NYGC Jack: JH side by side with the PE!

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Going with two strains for the NYGC, JH and the other PE. This will be where I keep track of the JH grow and will add details later. Can't wait to get growing! 5 minutes till splash down!

Posted : 12/31/2019 8:56 pm

Going with two strains for the NYGC, JH and the other PE. This will be where I keep track of the JH grow and will add details later. Can't wait to get growing! 5 minutes till splash down!

Posted : 12/31/2019 8:58 pm Terpgiant liked

Cannabis Grow IMG 1226 (2)

Posted : 12/31/2019 9:27 pm Terpgiant liked
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We've got TAPS! 5 for 5 - only need 4 ultimately for flower, so the plan was to pop 5 in case there was a dud, but no duds. So what I'll do is select the best looking 4 for flowering. Off we go!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1321

Posted : 01/02/2020 7:44 pm MichelangeloGrows and mmxk liked

Here are the JH babies after transplant into their solo-cup sized air pots.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1350 (2)

And here is a photo of where we are today, with my improvised self draining suacer setup 🙂

Cannabis Grow IMG 1364

Posted : 01/08/2020 2:18 am Lp_burnout_dgc liked

Here's a closeup of each of the 5 for a short update. Some are looking okay, some not as much. Just nursing them along here as they develop.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1470
Cannabis Grow IMG 1468
Cannabis Grow IMG 1471
Cannabis Grow IMG 1478
Cannabis Grow IMG 1476

Posted : 01/11/2020 7:32 pm

Updated picture from today. The one mutant chick (#3) looks like she might be forming some nice new leaves, so maybe she's salvageable after all!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1499

Posted : 01/13/2020 11:29 pm

Overhead of both of the NYGC strains here for comparison purposes. Off to an OK start I think. Since I popped 5 and only plan to take 4 into flower I can have the flexibility to cull one. Looking like poor old JH3 might be headed to the chopping block! She has till 2/14 to shape up or ship out! 🙂

Cannabis Grow IMG 1502

Posted : 01/15/2020 3:43 am

Updated look at the progress. I think looking okay so far:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1516

Closeup action of one of the babies:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1518


Posted : 01/16/2020 4:54 am

Daily update on the babies. I've been keeping them right at PH 6.1, and today was the last feed on the early veg part of the GH schedule. Starting tomorrow will be on the mid veg section.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1526

Posted : 01/17/2020 7:08 am

These girls really are starting to move now. Going to transplant today most likely as the roots are visible now in many of the holes of the air pots, including the bottoms.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1535

And here they are side-by-side with the Pineapple Express plants I'm also growing:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1534

Posted : 01/18/2020 5:20 am Dubbltapoo and Growasaurusrex liked

Transplant day!

Prepped and potted the coco last night, then ran nutrient solution through it today till the runoff matched the inflow (1.2EC/6.1ph) of the mid-veg GH nutrient schedule.

Just before the transplant:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1558

Going from the small .3l air pots into the 2 gal equivalent.

Here's a vid I uploaded to YouTube showing the reveal on the roots and drop into the new hole:

My little helper may have had some nefarious plans for this plant:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1568

Root reveal and then transplant complete:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1566
Cannabis Grow IMG 1559

And here they are up close and with their Pineapple Express sisters in their new home:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1576
Cannabis Grow IMG 1577


Posted : 01/19/2020 11:34 pm Dubbltapoo, MilkBread, plantStudio and 1 people liked

Trucking along with these babies - going to start the mainline process in a day or two and take those tops as clones, and see how that goes.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1599

Posted : 01/25/2020 12:37 am Dubbltapoo and Growasaurusrex liked

Ok update time!

After the transplant, the JH plants didn't seem to respond very well. There was a lot of rusty spots on the lower leaves, and they slowed down what seems like quite a bit. I believe I waited too long to do the mainline training, and had to take off more than I would have if I had done it at the correct time. Perhaps that stress of losing so much plant material did them some harm. Here is the overhead view from tonight of what the JH girls look like (they are the 4 on the very left hand side):

Cannabis Grow IMG 1715

Just for reference, this is what they looked like just before I mainlined them. They looked pretty strong overall (the 5 on the left are the JH, and the right are the PE - both strains were pared down to 4 each in preparation for final tent placement):

Cannabis Grow IMG 1623

There are obviously some issues here, but I'm not sure what the root cause is. Below is an overhead of the 4 Pineapple Express autos I am growing alongside these girls, and they look great in comparison, and have been in the same tent with the same conditions and same feed schedule as the JH.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1714

Tonight I fed them with the usual late veg nutrient schedule from GH at 1.2EC and 5.8ph. Typically the ph is 6.0 - 6.1, but I decided to go a tad lower on this feed in case whatever issue was facing them was related to the PH. I checked the runoff and overall condition of each plant, which I'll outline here. Any suggestions on causes or cures are more than welcome!

Plant #1 - JH1: Runoff EC was 1.1, approximately .1 - .2 lower than the typical inflow. Here is a pic of her:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1702

New growth looks okay, but does seem to have some discoloration around the leaf edges, older growth looks a tad better than JH2, but still has some rusty edges.


Plant #2 - JH2: Runoff EC was .9, approximately .3 - .4 lower than the typical inflow. Here is a pic of her:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1703

Newer growth looks ok, with a couple small off color spots, older growth is pretty rough.


Plant #3 - JH4: Runoff EC was 1.1, approximately .1 - .2 lower than the typical inflow. Here is a pic of her:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1704

Again, new growth looks okay, older growth very rough.


Plant #4 - JH5: Runoff EC was .9, approximately .3 - .4 lower than the typical inflow. Here is a pic of her:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1705

This is roughest looking plant of all of them. Her older growth has the rusty spots, and the newer growth does not look very healthy to me. As can be seen, she has an issue none of the others has, which is the light green discoloration on one of the larger leaves on the right side (might have to zoom in to see it in detail), and the leaves look overly "ridgy", as they might if they were over-watered in a soil environment. Also even the newer growth seems to have some discoloration.

Now, all of these plants have runoff numbers that are actually lower than inflow by .1 to .3 each. They get fertigated once per day by hand, following the GH feed schedule found here on the site for the appropriate growth period. I normally mix up a batch large enough to cover me for two days, so nothing would have sat longer than that.

Inflow is always 1.2-1.4 (depending on whether I am giving the max cal-mag dose or not). I know I could dilute even more when I do max the calmag dose, to keep it closer to the 1.25 recommendation, so I had the thought that the slightly higher EC on those max calmag days could contribute to some issues. But then, with the runoff numbers being lower than inflow, that doesn't seem like there could possibly be any buildup of salts in the media. The other questions is, do the runoff numbers make sense at all? In my previous coco grow, the runoff stayed between .1 and .3 above the inflow every time I measured it. Could this mean that I mixed up a batch in the last week or so that was way too low in EC or off in PH?  I did re-calibrate my PH meter last week because it was swinging around more than usual, and it has been stable since, so I'm now wondering if my PH wasn't off because of that.

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I'm happy to hear them! Overall, the newer growth looks okay, so maybe I'm past whatever was causing it. I'm going to be transplanting into the final 5-gal containers this weekend, and setting up the 4x per day auto watering, so the more frequent fertigations should help in keeping them happy I'd think.

Thanks for checking in!





Posted : 02/05/2020 11:54 pm
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Did the transplant to final 5 gal containers today. All of them had roots that looked really good, and my helper was present as always!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1764

Posted : 02/14/2020 3:15 am Chefomj liked
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