PTGC Mainlines: PTGC: 1st MANIFOLD, 2nd GROW EVER!!!!

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PTGC Mainlines: PTGC: 1st MANIFOLD, 2nd GROW EVER!!!!

Well thanks to the good Dr. and all the amazing growers in the chatroom, I made it through my first harvest and ended up with quite a lot of great quality bud. I only have room for one plant at a time, so it was great to fill up my tiny tent with fat flowers. There were setbacks, but much was learned. Most importantly I remain grateful for everyone here. 

I am going to try to manifold this one. On my first grow ever in spring, I successfully topped the plant and ended up with a lot of tops which definitely helped my plant stay low (I have a small tent with little headspace).  I am hoping the manifold training helps to maximize my yield once again. 

I just popped a Northern Lights feminized auto from White Label (Sensi Seeds). 

Same as last time, ~200EC starting water, ~27°C, pH6.9. Scuffed and soaked the seed for 2 hours and into the paper towel. It has been about 24 hours, and no sign of the radical emerging yet. 

Happy growing everyone! 

Cannabis Grow 8.17 (2)
Cannabis Grow 8.17 (1)

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Update after a little less than a week: My seed lost a cotyledon, and seeing as this is an autoflower, I am so close to the beginning of the grow, and this is a PTGC, I popped a new bean just in case. On the bright side, I started the first auto a bit early to be flowering around October 1st, and if the monocotyledon pulls through, I might just keep it in a solo cup and see what it does. So here goes round 2 on germination. Hopefully this one goes more smoothly... Here is a pic of the monocotyledon autoflower and my cantaloupe plant. Hopefully I can train the new bean a bit better than I did with the cantaloupe LOL

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20200822 115833945

Mental note to myself, this is how NOT to train my new plant: 

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20200822 115837555

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So I popped another bean and it is on its way! The same thing happened with the seed casing sticking to one of the leaves. This time I moistened with water, and it came off naturally, but it was still damaged a little bit. That coupled with some calcium deficiency is slowing me down a bit, but i am still hopeful of getting this lady a manifold. She is currently almost 10 days from seed getting wet. I am foliar spraying with CalMag and slowly upping the EC. 


8.21 9pm seed scuffed, dropped into water for 2 hours, paper towel. 

8.22 ~9pm tip is out 

8.23 AM tip out and put in jiffy cup / heads up and lights on in PM

8.24 Cotyledons open in PM

8.25 AM 1st set of true leaves showing/ PM radical showing through jiffy cup 

Fabric seedling bag coco/perlite 60/40 pre-soaked in  EC487 pH6.2

8.26 AM Seed head off after soaking, minor damage. RH ~80%, ~30°C / PM 1st feeding EC500 pH6.4

8.27 EC500 pH6.4, Runoff 530

8.28 AM/PM 2x same EC500 pH6.4, Runoff 550 - rust spots on edges of leaves, twisting a bit, cal mag foliar started

8.29 EC500 pH6.4, Runoff 555 / EC550 pH6.4, Runoff 560

8.30 EC610 pH6.2 Runoff 560/ EC670, pH6.1 Runoff (RO) 570

8.31 EC712 pH6.0 RO612 / ~EC750 pH6.3 RO - we will find out soon! 

Cannabis Grow 8.25 leaves out
Cannabis Grow 8.27 burned cot
Cannabis Grow 8.27 Calcium DEF
Cannabis Grow 8.27 true leaves
Cannabis Grow 8.28 Calmag foliar spray helping
Cannabis Grow 8.31 not much progress






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Alright, so here's the update: Dropped another seed. It is my last White Label NL Auto Fem seed from Sensi Seeds. Third time's a charm... I hope. I might send Sensi Seeds a message because with the first 2 seeds the seed casing did not want to let go of one of the cotyledons. I know that contributed to the problem with seed #1, and I suppose that stress might have made seed #2 go all weird on me. Let's see what happens to #3... 

