once they start shooting after three or so weeks they will be top dressed with a half amount of jobes 4-4-4 + 3-7-4, the Whole Earth 1 and 4 half strength with fertifrass and bokashi plus half strength mixed in the top dress to help break it down.  Another Bokashi Gro-Pro tea full strength once the shoots start taking off, and a full top dress again a week before flip, which will be about 3-4 weeks I est...  For now I again add nematodes and enjoy the slower watering rate, and get ready for a more aggressive reveg pruning once new shoots are established.

My goal for this grow will be to keep on top of the reveg pruning, and removal of excess branching on all plants and attempt a more open canopy before final stretch.  After final stretch I will do my last pruning and defoliation (leaving a few low but pruned stems for help in future reveg). so the plant can focus the energy up top, hopefully have some lower canopy light penetration this grow, so lower growth wont shade out and die, including the cover crops that are hard to get started sometimes once the seeds get older so I got a new bag of Mumm's sandwich sprout mix! Mustard new to the scene, brassica broccoli is gone for now but radish will be the one i eat as microgreens, so I get the deep roots, but hopefully no radishes. I may finally find out if Radishes did grow when I harvest the root ball of the 5 gallon Purple Chemdog for my cat since he has no lollipopping to do right now.... He ate the last two root balls

Cannabis Grow 20220808 142727
Cannabis Grow 20220808 150459
Cannabis Grow 20220808 210241
Cannabis Grow 20220808 210251
Cannabis Grow 20220809 200212
Cannabis Grow 20220810 211216
Cannabis Grow 20220810 211305
Cannabis Grow 20220810 211313

Posted : 08/10/2022 7:57 pm CrackBabies, J2DaG and Heyron420 liked
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Thanks @ Heyron420 for the comment.  I really like how they respond with the tying down of the main stem, and then the side shoots once they catch up.  I plan to do the same to both hopefully...

I had some burning tips show for a day on Trudeaus newer growth, looks like wind burn on the Mango seedling with the raised/folded leaf edges, but could also be from the light.  I also did quite a full feeding to them both and still having a lower VPD.  I lowered the par to 340 for Mango and 380 for Trudeau and thankfully the next day Trudeau looked better again...  I also put a filter cloth on the back of the fan to slow down the wind speed until they get taller.  The 12" fan is too big for the 3x3 but a good floor fan still....  The lights are much stronger than they appear on Photon in the 3x3 so I will keep everything +100 par less.  I don't think Photone can see reflection or cross lighting well especially when using closer heights...I also refer to Dr. Coco's light physics video and taking cues from that again.  MF-1000 he reads at 9" in a 2x2 for 1000 max center par.  He always raises the lights 1.5" tops when reducing the grow space or adding another light.  I figure 12" should be 1000.  I haven't tested the MF-1000 with Photone at 9" yet alone either for a true comparison reading.....

They looked great today, raised the lights, watered till runoff now and will tie down Mango's top in a few more days I think... 

Cannabis Grow 20220815 201046
Cannabis Grow 20220812 201413
Cannabis Grow 20220813 211721
Cannabis Grow 20220813 211740
Cannabis Grow 20220814 202935
Cannabis Grow 20220815 201053
Cannabis Grow 20220815 201106

Posted : 08/15/2022 6:37 pm CrackBabies, J2DaG, Heyron420 and 4 people liked
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Had some higher temps along with feeding and watering too much too early, too much light and now some early LST too bring the side shoots up early.  Signs of over watering with the leathery fan leaf and high temps with the curled up edges.  Removed the filter on the fan and adjusted the intake ducts down into the corner out of the way and efficiency has returned to cooling!  Don't let your oscillating fans run into the intake air path, went from +3-4c down to +1-2c from room temp.  Keeping the par low still 330 max par for Mango and 365 max on Trudeau clone and they are both praying in there and keeping a good node space so I figure Photone isn't seeing everything in the 3x3 when I start adding lights....  It's been much more trouble.  I will prepare to invest in a better meter soon perhaps.  I still plan to get a Viparspectra KS-2500 for it maybe.  Mango will move into the 4x4 with the revegs soon so Trudeau can really spread out in there on her own and flip asap.

