NYGC Jack: Herer Hashplant by Bodhi

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NYGC Jack: Herer Hashplant by Bodhi


I'm glad to be growing with the Jack Herer group. I currently grow a Jack Herer cut I got from a friend whose had it since '97 or '98. He can't remember the year. He let me have it because I tissue cultured it for him to clean it up and revitalize it. I'm excited to be starting these seeds from Bodhi. They're one of the first packs I bought from Bodhi seeds because I've loved every Jack cross I have smoked. I'm sorry it's not the Seedsman Jack Herer but it will be interesting to see if it will be similar or completely different. The Bodhi Herer Hashplant is Jack Herer crossed with an 88g13hashplant. Can't wait to pop these beans and start growing with you all. 

Posted : 12/07/2019 9:39 pm crooked_garden, Taymerica, VTgrown and 1 people liked

Greetings and Happy New Year!!!

Happy to have these seeds finally soaking. I'll pop them into 4 inch square pots once I see the seeds crack and start to put out the tap root.

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Posted : 01/01/2020 9:39 am Lp_burnout_dgc, Taymerica, mmxk and 1 people liked
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