PTGC Mainlines: Super Silver Haze 1st C4C Challenge

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PTGC Mainlines: Super Silver Haze 1st C4C Challenge

This will be my first try at a C4C challenge.
I hope to stay here till the very end of my grow. I've always have that problem called procrastination and almost never finish what I start, so I don't want to make any promises. We'll see how it goes.

With that out of the way, to the grow.

I will veg in a 80cm x 80cm x 180cm box (around 2.6ft x 2.6ft x 6ft) and flower in a 4x4. I grow in soil (LightMix from BioBizz) I use BioBizz nutrients and additives. My light is a Migro 300+ (discontinued, so I can't upgrade to Migro 400+ as planned 🙁 ) The Migro 300+ has 3 big lenses. I use one of them dimmed to the minimum for the seedlings and gradually increase light's power as the plants grow and need more light.

Tuesday evening, August 11th 20202:

I dropped 3 Super Silver Haze seeds from Green House Seeds in water to soak them before planting them in an EazyPlug. After they sank to the bottom, I planted them in 0.5L (about a pint) pots filled with LightMix from BioBizz. They EazyPlug is in the middle of the 0.5Lpot, surrounded by soil.

I watered the EazyPlugs with pH'ed water and put them in a propagator. Temp inside the propagator is about 23C and RH of around 70%-75%. I also watered the surrounding soil mix with water mixed with 1ml/L of Root Juice.

My plan is to up-pot to (3L? 5L? 7L?) when they have build a good root ball and then again to the final 15L fabric pot about a week or two before flipping. But this is where I would love your input and feedback. Do you think this strategy can work considering we should be flipping on or near October 1st?

I always identify my plants by numbers in my documentation. This time I would like to give all the girls their own names. I am open to ideas for female names :). Let's hear them!

Happy growing to you all!

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Thursday Evening, 13.08.2020

I turned on the lamp and set it to around 20% of its full potency using a Watt meter. That's what Shaun (Migro) recommends for seelings. He also recommends putting the lamps 35cm (13-14 inches) above canopy (canopy = soil level for now), but just to be safe, I hung the lamp at 50cm (19-20 inches). I set up the light to the 18/6 schedule.

I checked the moisture of the media and it was ok, so no more water. I've watered too much in the past and that's something I want to definitely improve this time.

And now, some pics:

Cannabis Grow IMG 3432
Cannabis Grow IMG 3433
Cannabis Grow IMG 3434
Cannabis Grow IMG 3436

Posted : 08/14/2020 3:29 am CrackBabies and FurrySparkle liked

I love SSH as much as I love baby cannabis  plants peaking out of the soil! Thats a great pic 

Posted : 08/14/2020 5:28 am galandil liked

..where were we? Right!

Friday, August 14th 2020

T = 24,4°C
RH = 69%.

They popped! All 3 of them popped. The soil looked a tad dry, so just to be sure I dropped some pH'ed water on them.

Cannabis Grow !IMG 3453

Saturday, August 15th 2020

T = 25,1°C
RH = 70%

As you can see in the pictures, they seem to be stretching. They look pretty happy to me too. So I decided to lower the lamp to 35cm from canopy and increased the output power to 40% (48W). We'll see how that works out.

I am not worried about the stretching, since I will be up ppoting and then I just plant them deeper into the pot. If they need support before the uppotting, they will let me know and I will help them 😉 

Cannabis Grow !IMG 3456
Cannabis Grow !IMG 3457


Posted : 08/16/2020 9:14 am FurrySparkle and CrackBabies liked

Soooo... here we go again. After a couple of days in the hospital with my kid, I can return to my girls, take care of them and continue updating my Journal.

Tuesday 18.08.2020

Since I was at the hospital with my kid, my partner fed them un-pH'ed Water during the girls morning. I am growing in soil, so I don't worry too much about them getting un-pH'ed water.

Thursday 20.08.2020

As soon as they woke up, I went to look at them and greet them after I got back from the hospital and this is what I found

Cannabis Grow 20200820 IMG 3458

Using some flexible wire I could support them so they are now standing up. I also changed the static fans for an oscillating one from Monkey Fan. This is how they look now

Cannabis Grow 20200820 IMG 3465

Soon they will turn their leaves up to the light. I've had this happen to me already, so I trust this will help. I will up-pot them soon anyway and then I will just plant them deeper into the pot.