Cannabis Grow 20220819 014657
Cannabis Grow 20220817 201833
Cannabis Grow 20220817 133343
Cannabis Grow 20220817 134228
Cannabis Grow 20220817 202220

Posted : 08/18/2022 11:32 pm LSLarf, HappyCultivator, CrackBabies and 4 people liked
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Soil Sheppard
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PTGC Misfits: Mango CBD 1:1 by 34 Street seed +revegs

A glance over into the reveg tent today, the Lemon Hazes, especially the little 1g one that was cut early due to the zkittles nanners, have really put out a lot of sprouts already at two weeks.  Trudeau and Purple Chemdog usually take 3 weeks to start any shoots, but they both have started a bit early too.

Mango and the Trudeau clone really responded well to the changes I made responding to their stresses.  They got though the burn, the over watering while growing into the microbe treated soil, heat and hard feeding. 

Cannabis Grow 20220821 131758
Cannabis Grow 20220821 131808
Cannabis Grow 20220821 204907
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210147
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210626
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210716
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210724

Cannabis Grow 20220821 210724
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210716
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210626
Cannabis Grow 20220821 210147
Cannabis Grow 20220821 204907
Cannabis Grow 20220821 131808
Cannabis Grow 20220821 131758

Training the Mango is going good, leaves look more like an indica than anything, their website says indica, while the store (lots of drama there lately!) says it's a sativa!... Both say to mind the stretch still..  I tied down the main top a second time, as it keeps fighting its way back like a champ.  Lots of tucking down the fans under the rising side shoots encouraging them to rise equally, or bend them down and tie them down eventually...

The worst thing about this method is having strings and clips all round the plant making it a pain in the ass to water carefully, but removing them is an option too.   I plan to make a bucket with the common clear poly tubing attached to the bottom so I effectively have a gravity fed watering hose. 

Posted : 08/21/2022 7:21 pm CrackBabies, J2DaG, TheInsideDope and 2 people liked
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3 weeks today for the 7 gallon reveg Trudeau back left, and Super Lemon Haze back right (2 seedlings germinated themselves from the recent seeds I made with the Ever5st strain..).  They are starting to sprout a bit now as usual and should hopefully take off soon..  The 1 gallon SuperLemonHaze revegged unusually fast.  Normally that would take more than 4 weeks... Got a whole top of shoots with side shoots, some 3 count fans already.  Probably due to being cut seeded at 3 weeks  instead of a full harvest.  Hoping the other reveggs make good time and catch up. 

Mango CBD 1:1 got put into the 4x4 and a bit of bending out branches and tucking fans under the emerging side shoots to encourage the wide even canopy.  Mango's top broke by accident along with two side shoots..  No problems, planned to do it at some point due to the excess tops already and it will beef it up better.  Still just tapwater (no chloramine) for them all, now aerated while sitting for 48 or more hours. I got a 160gph air pump with stones given to me for help with the bokashi Pro-Gro teas.

Trudeau ate up the two MF-1000's and the 3x3 canopy at 16" 60-70% power 140w now.  From 440 to 520 max par I'm trying in the 3x3 now, with more space between the walls.  I may put a p-600 in there too depending how the canopy works out.  I think I will make a scrog to support it vertically the way it is, but if not it will spread out and probably need the 3rd light for sure.  I need a bit more height so the canopy gets above the fan if thats the case, and then have to install a fan above the scrog canopy again as well.  Right now it works fine with just the oscillating 12" floor fan, and the 4" EC carbon kit exhausting, with 2 6" intake flex ducts.  I would feel better with a 6" fan in the 3x3 as the 4" will still get hot and have me maxing it out mostly...  Then every other variable is that much more important to maintain, but with the 6" fan in the 4x4 it's usually no worries and 3/4 speed max in flower. Every 3x3 300w grow kit from any proper growlight mfg always includes a 4" fan so I will find a way to make it work until I manage to get a 6" one day hopefully.  4" is 205 cfm max which isnt much really, as 6" inline duct fans are 350-450 cfm, and 6" flex duct is much less restrictive.  I wont get into cfm ratings for flex duct, I'll just say it doesn't add up to the CFM ratings on the inline fans, but maybe I looked in the wrong places... 6" duct may or will require a longer 6 to 8 foot run or a few bends, or 360 twist sometimes work, to ensure no light leaks even with black flex duct.  Always checking the tent for light leaks, darken the room if necessary, curtain the tent if door seal is problematic etc.  Stand outside tent at lights on in the dark, and inside tent at lights off at the brightest time of day if you have light worries.

