First grow wondering what I'm really looking for to tell when I should harvest.

Hi everyone I'm at day 48 of my flower with what are suppose to be 9 week flowering plants. I'm using a 30x and 60x scope to look at trichomes, but with my eyes it's a bit difficult to tell, but I still see a lot of clear and milky trichomes not really seeing a lot of amber unless I'm looking in the wrong spots. Anyway just wondering if I should extend my nutrient feeding a little of simply proceed through with the 8 week feed chart and then flush? Atached are some pics.


Cannabis Grow 20200204 045754
Cannabis Grow 20200204 170344
Cannabis Grow 20200204 170353
Cannabis Grow 20200204 170402
Cannabis Grow 20200204 170407
Cannabis Grow 20200204 170412
Cannabis Grow 20200127 045834 resized

Posted : 02/05/2020 7:11 am
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Not sure about your question..but looks real nice...good work.

Posted : 02/05/2020 6:42 pm

Just trying to get a better idea of what I am looking for to tell me when I'm at the right time to harvest for maximum potency.

Posted : 02/06/2020 5:23 am
Cantessa MG
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Hi! I’m in my first grow too, and in the flower stage as well, but you are further along than I am. I just watched a video from a commercial type grower, and he said his number one tip for bigger buds was to let it go longer. He said when you think it’s ready, let it go a week longer. He said it raised the THC too. Just passing it along! Good luck!

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Thanks for the video Cantessa MG, like you I consider myself to be an expert gardener, but the world of cannabis other than some casual use in my youth is very limited. My biggest worry for this grow is just letting things run to far before flush and harvest and losing the great potential these plants have. I'll attempt to get some better pics of the buds and whole plants tonight right after lights out. I see a lot of changes in the buds themselves as far as pistils turning orange, but the plants themselves are still a very vibrant green throughout without any real signs that they are getting close to the end of their life cycle. This grow started just before Halloween and I have no problem waiting and going slow for a great final product I just don't want to miss the mark and ruin all the time and energy invested in this.

Posted : 02/06/2020 10:49 am
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Here are the girls tonight at lights out.

Cannabis Grow 20200206 170146 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170130 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170119 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170110 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170102 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170053 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170041 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170033 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170015 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 170007 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 165959 resized 1
Cannabis Grow 20200206 165955 resized 1

Posted : 02/06/2020 2:11 pm
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Green Mountain
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Hi, a few things that could help scoping the trichs.  If you are able you will want to turn any light with a colored spectrum.  This can sometime impact the ability to tell if the trichomes are amber or not.  You can also try to fit the jewelers loop on you phone camera (with a steady hand of ingenuity) to snap some pics and hopefully a couple turn out.  Ripeness is determine by trich color on the calyxes and not leaves as the leaves will go amber much earlier.  Also be aware when using a picture that it is far better for scoping the colored trichs and in pictures often even clear trichs will appear milky.  

Your question on when to flush is always tricky and comes from experience and if you can do a few runs on the same strains you can really dial it in.  For me I begin flushing when I see mostly milky, but I also run an altered feed (pre-flush) for a week.  When I hit the plain water flush almost all trichs are milky and some amber.  

Also, I can’t recommend the usb microscopes enough as they make this much easier.  They’re pretty cheap.   your pictures certainly indicate you are getting very close.

Posted : 02/06/2020 4:39 pm Chefomj and takjr1976 liked

Thanks Green Mountain. Yah I definitely turn off the blurple grow lamps before looking at the plants with the jewelers loupe. My issue is that as you said they look like they're getting close, but even the trichomes on the leaves haven't shown any signs of turning amber as of yet. I guess it's just a newbie thing, but I'm just worried about missing the mark for harvest.  I also have noticed in the last day or two a pronounce swelling of the calyxes themselves. The pistils I'm estimating are around 50 percent orange at this point with the rest white. I am thinking I may by a good macro lens for my digital camera for my next grow as the problem I've had with say the 120x hand held microscope is that the higher the magnification the shorter the focal length and with the pistils and leaves jutting out it becomes hard to get in close enough for clear observations.

Posted : 02/07/2020 6:46 am

I think I'm going to make the call and flush on Wednesday and get ready for harvest the more I research and look at other plants and pictures of buds online the more I believe I'm just about there. My goal for the end product has been to get balanced high and not have it end having an overly sedative effect. So wish me luck. 

Posted : 02/07/2020 7:27 am

Latest pic updates tried a few with the 30x lens in front of my phones camera. Hope these help shed some light on where my ladies are at. And these pics are today which is 50 days since i noticed pistils. 


Cannabis Grow 20200207 170428 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170411 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170404 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170350 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170343 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170331 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170318 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170249 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170231 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170211 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170147 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170131 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170126 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170112 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170110 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170047 resized
Cannabis Grow 20200207 170029 resized

Posted : 02/07/2020 2:12 pm
Green Mountain
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Flowers look frosty:) but as far as ripeness goes its hard to tell from the pics.  You have the right idea.  Pretty sure the downscaling of the images will never allow me to zoom in clearly enough to see.  Maybe you are able to do it on the originals.  You should be able to see a defined mushroom shape to the trichome and when you can see that in focus you will be able to easily tell.  As chef said take “samples” from around the grow...and technically you can actually cut a flower or two off to make it easier.  It’s hard for all of us, but sure makes it easier. Grab one from the shade (not too far down though maybe 8-9” lower than the top tops), get comfortable, and really get it in focus and see what you see...knowing the that prize buds are slight more ripe.

No science behind this, but I’ve flushed plain water for 12 days or so in coco and the flower was great.  I’ve also flushed in as few as 3 day, and probably everything in between.  Flush when you feel it’s the best time and you do have a bit of buffer.  

Again I really can’t see from the pics, but Wednesday sounds like a possibility from what I can see.  


Posted : 02/07/2020 8:32 pm Chefomj liked

Thanks for everyone putting up with all the newbie questions. I have learned a lot from this first grow. One of the biggest things I've gotten out of it is to stay organized. Which was easy in the beginning, but as life happens and things like note taking falls prey to the need to get out the door in the morning things can get jumbled up. Today being a day off I managed to rifle through my bucket of notes and reconstructed my original grow calendar. According to my original plan... I was using the 9 week flower schedule by the way. Today would be the first day of the "Ripen" week. I still have a a day worth of nutrients made up for  "Late Bloom" so I am going to run that out and then begin using the nutrients as listed in the "Ripen" week on the chart. That will push my flush date out until Monday the 17th which from what Chefomj and others have stated it looks like I'm in no danger of harvesting late at this point. I can't get the pics to show good enough detail on here, but using the 120x microscope I am seeing 95 percent milky trichomes as of right now with only a few amber ones, but only on the sugar leaves and none that I can find on the calyxes themselves. I'll post a few pics each day at lights out to show the end game. 

Posted : 02/08/2020 7:42 am Chefomj and Green Mountain liked
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Day 51 of flower 

Cannabis Grow 20200208 170731
Cannabis Grow 20200208 170701
Cannabis Grow 20200208 170652
Cannabis Grow 20200208 170634
Cannabis Grow 20200208 170627
Cannabis Grow 20200208 170609
Cannabis Grow 20200208 170558

Posted : 02/08/2020 2:44 pm Chefomj liked

Fay 53 of Flower


Cannabis Grow 20200210 170223
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170203
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170152
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170144
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170137
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170119
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170112
Cannabis Grow 20200210 170107

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