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  • Hello members I am currently documenting myself for the first grow which will be next year lol. I plan to grow both indoors and outdoors at the same time. For indoor, I want to grow two white widows (good for beginners) with mainline and supercrop in a grow tent 1m x1m x180cm with viperspectra ks3000 and 2 x5 gallons fabric pots, 4 inches inline fan with thermos and canna coco professional plus. I will use nutrients from general hydroponics trio because I want to use the feeding chart from the Doc. The first confusion is that white widow has a flowering period of 10 weeks, which means 70 days, but according to the feeding chart nutrients for flowering are only 63 days (why not 70 days?) of which days 61-63 are for flush (wasn't a period of two weeks needed for the flush?).And second what strain can i grow for a more discreet outdoor (less odor in flower) can I grow white widow or do you have other less smelly options? I want to grow 2x 5 gallon fabric pots also in canna coco professional plus with manual watering in both cases. As a prevention for pests, I want to use a different oil every week. the first week, cold-pressed neem essential oil, the second week, peppermint essential oil, and the third week, lavender essential oil (2.5 ml/500ml water and a few drops of dish detergent to help the mix) do you think it's ok to use them ? Sorry for my English.
Posted : 11/23/2023 12:54 pm
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