Questions about our first seedlings

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Hi yall, my wife and I both now finally have our first seedlings growing up. But they look weird.

our start is 98% based on MJs teachings. Our first 4 died and these 2 were sprouted with peroxide. One with 0.01% h2o2 and mine was done with 3%. Again they all died or didn’t pop till we tried that. Will likely wash the next seed.

this is my wife’s it’s blackberry auto. notice the stem on hers. Second picture focus is shifted to the leaves and is about 6.5 days old.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1440
Cannabis Grow IMG 1439

this one is mine, I think it is amnesia skittlez or gorilla punch(oops) and is also an auto. it’s had a hell of a life so far. Poor girl got ejected from its seed pod a few hours after it popped. It’s about 3.5 days old at time of picture. She was so small.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1435
Cannabis Grow IMG 1437
Cannabis Grow IMG 1438


is there something wrong with the wife’s? That stem looks weird and may have happened when the temp sensor moved and baked it while in the cotton round. I realize mine may ultimately die. I imagine the peroxide ate up a lot of its baby food. I’m hoping for a second opinion on how to save her. My rapid root came as a thick soup with a copywriter symbol from 2008.

thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Posted : 11/21/2023 4:32 pm
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