Cannabis Grow 20220825 102503
Cannabis Grow 20220825 102525
Cannabis Grow 20220825 102716
Cannabis Grow 20220826 173259
Cannabis Grow 20220826 173328
Cannabis Grow 20220826 175108


Posted : 08/26/2022 5:21 pm TheInsideDope, CrackBabies, Heyron420 and 2 people liked
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Pace is still quickening unexpectedly.  I went ahead and flipped Trudeau clone into flower Saturday Aug 27.  Been raising the par and the lights now up to 100% today (2x100w MF-1000) 17" reads 620 max on Photone Par App.  Temperature reached 27.4c regardless of what I did, a hot day today I guess....  Just wanted a push before I back off a bit for the final stretch new growth and whitecaps.. I plan to tie my own scrog trying to keep the plant a nice 2x3 squared for the light... Or I may just lower the wattage and add a third light once it finishes stretch....

Cannabis Grow 20220828 182541
Cannabis Grow 20220828 182610

Mango CBD 1:1 star of the grow, has me impressed with the canopy progress.  Just a bit of tucking for the lower side stems, some spreading out and her frame is looking bulky already, responding still to the main stem being tied down in two places and being topped.

Both the 7 gallon reveg plants are starting to shoot now while I slowly cut back the buds left to sustain the reveg process.

Two seeds germinated all on their own from the seed run in The Super Lemon Haze 7 gallon.  In the 1 gallon to the left is a Purple Chemdog seed and a Trudeau seed that fell in also, from trimming the reveg.. Good chance to test them out and sex them.  All three were crossed with Ever5st strain F3 of (Mendo Purps x OG kush) which said to be skunky terp dominate....  I planned to try the purple chemdog cross first, then the Super Lemon Haze.  But well see how it goes.

The 1 gallon Purple Chemdog (backup plant) is sprouting now also, and the 1 gallon Super Lemon Haze backup is way ahead of the game so I will keep it around for now

Cannabis Grow 20220827 130955
Cannabis Grow 20220828 163221
Cannabis Grow 20220828 163317
Cannabis Grow 20220828 163340




Posted : 08/28/2022 6:57 pm LSLarf, TheInsideDope, J2DaG and 5 people liked
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Hey Growmies, Thanks for all the visitors and comments!  I always have a problem commenting/replying on this website, I get no cursor or typing ability most times.  Thankfully it never happens in the Journal entry.

Thanks to all at Coco for Cannabis for my PTGC grower love give away prize of the Mars Hydro Smart system controller!!!  I will surely make use of it in the near future...

In the 3x3 it's been going well last few days 26-27c 45-55% RH.  The two MF-1000 at 16.5" 100% (200w) with 640 max par on Photone.  Spacing them away and closer to the walls I would get 575 max at the center of both lights, with a fair drop off in the middle but equal spacing starts to create the center hotspot like a 200w panel would perform, just a bit wider I guess.  Most 200w Panels are also around 15-16" for Max Par readings of 1000..  The P2000 actually needs 18" if I remember correctly.  My MF-2000 are 15" max 1000 Par by Dr. Coco.   I will use my best common sense and past experience to manage this tent around 650-750 par safely.  My 4" EC IObionics fan is maxed out its 190cfm. 

The canopy is looking really great for a reveg clone, it isn't as overcrowded as I expected.  A bit of bending of the taller ones in the morning seems to help the others catch up for now, and it's keeping in it's 2 ft wide footprint on it's own.  Drinks 5 L of water every two days now in 5gallon fabric pot.  Fed her some Fresh Aloe Vera last watering, along with everybody else due to harvesting an extra Aloe plant.

Cannabis Grow 20220829 133053
Cannabis Grow 20220829 133113
Cannabis Grow 20220901 084949
Cannabis Grow 20220902 083101

Mango CBD 1:1 in the 4x4 with the Reveg monsters are having a good easy time in there, all around 400 par.  420 max on Mango and she is really looking good and thick without any ties, just flatten her out with gentle bending in the morning to encourage the even canopy.  Give the dominant ones a bit of an extra bend and twist down and away from the neighbors for the day.  She got a good Dose of Aloe Vera and some high potassium seaweed the other day, and drinks a liter and a half every two days still.  I will transplant her soon and then tie down the 12 or so tops in the 7 gallon.  I will reduce the level of food given also, seems the bokashi and all in there really pep it up, so more frequent smaller doses I may try, and Bokashi Pro-Gro teas in between and during the growth spurts.

