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Every week is getting harder it seems.

One of my crop has failed.

Hindu Kush caved in a few days. I changed the water to no avail. I’m guessing it was a root pathogen helped along by the heat of the tent. 
I’ve dropped another +speed seed so hopefully I can pull 4 plants by the new year.

one of the led strips burnt out on my light. Crecer was awesome and just sent a whole new unit. AND! It had a long cord! They listened! Crecer listened to my feedback and made the power cord another 3 feet longer.

seems they are a dynamic and engaged company. Very happy. Now I have the slightly damaged light running in the shorter tent.

the rest of the crop are growing well.

#Knut is puffing up.

#howitzer is starting her stretch

#Berk and a ton of trimming and tying and should be stretching this next week

-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 10/05/2020 7:31 pm Choo, ExpatGrowing and MtnDan liked
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+speed germed super fast and is in the pod on the windowsill till it has a few leaves to join in the tent.

doing a photo dump of the pics that got lost from last post.

-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 10/07/2020 2:02 pm Choo, ExpatGrowing, MtnDan and 2 people liked
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Did a lot this week. I’m starting the flower counter for my crop this week. Though I’m sus on if #Berk is an auto. I have preflowers but no pistils. Could be stretching this week though. 

Due to this I have transplanted #Berk into the tall tent. #Knut is now in the small tent.

#Howitzer is stretching now. And I’ve plopped #Cabana back into action with a triple dose of hydroguard with the first Rez.

Everylady is doing well so far.

-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 10/12/2020 6:27 pm Choo, smotpoker, ExpatGrowing and 3 people liked
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Rough week for #Knut, seems high heat and light stress pushed a lot of leaves over the edge and got burnt out. Quite literally. She seems to be alive and still growing, just far slower. Definitely hurt my yield here.

however #Berk is now puffing up and seems to be really enjoying the extra space.

#Howitzer is flowering well

#Cabana is likely getting her first top this week.

2020 rages on.

grower Love

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-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 10/19/2020 11:19 am ExpatGrowing, Knut and MtnDan liked

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Another week.

#Berk and #howitzer are growing well.

#Knut is still having leaves burn out and is still growing. Seems now the question is does the flower finish or get burnt yellow also?

#Cabana is doing very well. Took the second top to give  the final 4 mains. 

Growers Love all!


-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 10/26/2020 3:24 pm ExpatGrowing, galandil, Choo and 4 people liked
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Insane day tomorrow. Keep calm for the next couple weeks America. It’s a slow process counting votes, as is democracy.

My plants are doing alright. Just chugging through 2020. 
#cabana is stretching.

all the other ladies are stacking or puffing.

Have a great day, and Vote!

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-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 11/02/2020 6:38 pm smotpoker, Knut and MtnDan liked
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Wow, what a week.

it went far better than I was expecting and we have a result. My only problem so far is broken tradition and honor, we won’t have a concession speech. The time honored American tradition instilling trust in the next leader from the former. Trump is beneath American contempt, jail is his final resting place. Appropriate for a national traitor.

my plants have also done wonderfully. I gave #berk and #cabana a pruning, clipping off growth tips that fell below the canopy and could compete to siphon resources against better positioned branches in the canopy.

#Knut and #Howitzer are looking plump, maybe one or two more weeks. Very exciting!

Grower Love, stay safe!

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-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 11/09/2020 9:28 am smotpoker, HiFlyin77, MtnDan and 2 people liked
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Harvest Day, part 1

its a good day! I’m harvesting #Howitzer and #Knut. Fastberry and sour Kush, if I’m not mistaken. Amazing plants, simply gorge.

Ill have my other 2 for another month or so. Going to reduce them into one tent after the harvest.

Enjoy, Grower Love!

-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 11/16/2020 10:46 am ExpatGrowing, HiFlyin77, Choo and 3 people liked

Harvest part 1 is jarred and curing. 

#Cabana is doing well amidst a K def. the flower is just sucking a ton

looking Alright for the next month. 
stay safe thru this lockdown 2.

Cannabis Grow 27F293A4 5043 4BE7 8735 721D7C956381

-Science will change it's Opinion based on New observations
Posted : 11/23/2020 8:38 pm ExpatGrowing, Knut, Choo and 2 people liked
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