This second seed that I tried is at day 17, and it looks like a mutant. As this is an auto, even with perfect conditions, I doubt that it will give me the yield I need to make it worth it. I might keep this thing in the seedling bag as a solo cup contender because it looks really weird, and I kinda wanna see what happens to it.  I didn't want to mix new nutes and waste them on this mutant thing, so I mixed up a new batch of seedling blend for the new seed that I dropped. I will just continue to feed the mutant with the seedling blend to keep it alive. I reckon the new seed might eventually catch up. We'll see. 

Cannabis Grow Mutant day 17




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Time to update. The mutant seems to be a self-topper and has started to show a few tiny pistils about 4 weeks exactly since getting wet. The third seed from Sensi White label NL autos did not sprout, so I emailed them and they sent me a new pack of seeds and said that I should not soak the seed or scuff it. I should just put it between 2 plates inside of damp paper towels and wait for it to sprout. Anyway, thanks to them for sending a replacement pack. In the meantime, I dropped a NL Auto from seedsman and it has sprouted and is in a fabric seedling bag on it's second day since sprouting the root from the jiffy cup. I am giving it EC400 Coco for cannabis seedling blend, and I just bumped the self-topper to early veg mix. I will try to get them on the same mix eventually, but right now, I am just focused on the new seedling and its timeline. 

So I have one early-to-the-party-self-topper NLAuto from Sensi Seeds and one late-to-the-party-but-hopefully-will-be-able-to-manifold-and-get-a-huge-yield NL Auto from seedsman.

   The 2 sisters:

Cannabis Grow 9.21 sisters

The self-topper structure: 

Cannabis Grow 9.21 self topper structure

The new seedling from Seedsman (one cotyledon seems to be a bit stunted. Hope it is not another mutant! Also an NL Auto - hope to manifold it but won't be starting flowering for a few weeks): 

Cannabis Grow 9.21 tiny coty

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Time for a little update! 

The baby is doing well, just hit about 14 days from getting wet, and 3rd node is out. I just transplanted her into a 1 gallon fabric pot. Tomorrow she will begin mid-veg nutes (day 15). I have to go away for the weekend, so I can't hand water her. I will set up little auto-watering drippers until I get her into a 5-gallon pot with a hydro halo. Hopefully when I get back she will be close to being ready to get her first topping. My small CFL burnt out so I put her under the big light (Spider Farmer SF1000) a bit early, but left it far away (about 85cm). I am dropping the light a couple clicks every day to get it down to the recommended veg height of 45cm. 

The mutant self-topper is still... mutanting quite mutantly as you can see from the photo.  It has been showing pistils for over a week and seems to be in stretch mode now. I am still feeding with early veg nutes because I don't wanna mix 2 different batches hahaha Anyway, not too concerned about her because Sensi sent me replacement seeds for that pack that was all bad seeds. She is a party cup freebee.   

Cannabis Grow weird nodes 10.1
Cannabis Grow sisters 10.1
Cannabis Grow mutant training 10.1


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Long overdue for an update: 

In my last post I said we went away for the weekend and did a little auto-watering setup. It worked pretty well, the plants didn't seem to suffer too much except the big girl was on veg nutes when she should have been on early bloom so a bit of deficiency in lower leaves. I shaved her legs a few days later, and she seems to be doing well now. We visited a small, local winery (we live in a prohibition country) and saw a couple of beautiful ladies there. I don't think I was meant to see them or snap a couple photos, but I couldn't resist! Grower love!

Cannabis Grow Grower love 1
Cannabis Grow Grower love 2

The mutant-self-topping-party-cup-girl (Sensi Seeds White Label NL Auto) is 8 weeks old (from first getting wet). She has been on early bloom nutes for almost 2 weeks. She is smelling very skunky...

