Meeting target EC with less than full strength nutes

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Hi folks, new grower here but by all accounts things are going well. I've managed to raise four healthy plants in coco from seed to two weeks into veg, but have been doing so with 50% or less of the recommended Green Planet nutrient line I am using, in RO water. Right or wrong, this is because, a) I've heard several experienced growers online who claim full manufacturers dosages are not always required and that increasing nutrient application (if required) is a lot easier than dealing with over-fertilization, and b) my plants are doing very well! Obviously if my plants said otherwise I'd have already re-evaluated the first point.

However my ingoing EC with this feed schedule is currently below 700, far less than Dr. Coco's recommendation of 1100-1400 at this stage. So please help me with one of the following options:

1. Maintain existing lower nutrient dosages but add appropriate amount of tap water (~500 PPM) to RO, to increase EC; 

2. Just go ahead with 100% strength nutrient dosages to increase EC;

3. Status quo... keep doing what I'm doing if the plants appear healthy, EC be damned;

4. Something else!

Any advice would be appreciated. I haven't been able to wrap my head around how target EC levels can be met when using less than full strength nutes in RO water.


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Posted : 11/21/2023 7:57 am
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In my opinion, Option 1 sounds like a balanced approach – maintaining lower nutrient dosages but adjusting your EC by adding tap water to your RO mix. This way, you can fine-tune the nutrient levels as your plants progress.Ultimately, it's all about observing your plants and adjusting accordingly. Keep doing what you're doing, and if your green buddies continue to flourish, you're doing something right!In the meantime, if you ever need some extra relaxation, consider checking out how an Ohio MMJ Card can help you unwind.

Posted : 01/13/2024 9:16 pm