New grower and maybe in over my head  

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Hello growers,

I'm a long time Gardner but im new to the cannabis game. I live in Canada and as of October 2018 we're now allowed to grow cannabis at home so naturally I took this upon myself to jump right in and get growing. Growing fruit and vegetables outdoor in soil using only organic fertilizer I decided to give coco a try. Not knowing anything at first I bought no name coco and started my plants off. They started in medium size Dixie cups and after two weeks were transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots this time with Canna brand coco.  They adapted to the new pots well but after a week started to show some issues. The white widow auto was the first to show issues her bottom leaf tips and along the leaf edges started to yellow and eventually turning brown/blackish and get crispy. The newer upper and middle growth shows interveinal chlorosis and believe that the growth has been stunted cause it's now approaching 30 days old and it's only a little over a foot tall. The other plant is a purple kush photoperiod and it's not showing the yellowing of the leaf tips but started with the newer growth having interveinal chlorosis and now pretty much the whole plants is affected I believe the growth has been affected as well cause it's only a few inches taller than the widow.  I also planted 2 lemon skunk autos and 2 blueberry autos  because of the struggles with the first to as an insurance. This time straight into 3 gallon fabric pots with only Canna brand coco. Now 2 weeks into these new ones I'm seeing the same browning on the very bottom leaf tip and it's working it's way up. I'm now really worried that the first two plants have been affected to the point where they won't reach their full potential and I'm now seeing the same thing for the new four but a lot earlier. 

I use Remo brand nutrients with r/o water. Water the plants with a ph of 5.8 and the runoff is always +150-300ppm of the input,output  ph of 6.0-6.3. The white widow and the purple kush are in a 5x5 gorilla grow tent with a optic 4 led. The lemon skunk and blueberry are in a 4x2x6 tent with a electric sky es 180. Both tents temp with lights on are 80-82 and lights off 72-74 RH is 40-50%. Both have multiple clip fans to move air around and  both have exhaust and fresh air intake fans. 

I recently discovered this site and then realized all my faults but I just don't have the experience with growing in coco and bottled nutrients so I'm left to what I've read and watched on YouTube and I can't seem to nail it down. So I'm reaching out to this grow community cause one things for sure you guys and gals know your coco and I'm hoping you can rescue this newbie from a possible sinking ship. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this community and hope to learn a ton and meet some fellow growers.

shout out to kushman he found me on instagram and also told me to check out this site.

best regards,



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and while you are waiting for the doc, start digesting his website.  It's a wealth of info on growing in coco. 

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Welcome @uluwatu88

I am happy that @kushman found you! Good job Kush!

Interveinal chlorosis sounds like classic Magnesium deficiency, which is really common in coco especially in certain management styles. So a few questions for you. 1. What are you using for Cal Mag supplement and what dose? 2. How frequently do you fertigate and do you ever provide water without nutrients or CalMag? 3. You mentioned that the run-off is generally close to range (plus 300 PPM is too high for my tastes), but you didn't mention what you inflow target is, so what is the inflow EC or PPM?

Ca and Mg issues in coco are really related to the total dose that you can deliver. You can increase the dose to an extent, but you can also increase the frequency of application.

Pictures would be awesome!

Again, welcome! Happy you are here

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