SAFC Misfit Autos: Bruce Banner (Quebec seeds)

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SAFC Misfit Autos: Bruce Banner (Quebec seeds)

Growing two Quebec seeds Bruce Banner auto flowers in my newly built 10 gallon DWC system inside my Vivosun 3’x3’ grow tent under a Marshydro TSW2000 set 20/4 for the whole grow  

Using Mega crop start to finish this grow. 

Posted : 04/19/2020 5:39 pm CrackBabies and Knut liked
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Two Quebec Seedbank Bruce banner autoflowers where soaked for 14 hours in bottled spring water and then placed on moist paper towels for 48hours.  

Cannabis Grow 2FA5E47C 7733 472E B8B3 CF774F8BF0E4

Then each sprouted seed was placed in a split rapid rooter and then into the expanded clay pellets in my new 10 gallon DWC tanks. 

Cannabis Grow 6E6E128B E706 4152 A15F BC08CD8D2E91
Cannabis Grow FD95E9CE 5EFC 4F85 B65D 72F651D6784B


feed of choice for this grow will be mega crop to start 20grams per tank for the first feeding. Ph adjusted in each tank to 6. 

grow ladies grow. 

Posted : 05/05/2020 7:06 pm CrackBabies, medskis and crooked_garden liked

Day 2 in the tanks.

Cannabis Grow DB972528 4096 4CA7 81E4 D9DBAF15B67D
Cannabis Grow 87EAB1FE 3489 414D 8B35 CC23F0CAC6E9

Posted : 05/06/2020 6:10 pm

Well it has been part of a week (zero) and today begins week 1. 

tank #1

Cannabis Grow 92AC0650 57D1 48E8 BD24 03A86DAB7E22

ppm500 of 372 and pH is sitting at 6.1



Cannabis Grow B5C82383 6E86 4BE3 8D7B 96CDB9F84BF0

ppm500 of 360 and a adjusted down pH of 6.2

feed is mega crop at bag listed amount. Both 10 gallon tanks will be changed out next week and following bag listed amount of mega crop. 

Posted : 05/10/2020 6:06 pm

The start of week 2!

This week the feed doubled to 40grams of mega crop in the usual 10 gallons of tap water. 

tank #1

Cannabis Grow 9F60DB21 C947 46E5 A37E C11F218DAAE5

This little lady put on some leaf mass for this week and was the first to pop root into the tank. 
The 40grams of Mega Crop had a PPM500 reading of 630 and pH was adjusted down to 6.1. 

Tank #2

Cannabis Grow 1F7BE6AA DBE2 4B48 9E62 06D9153F9B1C

Lady #2 grew a little slower than her sister but also grow a fair bit of leafs this week. The 40grams of Mega Crop produced a PPM500 reading of 630 and pH adjusted down to 6.2. 

One happy benefit of my new larger 10 gallon tanks is that this week the warmest my tanks got was 18 deg C. 

I also have added a humidifier and lower the Mars hydro down to 24” above the canopy now that there are four full leaves on each plant. I will continue to monitor daily and make adjustments to keep the light 24-30” above the canopy. 


Posted : 05/16/2020 4:55 pm Renessance and Drew liked

And week 3 begins! The ladies have grown lots this week. 

tank #1

Cannabis Grow A1599F8B 0312 4A56 B65A C91F83D8B040

this lady is a beast and is larger than her sister

PPM500 690 and pH adjusted down to 6.3


tank #2

Cannabis Grow 66EDF25B CCF6 4620 9741 58D2F98CEE2F

PPM500 is 701 and pH adjusted down to 6.2  

slow and steady she grows. 

both tanks adjusted to pH of 6.2 and feed 45grains of mega crop for this week. Need a new battery for PPS meter. So will update one I get one tomorrow. 

Posted : 05/24/2020 7:29 pm Drew liked

Week #4

Tank #1 

Cannabis Grow 24551ABD DB12 45A9 80CC AB047421B0B1

the hulk of the tent and biggest grow this past week. 50 grains of mega crop produced a PPM500 of 820 and pH adjust down to 5.9  

Tank #2

Cannabis Grow A1A2BC7C 231D 4A13 ADE2 02DF74B0D12B


the smaller and bushier of the two girls. There are more branches on this one than the other larger plant. Again 50 grains of mega crop producing a PPM500 of 722 and pH adjusted to 5.9

Starting to see flowers sights on each plant, loving these Quebec Seedbank Bruce Banner autos. First time growing auto flowers amazing how simply they are to grow. 

Posted : 05/31/2020 5:06 pm

Week #5 has begun!

Tank #1

Cannabis Grow AA7F83CD 21F8 4B72 8DFC 4215FC72F36F
Cannabis Grow 9D724D32 0609 45F2 B7D6 BAC06043E56D

This girl truly is a hulk in the tank. Look at that root mass and only just ended week 4. 
PPM500 743 and pH adjusted down to 6.0

Tank #2

Cannabis Grow FC035A50 C313 4940 B330 9B1056DBB023
Cannabis Grow 914958D4 AE37 4F1C B1B7 35028FE352EF

This lady is shorter but with more bud sights and a very even canopy compared to her sister. PPM500 680 and pH adjusted down to 6.1. 

Both ladies receive Mega crop 50grains, next week increase to 55grains in 10 gallons of h20. 

Posted : 06/07/2020 6:26 pm Drew liked

Ok after a wonderful bowl of white widow in my vaporizer and then reviewing the photos I think tank #2 is showing early signs of root rot and therefore I am going to treat with bleach. 🤠 

My basic rot root prevention is 0.5ml of bleach per gallon twice a week and as you can see from tank #1 it working great. The treatment dose I use is 2ml per gallon which works out to 20ml as it is a 10 gallon tank.  First dose is in the tank and I will add more on Thursday and watch to see what happens to the roots. 

temps and light leaks are a none issue as these are new tanks. Only the clay pellets where reused but cleaned. I am not sure I cleaned the tank 2 rocks enough. 

time will tell....

