SAFC Misfit Autos: OG Sour Diesel & others 420 Grow Journal

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SAFC Misfit Autos: OG Sour Diesel & others 420 Grow Journal

I started a group of autos on 4/20 to go along with the autoseed challenge that I heard about on GrowCast, but it took me a bit to get this forum figured out (still figuring it out lol). Anyway, here is my progress so far. 

Seeds started on 4/20


Posted : 04/27/2020 12:39 pm
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To date as part of the SAFC, I've gotten one of my seeds to pop and sprout, the OG Sour Diesel. It is currently covered by a jar in a 5-gal cloth pot with Coast of Maine Stonnington Blend super soil. I am using Happy Frog potting soil for the first few inches of soil and the soil surrounding the seeds. 

My other seed, a Chemdogging, popped and I planted it in another 5-gallon pot, but it has not come up. I've already started another Chemdogging seed and it has popped, I'm now waiting for the root to get a little bigger before I plant it. See photos for the seed. 

Before the challenge started, I started a Gelato seed that is doing well. In the photos, it is the plant in the bottom right that is, well, a plant. It's about 4 inches tall.

At the same time as the Gelato, I started a LSD-25 and it hasn't made any progress and appears to be stunted. I'm considering giving up on it and putting in a new sprout. It is pictured in the bottom left. 

I've also included a photo of my 3x4 tent. I'm using a new 240W quantum board for lighting, with a 6" exhaust fan and a 4" intake fan. I've got an automatic humidifier in the tent set at 60 RH and the temperature has been a steady 75 degrees. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1238
Cannabis Grow IMG 1250
Cannabis Grow IMG 1221
Cannabis Grow IMG 1252
Cannabis Grow IMG 1220
Cannabis Grow IMG 1234
Cannabis Grow IMG 1223
Cannabis Grow IMG 1222
Cannabis Grow IMG 1251
Cannabis Grow IMG 1233
Cannabis Grow IMG 1258
Cannabis Grow IMG 1259

Posted : 04/27/2020 1:00 pm Drew liked
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2 of my 4 plants have started flowering and are looking good. The other 2 are still babies. Not sure what's going on with my Gelato as it is starting to look like it has a deficiency or PH issue. I use plain water from tap that I bring down with PH down to 6.5, should I go lower? Using Coast of Maine Stonington blend super soil which supposedly has some coco in it. 

Posted : 05/28/2020 7:24 am
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Gelato will be ready for harvest in a few weeks, trichombs are milky white at the moment. OG Sour Diesel has nice looking buds. Both have some nutrient deficiencies that I've tried to remedy with a compost tea consisting of Terp Tea, CalMag, and Fish Sh!t. So far it hasn't seem to have an effect on fixing the plants. 

My baby Chemdogging and OG Sour Diesel are looking good. I topped Chemdogging last week and it looks like it just finished it's stretching and is now flowering.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1814
Cannabis Grow IMG 1813
Cannabis Grow IMG 1812
Cannabis Grow IMG 1811
Cannabis Grow IMG 1810
Cannabis Grow IMG 1797
Cannabis Grow IMG 1796
Cannabis Grow IMG 1784
Cannabis Grow IMG 1782
Cannabis Grow IMG 1766
Cannabis Grow IMG 1764
Cannabis Grow Image 2020 06 07 09 10 53 268
Cannabis Grow Image 2020 06 04 21 05 32 431
Cannabis Grow Image 2020 06 04 21 05 07 015

Posted : 06/09/2020 7:16 am Knut liked
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OG Sour Diesel almost ready

Started from seed on 4/20, so about day 98 of this OG Sour Diesel auto. Got some nice purple showing


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Cannabis Grow D1EE50E6 9D71 419B B5D0 08E427AA8E8B
Cannabis Grow F32460AC E82D 4469 ABA8 1D2ABD3FEDA0
Cannabis Grow 3F912C73 5E00 43B8 BBD1 617B09029F6D
Cannabis Grow 03D2D58E 2399 4490 840F DF62074C71A4
Cannabis Grow D7C639CB B158 408B 8CEA 2695A8FC5021
Cannabis Grow 8B94D86A B633 4A08 864B 79C0B17DEE7C
Cannabis Grow 10405E59 BAC9 43B1 9B43 A77D9FF0F379

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