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Good afternoon fellas, this summer will be my first attempt at auto flowers, this will only be my 4th grow, so still a long way to go in terms of knowledge. I have decided on trying some Gorilla glue#4 autos from crop king seeds, our short summers here in Alberta are the main reason for trying this.

So one question I have would be nutrients, I use GH 3 part with a few adds, like cali mag ,diamond nectar, and bud candy and kool bloom in flower,and I use drain to waste feed schedule by GH, I always shoot for the lower end of there ppm recommendation.I always struggle with nutes and amount of ppm in the beginning , which I want to avoid, especially with autos, don’t want to risk stunting them at all.

So any advice on feed schedule , and growing autos in general would be appreciated, I will be growing in coco as my substrate, my tap water ppm is 180, so I use ro water in the first 2-3 weeks for all my plants, but after that they get tap that has sat out for a couple days. 
Thanks in advance growmies!

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