Over and under watering seedlings in coco coir.

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Hi to all. I have had a lot of problems over watering small/seedling plants in coco coir. Once they are big enough to water though I am good to go. But I am always over or under watering them when there small. I over water and then I get worried that I am watering to much and start under watering 😫. I used to plant seeds directly in to three gallon pots. Now I am planting in to half gallon pots. Is that still to big of a pot for a seedling? I just can't get the hang of how much water they need when there small. I always get them though it and them big enough to start watering to runoff and then they take off and look great. I just need some ideas on how to get them to that stage with out over watering. Should I start in a smaller pot? How many time should I transplant them. And what pot sizes should I use. I do 6-9 plant per 4x4 area. My coco mix is 70/30 coco to perlite. I veg in a 2x4 tent and flower in a 4x4 I use Spider Farmer lights. I use RO water and Advanced Nutrients  pH Perfect Sensi coco Grow & Bloom, Sensi Cal Mag Xtra, Big Bud coco and Dyna Gro protekt silicon. And I use Canna coco bricks and perlite as my medium. Any ideas tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Posted : 04/06/2024 7:39 am
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