Growing in big tents.

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So me and some buddies are getting ready to dive into New Mexico's brand new recreational cannabis market with a lot of enthusiasm and...  some experience.  Our current plan is to set up several 10'x20' and 10'x10' grow tents inside an industrial building I own and see what we can make happen.  We've settled on autopots with living soil after flirting with aeroponics a bit, and now I'm trying to figure out what kind of lights to get.  This website is bristling with information on lights (WOW), but it seems like everything is based around the assumption that it will be a single light in a 4'x4' or 5'x5' tent. 

Can anyone tell me if there are some lights that work better then others in larger tents?  We're planning to have a 2 foot wide aisle down the middle of the 10'x20' for access with a 4'x20' canopy on either side in the flower tents. I'm thinking we want two rows of either 3 or 4 fixtures over each 4'x20' canopy- but I'm not sure.  One side of the canopy will have the highly reflective wall, but the other will be open to the aisle.  Will the light from the other side make it over and compensate for the lack of reflection?

Any advice would be appreciated.  I've attached a sketch of the grow room plan to give you some idea what I'm talking about.  Pink lines are the tent walls.  Big green circles are flowering plants.  Yellow boxes are light fixtures.  Blue lines are the Autopot plumbing.  The square tents are Veg and Mother/Clone.

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Posted : 10/21/2021 3:33 pm
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Looks like they run 8 lights in this Complete grow package. I would weigh your options though, there are some pretty efficient lights out there now. You would just put the size of the grow space in the grow light calculator, choose your light, and it will tell you how many would be needed. You can then click compare and choose another light, this is also helpful when comparing price per umol. Just click on the grow light calculator to get started.

Posted : 10/22/2021 2:01 pm