Accurate "Mini" Hygrometer for Jars

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I use a "Govee" brand large Hygrometer /Thermometer in my main tent, and think it's a solid product so when I was looking for a small hygrometer to put in my cure jars, I didn't like the unreliable options out there. Then I checked out Govee's website and found that they make a "Mini" hygrometer that is essentially the exact same sensor as my large meter, without the large display screen. These are great. I think they're quite accurate. I can't afford to put one in each jar, so what I do is put one in each "type" of bud that I have jarred: 1) the Nugs 2) the Popcorn and 3) the Large Nugs. This gives me a very good idea of what's going on in all my jars. These also provide dew point and VDP. You can also set alerts based on a specific temp and humidity range. And there's an app that you use to manage it all. These are all wireless so you can view the temp, humidity without opening the tent. Easy to set up. I like is that these take 1 AAA battery. 

Here's a link to their hygrometers. 

***I'm not at all affiliated with this co. in any way. Just sharing a useful product.

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