They each receive about 100 - 120 ml of water (just enough until there starts to be runoff at the bottom) with 2ml/L Root Juice. pH : 6,5 ~ 6,6, Water Temp: 23°C

Due to the fact, that they fell down, once I straighted them up using wires, I notices dark purple / dark violet spots in the middle of the under side of the first 2 true leaves. Could anyone tell me what this could mean? The upper side of the leaves look normal to me.

Cannabis Grow 20200820 IMG 3460

The environment temperature is around 25°C-26°C during the day and around 22°C-23°C during the night. RH is around 60% - 67%. I just got a hygrometer that saves the max and min Temp and RH for the last 24 hours, so that I can be more accurate in those readings.

Happy Growing Everybody!

Posted : 08/21/2020 4:27 am

Saturday 22.08.2020

I noticed some white mold on the surface of the substrate (see pic below). After consulting with Percy's I found out it's a fungus feeding on the organic material of my soil. Since I use LightMix from BioBizz, it fits the diagnosis.

Cannabis Grow 20200822 IMG 3473
Cannabis Grow 20200822 IMG 3475

According to the consensus it's not harmful. Since the plants look healthy and happy, I decided to leave it there and let the plants deal with that in a natural way. I'll  let the soil dry until tomorrow and keep checking it. The pots do feel light, but the leaves are doing OK and look happy, so I will water them tomorrow.

One thing I have on my notes, is that I haven't had to raise the lamp since day 7, when I had to use some flexible wire to "set them straight". Does this has to mean anything?

  • A) Does it mean that the ammount and/or quality of PAR they are getting is right?
  • B) Or does it mean that they were so weak when they were on the gound (pre-wire support), that they need to recover now first, before they start shooting up again?
  • C) Or has the oscilating fan been keeping them focusing on building a thicker stem rather then stretching up?
  • D) A mix of A, B and C....

Fell free to chip in your 2 cents. Any feedback it's greatly appreciated.

Just to make sure I did check the soil temperature: 24,3°C

And now, some pictures. Oh yeah, I named them Medusa, Stheno and Evryali 😜

Cannabis Grow 202008220930 IMG 3487
Cannabis Grow 202008220930 IMG 3484
Cannabis Grow 202008220930 IMG 3480
Cannabis Grow 202008220930 IMG 3483

Happy growing everbody 😉 

Posted : 08/23/2020 2:37 am FurrySparkle liked
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DAY 10
Sunday 23.08.2020

Cannabis Grow 202008230900 IMG 3504

Each lady receives a solution of about 150mL of solution (Until run off starts to appear at the bottom)

  • Solution:
    • Water
    • 3 mL/L Root Juice
    • 2 mL/L Bio Heaven
    • pH = 6,5 | T° = 23°C

DAY 11

Cannabis Grow 202008241200 IMG 3507

The oscilating fan mounted on the corner of the tent is hitting the tent walls, so that it can't oscilate properly and may reduce the life span of the fan. That's why I inserted two bars on the tent sides forming that corner, so that the negative preassure inside the tent don't hinder the oscilating fan.

DAY 12

Cannabis Grow 202008251100 IMG 3510
Cannabis Grow 202008251100 IMG 3511
Cannabis Grow 202008251100 IMG 3513

Medusa, Stheno and Evryali are up-potted to 5,7L pots. The soil in the pots was pre-fertigated with about 1.2 - 1.3 L of the following solution

  • Solution
    • Water
    • 3 mL/L Root Juice
    • pH = 6,4 | T° = 22°C

Before transplanting, the holes are sprinkled with mycorrhiza spores (Mycotrex from Since the ladies stretched to much (see day 7) I planted them deeper into the pot.

As you can see in the pictures, a second Migro LED spot is hanged in the tent. Power output is at 40% capacity (= 94,8W). Distance from lamp to canopy is 35cm

DAY 13

Temps are between 22,8°C and 25,2°C. RH is between 62% and 68%

Plant height:

  • Medusa = 6cm
  • Stheno = 7cm
  • Evryali = 7cm

Since the girls are looking  happy and healthy (dark violet spots noted on day 7 haven't caused any trouble) I decided to raise the output capacity of the light to 50% (= 118,5W). The canopy-lamp distance stays at 35cm.