Cannabis Grow 10.8 WL (deficient)

Deficient after weekend away

Cannabis Grow 10.10 WL shaved legs

Shaved legs

Cannabis Grow 10.14 WL 3
Cannabis Grow 10.14 WL 5 (top view)

Current status - 8 weeks old

Cannabis Grow 10.14 WL artsy shot

Trying to get a little artsy 

The topped and LSTed girl (Seedsman NL Auto) is 4 weeks old (from first getting wet). She has been on the transition nutes for the last 2 days because I saw a couple pistils exactly 26 days since getting wet. Sucks because I will not be able to properly manifold her with a second topping, and my goal was to try to get a proper manifold this run. So I guess now I belong in the toppers PTGC group! I am still going to try to train her with a kind of similar structure to a manifold. You can see the 4 growth tips at the 3rd node where I topped. I am going to try to grow those out to be main colas. I also removed the 2 leaves growing over the second node, similar to the manifold practice, because they were blocking. You can see where I clipped those.  

Cannabis Grow 10.2 SM

Dripper manifold 

Cannabis Grow 10.5 sisters from different misters

NL sisters from different misters (Oct. 5)

Cannabis Grow 10.8 SM (topped)

topped to the 3rd node (Oct. 8)

Cannabis Grow 10.15 SM LST
Cannabis Grow 10.15 SM LST 3
Cannabis Grow 10.15 SM LST 2
Cannabis Grow 10.15 SM LST 1

Current status (Oct. 15)

Things are going well, and I will be able to feed both of these girls the early bloom blend for a few days at least. I think moving forward I am just going to have to mix 2 different nutrient blends for the 2. The party cup plant doesn't take that much to fertigate each time (doing by hand), so the nutes last longer after I mix them. I am really stoked on how much I have learned from this site, the good Doctors Coco and Photon, and the growers in the forums and chatrooms. Grower love, everyone. Gower. Love.  

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Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since my last update. Time flies when you are busy... Basically my last post was around week 8 for my little party cup and  week 6 for my big girl. Now party cup is at 12 weeks and the big girl is about 10 weeks from first getting wet. 

Both plants are maturing nicely. The mutant self-topper is in late flower and fattening up the 2 main colas. I have switched her over to the late bloom nutes.

The other NL Auto from Seedsman is getting huge and finished stretching probably about a week or 2 ago. Buds are starting to fill in and I am very happy to report trichomes starting to sparkle on both plants. Usually I suffer from environment issues with low heat and high humidity, but an unusual weather pattern has these girls very happy and healthy. I will update again soon! 

Mutant party cup pics: 


Cannabis Grow 10.21


Cannabis Grow 10.25 (5) (flower close up 1)


Cannabis Grow 10.30 (1)


Cannabis Grow 11.2 (3) tops mutant


Cannabis Grow 11.8 (1)


Cannabis Grow 11.12 (2)


Cannabis Grow 11.14 (trichs)


Seedsman NL auto - the big girl


Cannabis Grow 10.20


Cannabis Grow 10.23 (2)


Cannabis Grow 10.25 (3)


Cannabis Grow 11.1 (2)


Cannabis Grow 11.2 (2)


Cannabis Grow 11.3 (4) trunk

Cannabis Grow 11.3 (7) all tops


Cannabis Grow 11.8 (2)


Cannabis Grow 11.14 (trunk)


Cannabis Grow 11.15 (1)

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No, I did not complete the manifold or mainline. Both of mine are short period autos, and it is my second grow ever... and one thing I learned is that it was bold of me to think that I could complete a second topping before pistils appeared. I am very happy with how they are turning out though. The self-topping two-headed monster is ripening now, and the big girl is not too far behind and looking frosty AF. I will update my journal again soon! 

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OK, so this is probably the final update before harvest. 

The sensi-seeds NL auto two-headed monster party cup is just starting to turn trichs amber as I have been hitting it with the GHE Final Part (Ripen) nutes for about a week now. I hit it with a FloraKleen flush for one watering before changing to the Final Part nutes because that is what GHE recommends. 

The Seedsman NL auto is starting to pack on the weight on those flowers. I also have started it on the GHE Final Part nutes for about 3 days now - starting around 53-54 days into flowering.

