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4 seedlings (about a week and a half old) have sprouted the 2 small leaves on all 4 are curving down/canoeing and starting to yellow. It is my first time so I am trying to figure out what’s wrong. First three of them were growing so tall (3” in 2-3 days) I thought the light was too far and they might be stretching. Now I think moving it closer was a dumb idea. I water twice daily PH 6.0, no nutrients yet & water by spraying with a spray bottle until I see runoff (which is quick, almost immediate). Water at night and morning. Cups don’t sit in runoff. 


tent: 4x4

medium: coco/perlite (rinsed peat, added cal mag to prep it before use)

light: 1000w platinum LED (40 inches above plants)

fan: inline infinity fan on low

temp: 75 

RH: anywhere from 50-90 (we try to keep it up but it’s a small humidifier and have to refill daily)

Germination: all sprouted great in paper towels then put in solo cups with small holes in the Coco perlite mix. Seeds are Barney’s farms fem.

CO2 bag

light schedule: 18/6

Using distilled water 

Any tips to stop the canoeing down/yellowing? Should I begin nutrients now? One thought was 1000w LED May be too much but from what I’ve read it is doable. 

Posted : 12/05/2019 3:58 pm
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I begin fertigating my plants as soon as they sprout be it at the very low end of EC. coco/perlite is an awesome medium, but it has zero nutrient value and locks onto the cal/mag like a magnet, which is why it's advised to add cal/mag to every nutrient solution and to use it every time you fertigate. If the yellowing is mostly between the veins in the leaves I'd say you need to give them a spray of a cal/mag and begin feeding them. The root systems grow so fast in the coco/perlite mix it's really amazing.

Posted : 12/06/2019 5:49 am
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Sounds good remember to start with a low EC you're in week 2 of the grow, but I'd still ease into the feeding with an EC of 400 to 600 and if the respond well slowly bring it up to a 1000 and aim for an in feed PH of around 6.2 Good luck.

Posted : 12/06/2019 8:19 am