After about 14 hours of 50% output capacity, this is how they look

Cannabis Grow 202008262310 IMG 3518

Happy growing!

Posted : 08/27/2020 5:50 am FurrySparkle liked

DAY 14

Temps between 23,0°C and 25,8°C and RH between 60% and 67%

The fan leaves on the second node of all 3 of my girls show sings of curling up. Since the only thing that changed was the intensity of the light source (see day 13) I decided to scale down the output capacity to 45% (= 106,65W)

Appart from that, nothing report here, carry on... 🤓 

DAY 15

Temps between 22,5°C and 24,8°C and RH between 60% and 66%

Medusa and Evryali have reached the 4th node. Stheno is alreday on her 5th node.

Cannabis Grow 202008280940 IMG 3521

2 fan leaves show some spots I have had seen and ignored in previous grows. This time I'd rather ask what do you think about these spots. What could they be/mean? Should I act on them? If so, how? And aagain, thanks for your feedback

Cannabis Grow 202008280940 IMG 3527
Cannabis Grow 202008280940 IMG 3523

Good and happy smokes everybody! 😎

Posted : 08/28/2020 3:54 pm Knut and FurrySparkle liked

DAY 16

  • Solution (1)
    • 2L Water
    • 1,5 tea spoon Bactrex (= 0,75 tsp/L)
    • pH = 6,6 | T° = 22°C | EC = 0,6
  • Solution (2)
    • 1L Water
    • ph = 6,5 | T° = 22°C | EC = 0,6


  • Solution (1)
    • Medusa : ~ 750mL
    • Stheno : ~ 750mL
    • Evryali : ~ 500mL
  • Solution (2)
    • Medusa : ~ 250mL
    • Stheno : ~ 250mL
    • Evryali : ~ 250mL
  • Total (until run off is showing)
    • Medusa : ~ 1L
    • Stheno : ~ 1L
    • Evryali : ~ 750 mL

DAY 17

Temps between 22,1°C and 25,5°C and RH between 65% and 75%. I guess the humidity may be too high. I have an oscilating fan and since they are young I hope I don't run into any trouble with this high humidty

Cannabis Grow 202008301030 IMG 3532
Cannabis Grow 202008301030 IMG 3533
Cannabis Grow 202008301030 IMG 3534
Cannabis Grow 202008301950 IMG 3537

  • Height
    • Medusa : 9 cm | 5 nodes
    • Stheno : 11 cm | 6 nodes
    • Evryali : 11 cm | 6 nodes

Medusa is showing some sings of rusty/red spots on 2 leaves on the second node. I asked for some help in the chat and it appears to be a Calcium deffiency. I do use subterranean tewater and from what I understand it may lack enough Calcium. Also those are leaves that get direct light so the diagnosis seems to fit. I will get CalMag as soon as I can (life) and try to correct.

Cannabis Grow 202008302230 IMG 3539
Cannabis Grow 202008302230 IMG 3540

Other than that, the girls look happy and healthy

DAY 18

Temps between 22,0°C and 25,8°C and RH between 65% and 71%.

I increased the output of the driver up to 52,5% (= 124,425 W)


Temps between 22,3°C and 26,1°C and RH between 58% and 66%

Cannabis Grow 202009011015 IMG 3541

DAY 20

Temps between 22,7°C and 25,7°C and RH between 63% and 70%.
Power output increased to 60% (= 142,2W)

Cannabis Grow 202009021010 IMG 3544

  • Height
    • Medusa : 11 cm | 5 nodes -> 0,71 cm/day
    • Stheno : 14 cm | 6 nodes -> 1 cm/day
    • Evryali : 13,5 cm | 6 nodes -> 0,93 cm/day
  • Solution 1 (Medusa got all of it)
    • 1L Water
    • 0,5 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
    • ph : 6,5 | T° : 22°C | EC : 0,6
  • Solution 2 (1L each Stheno and Evryali)
    • 2L Water
    • 0,3 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
    • ph : 6,3 | T° : 22°C | EC : 0,6

About 30 minutes before they go to sleep, Stheno and Evryali are toped to the third node. I remove the branches from nodes 1 and 2, remembering to leave all the fan leaves from nodes 1 and 2 on the plant.