GHE recommends that Final Part is started about 10-14 days before the flush. They say to mix it to a similar EC as you have been feeding - in my case EC 1300 - and they recommend to use FloraKleen for 1 watering before switching to Final Part. I asked about this in the chatroom because Dr. Coco recommends to keep the ripen run off at a lower EC: 900-1100 and recommends to only flush when necessary and to do a final flush just before harvest. Most experienced growers there tended to agree that flushing mid flower is not a good idea, and that I should just use the CFC nute chart for late flower and Ripen nutrient mixes. They reckon that these types of nutes are unnecessary and a way for the companies to get consumers to buy more products. So I kind of went against their advice, and I decided to do a flush and then start the GHE Final Part at EC 1300 and gradually bring my runoff down to 900-1000. Then I will hit it with the FloraKleen for 2 days and then pure water to flush the final 2 days. We will see how it all turns out... 

The sensi 2-headed mutant was smelling really nice just after I switched to Final Part, and the Seedsman seems to be doing the same. The tent is smelling really good and I will check trichomes again in another week in hopes of a final flush and then harvest. I will update the journal once more when I cut these ladies down. Until then, you can see some progress pics: 

11.19 Canopy

Cannabis Grow 11.19 canopy (3)

11.19 Sensi Seeds self-topper mutant

Cannabis Grow 11.19 sensi cones

11.23 Seedsman NL flowers

Cannabis Grow 11.23 (2)

11.25 Sensi mutant flowers

Cannabis Grow 11.25 (2)

11.26 Frosty Seedsman flowers

Cannabis Grow 11.26 (1)

12.1 Sensi self-topper fattening & ripening

Cannabis Grow 12.1 (6)
Cannabis Grow 12.1 (5)

12.4 Canopy

Cannabis Grow 12.4 nice canopy

12.4 Seedsman flowers

Cannabis Grow 12.4 nice flowers (1)

12.4 Seedsman frosty looking flowers

Cannabis Grow 12.4 sticky bud

12.4 Sensi Seeds NL frost

Cannabis Grow 12.4 sticky sensi bud

12.6 Seedsman flower looking ready to fatten up

Cannabis Grow 12.6 (6)

12.2 Seedsman Trichs looking cloudy and frosty

Cannabis Grow Wed Dec 02 08 26 42 seedsman cloudy

12.7 Seedsman lots of trichomes

Cannabis Grow Mon Dec 07 09 51 19   seedsman good looking trichs

Cannabis Grow Mon Dec 07 09 47 50   seedsman lots of trichs

12.7 Sensi tiny bit of amber starting to show

Cannabis Grow Mon Dec 07 09 45 01   sensi little amber





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OK, time to close the book on this run. Both ladies have been chopped, dried successfully and are curing in jars! 

Total WET weight of Sensi NL Auto: 250 grams /  Total DRY weight of Sensi NL Auto: 30.5 grams

Total WET weight of Seedsman NL Auto: 1381 grams /  Total DRY weight of Seedsman NL Auto: 136 grams

Total Harvest: ~160 grams / 5.7 ounces

Not bad at all for a Spider Farmer SF-1000!

I am much stoked on my second harvest! Made some fresh frozen bubble hash, butter, and tincture already, and the Sensi Seeds is smoking up nicely. I also just tried smoking the Seedsman as it has been almost 2 weeks in jars. Suuuuper stoney and giving me a very nice and well-balanced high.  

Thanks to everyone who has helped, especially the good doctor @dr.coco for keeping the dream alive for all us new growers. Thank you!!!!! Grower love everyone. Grower love. 

December 12 Sensi Seeds Party cup challenger

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 183729156

December 13 Sensi Seeds Party cup challenger

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 183856062

December 16 Sensi seeds chopped and hung

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 184050106

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 184057035

December 17 Seedsman

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 184124476
Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 184121217

Cannabis Grow Ready

Happy harvest day!

Cannabis Grow Harvest day happy

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 184403736
Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210109 184354236

Finished product:

Cannabis Grow jars

Cannabis Grow KakaoTalk 20210110 111235069

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