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Sup growers,

Welcome to my second grow

Just as the first time I use:

  • 60x60x160cm(2x2x5.3ft) grow box;
  • SpiderFarmer SF1000 LED, which I will crank to 120W, as the MW driver allows it;
  • The loudest exhaust fan in the word + carbon filter, as a trace of smell gets me jailed;
  • GHE Flora Series, all supplements from the chart;
  • Jiffies -> 0.5L nursery bags -> 3L fabric pots -> 19L(5gal) fabric pots (or that’s the plan);
  • Medium will be CANNA Coco Professional Plus + 25% perlite;
  • Automated fertigation system, but modified from dr Coco’s, never quite got his right;
  • Automated drainage system…the floods were a bitch <- this one will be upgrade to last time;

Cannabis Grow IMGP0048

So I scuffed and soaked 2 Dinafem Auto Feminized seeds morning of 2020-09-09 for 4-5 hours, then planted in jiffies.

The first one to sprout in the morning of 2020-09-11 is Dinafem Dinamed CBD Auto named Ема (that would be Emma in English); supposedly 60-70 days lifecycle with >1%THC and ~14%CBD .

Cannabis Grow IMGP0044


The second one shyly showing bent stem is Dinafem Critical+ CBD Auto named Лора (Laura); supposedly 70 days lifecycle with ~5%THC and ~10%CBD .

Cannabis Grow IMGP0045

The idea now is to mainline them both, however last time you guys told me that for my grow space 2x8 colas is excessive, so may be I will skip the last cut and njoy 2x4, will see how it goes 🙂

On the timeframe with flowering at 2020-10-01 looks like I will be just right with Emma and ~10 days behind with Laura, or so I gather from other growers journals… I expect surprises here.

I planted 2 seeds in jiffies two weeks ago, soaked heavily the saucer with water, turned the lights 18/6 at 40W(this is the lowest the volume knob goes) and went on holiday for 3 days… When I got back they had sprouted and already drying… so mistake №1 is now a fact 😀

This time around I plan to keep frequently updated journal and seek input constantly. So not to repeat the mistakes from my disastrous first grow I ask for some advice:

1) When do I start watering with fertigation water? (so far only distilled water barely pooling at the bottom)

2) Should I follow dr Coco’s feed chart or the one provided by GHE? (GHE chart posted here, note that some products are quite different)

3) Should I bother with ROOT!T First Feed, and if yes - how to include it in feeding schedule?

Cannabis Grow ghe flora series

Stay chubby

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