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Hi im new here i built a 6 x 8 room i have a hlg 550 v2 and two hlg 65  and a dual vent ac growing in coco. Question i have do i need co2? Also do i need more light? Look to fill the room. The ac venting in no other vents . Any advice on dialing in the grow room would be great. 

Posted : 11/19/2019 11:13 am
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More light, don’t waste your money on CO2 our atmosphere is literally overflowing with it. Make sure you have an exhaust venting outside the room your tent is in. Grower Love and welcome to CFC

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Posted : 11/20/2019 7:46 am
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Co2 and AC systems require controllers and add multiple points of failure to the grow.  Make sure you need them.  LEDs won’t put off that much heat and can usually be cooled with good fans.  

How’s the air outside the grow room?

I have an active intake and exhaust and find I can throttle them to regulate temp an humidity.  Cannabis likes similar climates to me:) I duct the intake air from my living area and me and my family and dogs supplement my co2 every day:) IMO It’s nice to over-size your exhaust as long as you have variable speed.

if you start with a co2 system then you’ll need a/c.  You could likely end up with a humidifier and dehumidifier too...and unless you can put most of that exterior to the grow then it will impact your useable space.  And you do want space for you to move around in too.  Personally I wouldn’t seal a room smaller than 10x10.  Also,  (Just my opinion) I would consider partitioning off a 2x4 area for a veg/nursery and use the remaining 4x4 for a flower room (depending on what you need of course) - a 4x4 Scrog under an HLG 550 will give you plenty of flower, and two 65’s would be perfect for a 2x4 veg.

Adding tech to the grow is great, but simple is nice too, and you will have to endure some challenges like power outages, irrigation mishaps, etc. along the way.  Building And mod’ing the grow space is one of the best parts.  I wish you luck however you choose to use yours.

Posted : 11/20/2019 10:37 pm