I plant the topped shoots in pre-fertigated 0,5L pots with LightMix. I drop some miccorhiza spores in the holes before planting the cuttlings for cloning. We'll see how it goes.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow, as it is late here and have an early busy day tomorrow.

Posted : 09/03/2020 7:36 am FurrySparkle and CrackBabies liked

DAY 20
02.09.2020 (Continuation)

So here finally some pics of Stheno and Evryali after being topped to the 3rd node

Cannabis Grow 202009022330 IMG 3548
Cannabis Grow 202009022330 IMG 3549
Cannabis Grow 202009022330 IMG 3555
Cannabis Grow 202009022330 IMG 3556

DAY 21

Now it was Medusa's time to be topped and start the mainlining process:

Cannabis Grow 202009032350 IMG 3557

DAY 23

Cannabis Grow 202009051125 IMG 3567


  • 4L Water
  • 0,5 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • 1 mL/L BioGrow
  • 1 mL/L BioHeaven
  • ph : 6,3 | T° : 22,7°C

Stheno and Evryali receive each about 1,4L and Medusa recieves about 1,2L of fertigation.

I increase the power output of the lights driver from 60% (=142,2W) to 65% (=154,05W)

Also I started training the 2 main shoots pulling them down using soft thick wire. They feel very firm and I don't want to wait till the 2nd topping, since they may be to hard already and may break during training.

Posted : 09/07/2020 6:42 am FurrySparkle, CrackBabies and HiFlyin77 liked

DAY 26

Temps between 22,8°C and 26,1°C and RH between 54% and 62%

Solution, given more or less equally to all 3 girls

  • 5L Water
  • 0,45 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • 1,5 mL/L BioHeaven
  • ph : 6,3 | T° : 22,7°C

DAY 27

Temps between 22,8°C and 26,2°C and RH between 66% and 74%

Medusa gets uppotted to a 25L fabric pot. I use mycorrhiza spores.

Cannabis Grow 1

As I was adjusting the main branches of Medusa (1st mainlining topping on day 21) this happened:

Cannabis Grow 2

So that's that. Not my first time and definitely not the last time... so live and learn.

Solution, about 4L were given to Medusa in her new pot.

  • 5L Water
  • 0,3 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • 2 mL/L Root Juice
  • ph : 6,3 | T° : 23,0°C

DAY 28

Temps between 21,7°C and 25,3°C and RH between 62% and 69%

Now it's time for Stheno and Evryali to be uppotted to bigger shoes. This time I plant them in 19L fabric pots remembering to sprinkle some mycorrhiza spores on the potting holes. The difference in pots is mainly just to experiment, learn and see how they react to different sizes.

Cannabis Grow 3
Cannabis Grow 4

Solution used in the new pots, more or less poured equally between Stheno and Evryali

  • 5L Water
  • 0,3 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • 2 mL/L Root Juice
  • 2 mL/L Bio Heaven
  • ph : 6,3 | T° : 22,5°C

As I was checking on Medusa, I noted that the other second main branch also snapped some  between 1st and 2nd node (see day 27) and had a 3mm long wound.

Power output of the Migro driver is increased from 65% (= 154,05W) to 70% (=165,9W). Distance canopy to lamps is 35cm

Posted : 09/16/2020 4:23 am

DAY 29 | 11.09.2020

The second main branch of Medusa had a 3mm wound between the 1st and 2nd node. I decided to top the second main branch here, between 1st and 2nd node. Now Medusa has 4 main branches.

DAY 30 | 12.09.2020

Temps between 21,9°C and 26,2°C and RH between 62% and 74%.

Cannabis Grow 1
Cannabis Grow 2

RH has been too high in the last couple of days. I've noticed that the girls look droopy and not happy. I've tried raising the temperature hoping that would reduce the RH, but it hasn't worked, so I bit the bullet and decided to get a dehumidifier.

Cannabis Grow 3

Now it's time for Stheno and Evryali to be topped for the second type to get 4 main branches out of 2.