Posted : 06/08/2020 6:03 pm

Few days late with an update!

Well work has been keeping me very busy, but I did change the tanks over this past Sunday. Week 6 begins and the dose of mega crop has increased to 55 grains in each 10 gallon tank. 

Cannabis Grow 575D2368 2F5D 42BF 91F2 A45CBA18D86F

Both ladies are fully into flower and look to be putting on some bud mass. You can see the profound way a brief spell of root rot can effect plant development. Tank 2 is tiny compared to tank 1. 

Now the number 

Tank #1 733ppm (PPM500) and pH adjusted down to 6.1. 

Tank #2 834ppm (PPM500) and pH adjusted down to 6.2. 

This is my first time growing auto flowers and so far am really enjoying it. The root rot in tank #2 is my fault as I am 100% sure I did not clean the clay media enough before using them again. 

plan to switch to these after this grow and use Rockwool instead of clay stones 

Cannabis Grow 53D6B21A 745E 413B 9181 156FEA9FBF25

Now to find somewhere that has them in’s to keep and closed for this darn pandemic. 

Stay safe everyone...

Posted : 06/16/2020 5:04 pm

Week #7

Well had to move a bunch of crap around in the grow room this week as I am upgrading to a different tent. I have chosen a 2 in 1 tent to give it a honest go and see how I do at a clone/veg/flower set up. 

Well for this weeks update, tanks drained and fresh tap water added to 10 gallon mark. To the h20 was added 55 grains of Mega crop and Ph down was used to adjust as needed. 

Cannabis Grow 33DDF4F6 6B85 4FCF A4EB 450C720C0F7E

the plants got switched in the tent and you can see how the early root issues effected plant size. One truly is a hulk compared to the other. Both have happy leaves pointing up towards the Mar hydro light. Slowly roots are regrowing on tank number two. 

This weeks number are as follows:

tank #1 ppm500 is 690 and pH adjusted down to 6.3

tank #2 ppm500 is 680 and pH adjusted down to 6.3.


Hope everyone is staying safe and grow some great weed for there own enjoyment. 

Posted : 06/22/2020 6:49 pm Drew liked

Mid Week #8 and happy Canada Day!

Well it been a crazy busy week here and I am half a week behind on my update. I upgrade my tent to a 2-1 type tent with a separate veg/clone area and a 3x3 flower area. Just waiting on Canada post to bring me second air pump and 3 gallon DWC buckets for the veg portion of my tent. Second fan is up and mounted just need to run the ducting.

weekly update

Tank #1 (the hulk)

Cannabis Grow 98DDD92E F7F8 4BC9 9CC0 8FDDF349FFE5
Cannabis Grow 45F22BC0 40FB 423E 8AC6 ADE666605CA3

She is an absolute monster drinking about 2 gallons a day in water and that’s from a 10 gallon res.  This week I increased the feed according to the calculator and am not at 60 grains of mega crop in 10 gallons of h20. PPM500 of 840 and pH adjusted down to 6.2.

Tank #2 (banner)

Cannabis Grow 124FF049 B1C6 4E55 BF8F 2549D8C91F5A

This girl is much smaller than the hulk but still has quality bud just more compact. 
60 grams of mega crop came out to PPM500 of 822 and pH adjusted down to 6.0. 

Posted : 07/01/2020 5:59 pm Drew liked

Week #9 

Well they ladies are putting on bud weight and size, plus the tent smells great when you open it. My carbon filter is worth the money is spent on it. 

This week the ladies where feed 60 grains of mega crop in 10 gallons of H20 in separate tanks  


Cannabis Grow FA7ADEEE B1B8 465C B572 52083C0443AD

Tank #1

PPM500 926 and pH adjusted to 6.2

Tank #2 

PPM500 again 926 (my gram scale is bang on as I have equal ppm between tanks with the same amount of water. PH adjusted down to 6.2..

Posted : 07/06/2020 5:57 pm Drew liked

Week #10

This week has been crazy busy not to mention hot 30 deg plus almost every single day. 

Tank #1 (The Hulk)

Cannabis Grow 73C68223 2B1A 4C54 866C 00C91C7518E8

This monster is taking over the whole 3x3 flower tent. The feed this week is again 60 grains of mega crop making a PPM500 926 and corrected pH 6.2. This beast is almost all flower and man is she thickening up. 

Tank #2 (banner)

Cannabis Grow E0023E9B 01F0 4149 8F35 774F9CB52921

This humble lady is much smaller than her sister the hulk but still has quality flower growing and seems to also be thickening. Feed is the same as above 60 grains of mega crop and PPM500 926 and a corrected pH of 6.1 


2 weeks to go until these beast should be ready for harvest. 

Posted : 07/15/2020 5:48 pm Knut and Drew liked

Week #11

Week #11 is here and the ladies are huge! This weeks feed is 60 grains of mega crop and 10 grains of bloom booster to help harden up the ripening. 

Tank #1 

Cannabis Grow EE833D74 545E 4193 9C04 8D0E47DACFDF

This ladies buds is so fat that I had to tie her up to the ceiling. This weeks feed produced a PPM 500 of 1127 and corrected pH of 6.2. 

Tank #2 

Cannabis Grow 3F111AC2 24C9 4E17 8C20 F9AADB843E00

Banner is much smaller than her sister and this weeks feed produced a PPM500 of 1177 and corrected pH of 6.1. 

Cant wait to harvest this crop. 

Posted : 07/19/2020 7:33 pm
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