PTGC Mainlines: Canuk Cookies Auto - Manifold

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PTGC Mainlines: Canuk Cookies Auto - Manifold

With this grow I'll be trying a few things that I have not tried before

1) I'm going to manifold both plants

2) I'm growing in a new medium (supersoil that i have made)

3) Cloning (or at least attempting to with the autos)


Grow space

4x4 tent

SF4000 by spiderfarmer

9 Gallon Sub Irrigated Planters that I've made and modified after trial and error over a couple of years


Strain Info

Canuk Cookies = Sour Diesel x Haze Auto

Flowering Time - 70 Days

Harvest Time - 10 Weeks from Sprout

This will be my second time growing ever, and my second attempt at growing this strain.  The first time I did a lot of things wrong and absolutely HAMMERED it with nutrients.  This time i'm removing that variable and intend to let the soil do the work for me.


Grow Plan

My general plan at this moment is

1) Start seedling in neutral growing medium, once roots start popping move to first size nursery bag.

2) From nursery bag encourage root development and maturation

3)  Move to 1 gallon fabric transplant pot size, continue to encourage root development

4)  Once I start to see rooting take place, move to final SIP container


If the plant grows along the same lines as last time, I think it will be around the 3rd week that I will be attempting the mainline.  


My Party Cup is going to be a random automatic seed i have, and I'm going to be growing in peatmoss and a garden mix I have laying around.  

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So I've transitioned both plants into their final planters.  Both seemed to have been growing quite nicely. 

Cannabis Grow 5


Before pictures

Cannabis Grow 3
Cannabis Grow 2


Oh my it felt daunting to cut these poor little things 🙁  I gave them a misting of some liquid earthworm castings i had mixed up and am hoping that i have not messed it all up.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  This manifold topping stuff has me nervous not gonna lie LOL .

I will be posting the planter design and updates more often as work and life has finally calmed down.  Here's hoping I did something right 😀

Cannabis Grow 4
Cannabis Grow 1

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So October kicked my ass a little bit with work and life and keeping up with the journal took a back seat.  

The topping and attempt at manifolding went well, I'm confident in saying I screwed up and shouldve knocked off some of the lower growth but overall it looks quite even and happy.

Today (Oct 31) I really noticed for the first time that the plants have begun to put out a odor ,  over the last two weeks I have just been feeding water and some small batch Alfalfa SST that I've been making.  

I'm fairly happy with the growth on the buds now, looks like its becoming quite dense.  During the feeds I also tried to do some foliar sprays and fried a few of the leaves (see photos) 

Cannabis Grow Top view 2
Cannabis Grow Oct 31
Cannabis Grow Top view 1
Cannabis Grow 8675309
Cannabis Grow Second plant

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Coming along quite nicely.  I’m dropping the temps at night more now and the humidity is ridiculous low so I’ve been attempting to balance and maintain around 77F and 50% humidity.

Cannabis Grow 3F377678 9CDA 4313 ABE5 B1C4EF6B0057
Cannabis Grow D8B703CF F82C 42CE 9DF3 EA6AC4A1AB9B
Cannabis Grow 353D6FCA 8EB0 4A6E 850A 82B947947CE3
Cannabis Grow B214503B E17D 445F 8071 8A651DFACBF5


The tric’s are starting to cloud up so it’s just a matter of time.  I’ll be moving to my new house at the end of the month and with that comes a larger grow space so I’ve started shopping for a new light for a 4X4 tent any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Total Days: 79
Flower Days: 47
Harvested: 11/18/2020

🎶From the bottom to the top that’s a dank a** plant🎶 😁


I harvested the two plants as trics were starting to show amber (20%) after placing them in darkness for 36hours.  


The smell over the last couple of days is absolutely NUTS.  Open the tent and the whole house wreaks (wife was not impressed 😇)


 It’s in my tent with my carbon filter and humidity being controlled around the 54% mark temp is pretty stable at 64f.  

Cannabis Grow C9352A61 190E 4201 84E6 2C59E00F9989
Cannabis Grow 728D44F8 A45C 464C 8CB5 3E9D2688493E

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