Cannabis Grow 4
Cannabis Grow 5
Cannabis Grow 6

DAY 31 | 13.09.2020

Temps between 23,3°C and 26,2°C and RH between 55% and 61%. The dehumidifier is working just fine and the girls sure seem to like the slightly dryer ambient. The girls are already looking much happier.

The power output of the Migro driver is increased from 70% (= 165,9W) to 75% (= 177,75W)

DAY 32 | 14.09.2020

Temps between 23,7°C and 26,9°C and RH between 57% and 63%

Cannabis Grow 7
Cannabis Grow 8

10L Solution, more or less poured equally between Medusa, Stheno and Evryali

  • 10L Water
  • 0,3 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • 2 mL/L Root Juice
  • 2 mL/L Bio Heaven
  • ph : 6,2 ~ 6,3 | T° : 23,5°C

DAY 33 | 15.09.2020

Temps between 23,8°C and 27,3°C and RH between 59% and 68%.

Cannabis Grow 9

Medusa, Stheno and Evryali are topped for the 3th and last time right above the first node of each of the 4 main branches. Now we have 8 main branches, with the goal to have 8 main colas.... Yeah, we'll see. There is still enough weeks of veg + flowering for me to screew something up and drop a fan or a filter or the lights or the whole damm tent.... or.... 🤣 

Cannabis Grow 10
Cannabis Grow 11
Cannabis Grow 12
Cannabis Grow 13

Since the plants are in the fabric pots, some parts of them near the walls of the tent aren't getting as much light as I would like, so I raised the lamps to a distance of 40cm to the canopy increasing the light coverage and also increased the power output of the lamp's driver from 75% (=177,75W) to 80% (=189,6W)

Soooo, finally I was able to catch up with the journal.

Happy growing and good smokes to each and everyone of you.
Stay healthy, stay happy

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DAY 34 | 16.09.2020

Temps between 24,0°C and 27,8°C and RH between 53% and 64%.

Cannabis Grow 1

DAY 35 | 17.09.2020

Temps between 22,8°C and 26,6°C and RH between 51% and 64%.

DAY 36 | 18.09.2020

Temps between 23,0°C and 26,6°C and RH between 58% and 68%.

Cannabis Grow 2

10L Solution:

  • 10L Water
  • 0,3 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • 2 mL/L Root Juice
  • 2 mL/L Bio Heaven
  • ph : 6,1 ~ 6,2 | T° : 23,7°C
  • Medusa 3,2L
  • Stheno 2,45L
  • Evryali 2,45L
  • Sandra (Sour Diesel on the side, day 22) 1,9L

DAY 37 | 19.09.2020

Temps between 23,0°C and 26,6°C and RH between 60% and 73%. I did some LST too. I pulled all 8 main branches on the 3 SSH girls, but sadly deleted the picture after LST

Cannabis Grow 3

The RH reached between 71% (canopy level) and 73% (floor level) during the night cycle, when the temperature went as low as 23,0C (canopy level) - 23,1C (floor level). I always tought this could be logically explained as in I introduced 10 liters of water yesterday and that water has to go somewehre either through evaporation on the surface of the soil or through the walls of the fabric pots or through transpiration of the plant and evaporation on the leaves. The girls look lush, pretty and happy and in any case I set the dehumnidifier lower to 50%. What do you guys think? I'd love the feedback Smile

Good smokes to you all!

Posted : 09/30/2020 3:00 pm

DAY 38 | 20.09.2020

Temps between 23,2°C and 26,6°C and RH between 62% and 68%.

Cannabis Grow 1
Cannabis Grow 2
Cannabis Grow 3
Cannabis Grow 4

All in all Medusa, Stheno and Evryali (plus Sandra) are looking very happy, healthy and vibrant. I try to see, observe and feel them and in that way kind of listen to my girls and find out if they are doing OK and what they might need. So far it has worked pretty well for me Smile

Stheno is showing some yellowing on the tips, but as of now nothing really major or drastic. Still it doesn't mean I can get lazy with scouting and checking on things. I'll try to stay on top of things as much as I can (Life usually get ins the way)

DAY 39 | 21.09.2020

Temps between 23,6°C and 26,9°C and RH between 61% and 67%.

All 4 ladies look very happy and show a nice, healthy, lushy fresh green color on the top and a more mature darker, yet still vibrant green on the lower part.

