Light Stress in Late Flowering

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Let's just start by saying when it rains it pours. Last night I discovered a small amount of Botrytis I'm pretty sure. I would show a picture of it but I don't think my camera would get close enough to make it out. Immediately following that discovery a powerline snapped down the street and we lost power for at least 16 hours. This resulted in elevated humidity levels, lower than normal temperatures, and a short lights on period followed by a longer than normal lights off period. Power came back on tonight and I did my nightly check on things. I didn't find anymore botrytis but I did discover one lonely male flower that had opened and a lot of swollen calyxes on the bottoms of buds at the middle height of the canopy. Now I'm left with the decision of whether or not to harvest now to avoid more botrytis and further seed/herm development and sacrifice yield and quality, or ride it out and hope for the best. Can the messed up light and dark periods cause enough stress this late in the game to produce more seeds? Or is it fine, considering I'm harvesting within the next 2 weeks anyway? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted : 01/03/2022 11:39 pm
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Not sure what can happen within two weeks. I say let it ride its only 14  days. So what do u have to lose? I would bag that male and get it gone. I battle humidity too. I have to get up every morning to open the tent then close it at 6pm. This keeps humidity down 

Posted : 01/05/2022 4:30 am