Cannabis Grow 20220829 162746
Cannabis Grow 20220830 113540
Cannabis Grow 20220902 100232
Cannabis Grow 20220902 100313
Cannabis Grow 20220902 100344

You can really see Mango almost drooping this morning after drying right out.  After seeing the picture again I think I will transplant it asap and more carry over water tomorrow if not dried out.  This period is usually awkward, add the carry over water and over water, or leave it underwatered and see how she performs in drought.  Aloe is supposed to help with extremes along with seaweed.

Ill try to get pictures later in the day next time when they look really lively

Posted : 09/02/2022 9:15 am LSLarf, J2DaG, HappyCultivator and 3 people liked
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1 week in 12-12 lighting now.  Removed some lower branches and a few excess fans below and within the canopy for circulation.  Temps are good at 26.5c max, IObionics offered to send me a 6" EC inline kit last week for a great discount.  I could always use the 4" kit for an intake or closet if needed.  Gary from GoodGreenEarth messaged me about using the Pro-Gro tea, and I went with his advice, added Grandmas molasses and 160GPH through two air stones in a 6 liter batch, for Trudeau and Mango CBD.   I also added a bit of seaweed to balance it right out.  Once the white caps form and im done my support scrog attempt I will use seaweed for my flowering transition potassium boost as "hardener".   Top dressing will be done just after two weeks when final stretch is done.  Lights remain at 100% 16" now....  Looking at a UNI-T bluetooth lux meter or Dr.Meter lux.   A new PPFD app is out and I feel the Photone app and phone sensor is not up to par.  Just a light bend on the dominant stem again center rear.  I let up the ties on the left lower branches to help even it out a bit too.

Cannabis Grow 20220904 092405

I removed a few crowding fans under Mango and a lower branch.  I raised the par to 500 midday.  I will lower it later, and then maybe leave it there tomorrow afternoon.  She got the Gro-Pro tea also, and will be transplanted soon as she's getting too big to be happy in the 1 gallon much longer, but I may use that to hold off and let the others catch up and try to hit the OCT 1 flip date with everyone.  Expecting her to drink up everything today with lights up to 60% from 50 and temps 27c max....  Seen no need for bending or training last two days. 

Cannabis Grow 20220904 083441
Cannabis Grow 20220904 133543

The crosses I just made showing no issues coming up in the used no-till 1 gallons.  In the Super Lemon haze pot the 2 came up right after a top dressing!  Hybrid vigor!  I kind of want to get going on those asap hearing about the benefits of F1 crosses.

Lots of great grows going on right now having a great time, grower love fellas, thanks for comin by!

Posted : 09/04/2022 12:04 pm TheInsideDope, Heyron420 and HappyCultivator liked

Two weeks since flip tomorrow for Trudeau in the 3x3.  I gave her a Gro-Pro tea with some seaweed and molasses with the air stones.  I also gave a dose to Mango thinking a month after her feeding she might be hungry?  She was starting to green up again too... My conclusion is I overfed her and too early off.  She may even be a light eater?  Smells like strong mango and peppery spice right now with some defoliation in a tea.  I tried a bit of seaweed a week or so ago thinking it may be a potassium def, and then this tea did the opposite so I will leave her be or transplant her soon.

I put a third light in the 3x3 today and it improved the par.  They wouldn't all fit across the top length wise to utilize the wider throw, so I left the 2 MF1000's as is but an inch back and another inch or so away from center, and put the P-600 in front of them with the length towards the back, so the wider throw goes towards the left and right, and raised them up about an inch about 17" and 15.5" on the P600.  It created a much better spread on the outer edges now at 380-420 in the back middle cola, and front corner colas, instead of 350 all around most of the outer edges.  And a 640 hot spot in the middle and under each light center.  And in between those readings was a healthy 580.  Add 9% error to Photone readings, I should still be about 700 max par for now.  I will work it up, and maybe lower the height and wattage, sacrificing a bit of spread due to the heat being 28c now in a 23c ambient room...  Summer is almost over so maybe in luck..  No word about my 6" fan kit, I'll just work with this for now.  Maybe move the tent, detach the carbon filter, intake filters that tax the 4" 190cfm ec fan.  Seen a few growers using 300w lights with 6" fan kits in 3x3's lately with great results.. I also have my eyes on the KS-3000 now for its superiority in temperatures and hanging height space needed.  Not to mention that perfect light spread on Dr. Coco's video.