I removed all the shoots of all the first nodes of the 8 main branches of Medusa. Also using my fingers I removed some big lower fan leaves who weren't getting any light. I do this by pinching the leaves right where the petiole of the leaf connects with the leaf's blade, so as not to leave an open wound on the stem but rather on the petiole. I heard this once on Growcast (or was it the Home Grown Helper's podcast) and been doing it that way ever since. All 4 Ladies were LST'ed so as to try and form a uniform and even canopy.

Cannabis Grow 5
Cannabis Grow 6

DAY 40 | 22.09.2020

Temps between 23,9°C and 27,6°C and RH between 54% and 67%.

Cannabis Grow 7

10L Solution:

  • 10L Water
  • 0,3 mL/L CalMag BioBizz
  • pH : 6,4 | T° : 24,5°C
  • Medusa 2,9L
  • Stheno 2,4L
  • Evryali 2,4L
  • Sandra 1,8L

Before the girls were watered, some of the prepared solution was sprayed on the top of the soil using a spray bottle so as to moisturize the very dry top of the soil, so when I pour the water on the soil, the subatrate can better absorve the water and water doesn't just run to the sides and down to the tray.

Power output of the Migro driver raised from 80% (189,6W) to 85% (201,45W)

DAY 41 | 23.09.2020

Temps between 23,9°C and 27,1°C and RH between 62% and 71%.

Cannabis Grow 8

DAY 42 | 24.09.2020

Temps between 23,7°C and 27,3°C and RH between 59% and 67%. pH Pen calibrated.

Stheno, Evryali and Sandra receive some pruning of lower shoots and lower fan leaves that aren't getting any light. Also using my fingers I soften the higher shoots and bend them in order to get a canopy as even as possible.

Cannabis Grow 9
Cannabis Grow 10
Cannabis Grow 11
Cannabis Grow 12
Cannabis Grow 13

DAY 43 | 25.09.2020

Temps between 23,2°C and 27,8°C and RH between 60% and 66%.

The highest shoots of Evryali, Medusa and Stheno are bend down using finger preassure to soften the branches, to mantain a canopy as even and level as possible.

Cannabis Grow 14
Cannabis Grow 15

Using the hack that Shane from Migro presented on his YouTube channel (which I highly recommend) I meassured the PAR intensity at canopy level.

PAR intensity (in µmol/m^2/sec). Distance lamp to canopy is 40cm, power output light driver 85%

  • Stheno: 308 - 858
  • Sandra: 374 - 660
  • Medusa: 550 - 850
  • Evryali: 462 - 836

After that, I raised the lamp, so that the distance lamp-canopy is now 45cm and I get the following readings (in µmol/m^2/sec):

  • Stheno: 418 - 638
  • Sandra: 418 - 550
  • Medusa: 462 - 660
  • Evryali: 374 - 660

Note: This values are a crude approximation to the real PAR intensity the ladies are receiving at canopy level because I am not meassuring the PAR intensity directly (PAR sensors are still extremely expensive for a hobby grower such as myself), but rather the LUX value of the light and converting this values to PAR intensity as per Shane's hack.

Raising the lamps means lower yet better uniformity of the PAR intensity. Also as mentioned on Day 38, some tips were yellowing, which might be light burn. So I decided to leave the lamp-canopy distance at 45cm

DAY 44 | 26.09.2020

Temps between 24,7°C and 28,5°C and RH between 54% and 61%.

1L Solution for spraying on the top soil so as to damp and moisturize the subatrate on the surface and improve water absortion for the rest of the substrate.

  • 1L Water
  • pH : 6,5 | T° : 25,4°C

10L Solution:

  • 10L Water
  • pH : 6,4 ~ 6,5  | T° : 24,5°C
  • Medusa 1L
  • Stheno 1L
  • Evryali 1L
  • Sandra 1L
  • Note: Only after I got the water pH'ed I checked on the soil of the girls and noticed it was pretty moist under the dryer top level. That's why I decided to give them just 1 liter each. We'll see how that works out. No risk, no fun 😝 

DAY 45 | 27.09.2020

Temps between 23,6°C and 27,6°C and RH between 54% and 62%.

DAY 47 | 29.09.2020

Temps between 23,6°C and 27,6°C and RH between 52% and 59%.

Evryali and Stheno show sings of being extremely underwatered, leaves are drooping all over the place. (Remember the no risk part?...) So I quickly pH'ed 5L of water to 6,5 and gave them each 2,5L. Previously I sprayed the top of the soil using a water sprayer because the soil was severly dry.

After about 30 minutes neither had any more drooping leaves and were already picking up on vigor.

DAY 48 | 30.09.2020

Temps between 23,1°C and 26,1°C and RH between 58% and 65%.

Cannabis Grow 16

So that's it for now, I hope I haven't bored anyone after this long post. I've been busy with family life, my kid underwent major surgery (planned) a couple of days ago, so that kept me understandbly busy.

In any case happy growing to you all lovely people and may your smokes be smelly and dense.

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First of all, thank you all for the good wishes and good vibes and positive energy. My kid is doing much better, it was a heavy intensive yet standard surgery, so my kid needs time to fully recover, but my kid is getting there... it's a marathon not a sprint.

DAY 49 | 01.10.2020

No temps or RH written on my physical journal ... Hmm ... bad Galandil, BAD! LoL   and no pics either... (wtf man!)

.... moving on...

10L Solution

  • 10L Water
  • 0,3 ml/L CalMag
  • 1 ml/L BioGrow
  • 1 ml/L BioBloom
  • pH: 6,4 ~ 6,5 | T° : 21,4°C
  • Medusa: 3,5L
  • Stheno: 2,5L
  • Evryali: 2,5L
  • Sandra: 1,5L
  • Why BioGrow and BioBloom?
    • Because I am using LightMix from BioBizz and I was taught that the nutrients in that mix last for about 3 weeks and then I have to start fertigating the soil. And if I am not mistaken, it has been 3 weeks since I up-potted them to the bigger shoes with new soil... scrolling up the journal... yup, it has been almost exactly 3 weeks Cool
      • But now that I think about it, I've never questioned that reasoning, so I think will go to the source (BioBizz) and ask what's up with that...
    • BioBloom because I will flip them tomorrow and I want give them a head start with the necessary nutrients for the flowring stage
    • The nutrient schedule from BioBizz says 4ml/L of each BioGrow and BioBloom, but as always, I give them less than what that schedule suggest, see how my girls respond and take it from there. It's much easier to give them more nutrients, than to try to take them out of the substrate (flushing)

Power output of the Migro driver increased from 85% (=201,45W) to 90% (=213,3W). Distane lamp to canopy 45cm

DAY F1 (Day 50) | 02.10.2020

Again no temps or RH registered on my notes and again no pics... seriously man, wtf? what's wrong with you!... ts ts ts... Anyway, first day of flowering (12/12)... YES! ... big fat buds here we come!... hopefully..... oh please give me some big fat buds... I am down to smoking pop corn right now Sad ... for the love of Jah!....PLEASE! Beg  

DAY F2 (Day 51) | 03.10.2020

Cannabis Grow 1

Today I moved my girls to a slighty bigger house. Now they are in the 100cm x 100cm x 180cm MarsHydro tent. I didn't take notes on min or max temps and RH... this time intentionally... since the readings wouldn't be accurate because of the relocation. I did took readings of the current values:

  • 10:55
    • Canopy level 25,7°C | 66%
    • Floor level 24,6°C | 69%
  • 19:30
    • Canopy level 24,3°C | 56%
    • Floor level 24,5°C | 55%

As I was setting up the Migro 300+ Light in the bigger tent, I couldn't find a cable of the Migro setup meaning for now I can just use 2 lamps instead of the intended 3. I will see if I can order a replacement from Migro... that's what happens when A) you are a messy lazy sob and B) you don't keep track of where you store your things... Mad   ... F*******K!
...carry on...

Power output of 2 lamps is now at 100% (=237W) and distance lamp canopy is 40cm

Cannabis Grow 3
Cannabis Grow 6
Cannabis Grow 4
Cannabis Grow 2
Cannabis Grow 5

Keep calm, smoke some weed and.... keep calm.... and.... take another hit... and... shit I forgot what I wanted to say...

Happy growing and good smokes to you all!

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