Cannabis Grow 20220905 081223
Cannabis Grow 20220905 150314
Cannabis Grow 20220905 150636
Cannabis Grow 20220906 085701
Cannabis Grow 20220906 103734
Cannabis Grow 20220908 082143
Cannabis Grow 20220908 103724
Cannabis Grow 20220909 081239
Cannabis Grow 20220909 094158
Cannabis Grow 20220909 094216
Cannabis Grow 20220909 160403
Cannabis Grow 20220909 192256

I will flush Mango tomorrow with extra runoff, and maybe reduce the par down from 480.  Maybe transplant it into fresh soil with a half dose of amendments and good dose of Wallace microbes if she doesn't respond to the flush.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted : 09/09/2022 5:48 pm LSLarf, Aotearoa N.Z. N, HappyCultivator and 3 people liked
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Keeping the 3x3 happier into week 3 after a mid week top dressing, holding around 580-600 par on Photone, had 620 max after feeding and it seemed a bit much. Reduced all lights to 70% 15-16" from tops. The new feeding schedule and nutrients or higher lighting amounts wasn't working out too well, in fact a lot of problems in my 3x3 with multiple panels, but also when I have used my last batch of soil.

Mango has been tough poor girl, I misdiagnosed recently on too much food instead of too much light? was at 480max on Photone.  Now the last attempt transplanting into a lighter amended new bag of pro mix veg.  I actually noticed some color return the same day, and again today, although slight.  I hope she can make a good recovery but at this point I guess anything could happen. She's under the P600 at 20" putting out 375 par evenly over the plant, while next to the MF-2000 which is 16-18" over Trudeau at 400 max par today.  Same on the Right, Super Lemon Haze (has me impressed) at 410 max par with the backup 1 gallon of Purple Chemdog.

The two seedlings are both in crosslighting with under 200 par on Photone, but are looking fantastic and have me re thinking my high par approach all around including my nutrients as well.  I will try to stick to what worked in the 4x4 the first two successful grows and keep dialing back things in the 3x3 as I seen some signs of early bleaching again on my usually tough strain Trudeau.  I also had an update on Photone a few times and maybe things have changed there.  Next things to acquire would be a proper Par Meter and EC/PH pen perhaps, but until then all I can do is dial back and grow slow and steady.

Cannabis Grow 20220916 104543
Cannabis Grow 20220916 090059
Cannabis Grow 20220916 090112
Cannabis Grow 20220916 104528
Cannabis Grow 20220916 112338

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Howdy growmies.  Finally had the relocation I was expecting from the troublesome home and we didn't waste any time.

The progress for the balanced "Mango CBD" 1:1 strain was still looking downwards, so I decided to just take the bread and butter strains only (2xTrudeau, Purple Chemdog, and Super Lemon Haze).  I wouldn't of flipped it to flower in that shape as it may cause stress and produce a hermie which this strain on reddit, and most feminized strains are known for when under bad stress.

Cannabis Grow 20220920 083229
Cannabis Grow 20220920 093503

The biggest surprise of the move is the outdoor access which we are utilizing for now, which should be enough time to finish Trudeau. and hopefully able to work something out to finish the other two indoors somewhere in a temporary setup.  So for now the indoor grow could be put off until I find a more permanent location by the new year I believe. 

So Trudeau from the 3x3 was at 3.5 weeks into flower, and without the 3x3 walls for support, and the windy rain storms upon arrival, including 2 nights at 5 celcius, she took quite the thrashing despite what I used to prop her up, the wind just flopped her right over almost, but she keeps perking up, drinking her 5 liters every two days, and praying for light, so I have good expectations still.

The others went into final stretch right away with some new canopy growth and are drinking the same.  So were still on!  Wish me luck in my future growing endeavors.

Cannabis Grow 20220922 161722
Cannabis Grow 20220922 161728
Cannabis Grow 20220922 161736
Cannabis Grow 20220924 115015
Cannabis Grow 20220924 115056
Cannabis Grow 20220924 120526
Cannabis Grow 20220924 142124

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