The journey begins

After having success with my first attempt at coco with high frequency fertigation, which is currently still growing and about to start flowering, I decided to take clones and start another run. A week into my first grow, I started 6 clones in an aeroponic machine. 2 weeks later they were ready to be potted. Into small seedling bags. 

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Having trouble uploading pictures so I got one with 3 of the 6. 
Orange is gmo cookies, blue is blackberry moonrocks, Yellow is Dos-si-dos, Green is slurricane 


Posted : 02/13/2022 2:49 pm

My goal over the next year is to convert my entire garden over to this process with coco. Excited for the future. Especially with this awesome community.

Anyways, after a week of following the seedling chart and slowly raising the EC to early veg, they were happy and roots were everywhere. I transplanted them to the next size seedling bag and started under MH. Also found some old stuff to repurpose for a makeshift rack. 
everything coco is independent of my other garden so the overall setup is play as I go. Finding corners and hanging lights where it works. 

they have responded very well and implementing a few of the things I learned from my mistakes in my first coco grow, I feel even more confident with these. I’ll be updating as much as I can but as always, the garden is busy.


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Posted : 02/13/2022 2:55 pm

Well, it was quite a week. On Wednesday and Thursday we had a couple lovely warm days for the month of February. Unfortunately, almost all of the snow we received melted in pretty much one day. Late in the night I found my basement very slowly flooding with water from what I assume was the street pipes overflowing up out of my basement drain. Slowly creeping from my laundry room in the back of the basement up to the front of the basement. After a lot of work I wasn’t prepared for, I ensured all electrical was off the floor and moved what I could upstairs. I moved my mothers up onto a shelf up high and moved a few others up but I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was going to wake up in the morning to roughly 50 dead plants and a basement full of water. I went to sleep after a late stressful night and was happy to wake up to an empty basement. The water must have started receding shortly after I went to sleep. All ended well but it certainly made for a tiring weekend. 

Anyways, on Wednesday the girls got their first topping and begin their steps toward manifolds. After the debacle of Thursday and Friday, Saturday was a long day of buffering lots of coco. Spent a good portion of my day rinsing and buffering.  

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Sunday morning started with mixing my perlite in and preparing for transplant later. The girls received their new pots well and look happy. They begin mid veg and they’ll start getting trained. 

The three in the back are the orange; GMO cookies. They are in 3 gal pots and those will be the final pots for them. 
The three in front(from left to right,)dos-si-dos(yellow), slurricane(green), and blackberry moonrocks(blue) are in 2 gal pots. Since there is only one of each of those three, I will probably transplant them to 7 gal pots in a bit and veg them a little longer. 
With the night winding down, I can finally relax; Until tomorrow 😁


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Posted : 02/20/2022 7:48 pm bloom liked

Been a while since I’ve been able to post. It’s been a hectic month. With that being said, it hasn’t been all bad. The girls are all looking good and have started their transition. The have blossomed quite a bit and unfortunately I had to veg about 9 days longer than I would have liked too. I didn’t have their area set up and they still needed to be trained. Luckily I was able to get it all done and they are looking happy and healthy. Got some pretty cool structures out of the manifolds. Excited to watch them really explode. 

these are the 3 GMO cookies.

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blackberry moonrocks 

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Cannabis Grow 230F2BD1 06FA 48AE A8F8 B0FDFFF5F196

heres all of them in the space. Cheers!

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Posted : 03/17/2022 8:30 pm bloom liked

all 4 strains showed pistils on late day 8 which was March 23rd. Today they began the early bloom nutrients. The fun part begins. They have already grown up quite a bit. Preparing fir it to be hectic in here pretty soon. Couldn’t ask for a better problem to have. The GMO are a 10 week flower while the other 3 strains are 9 week cycles. Cheers!

Blackberry moonrock.

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3 GMO cookies

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all of them in the space. Getting crowded

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Posted : 03/24/2022 7:17 pm

Well, they have certainly grown up quite a bit over the past week+. The 3 GMO will be finishing their early bloom in 5 days. Slurricane, dos-so-dos, and blackberry moonrock will be finishing early bloom in 2 days. It’s been an easy run so far. The only issue I’ve had is one of the gmo appears like some of the leaves are doing the nitrogen toxicity claw. Trying to figure out what the issue has been. It happened right after I switched from MH to HPS. All of them get the same nutrient blend all the time until the few days where the 3 GMO receives the blend for a few extra days from the others. None of them have shown the same issues. And it’s very minor. Only a few larger fans. I’m thinking maybe it’s just in a hot spot between the lights. I’m definitely not overwatering; that was the first thing I worked on to rule out. 
not sure, but if anyone reads this I’d appreciate any notes. Thanks. 

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Posted : 04/05/2022 2:23 pm

Having a lot of fun with this run. The plants have really taken off. Not much else to say. About a third of the way through for all of them. Watching them grow is always fun. 2/3 GMO turned into absolute monster plants. They all are showing some cool characteristics. Cruising with no issues. 

Dos-so-dos has a really cool dark color. Really stands out. 

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My second attempt at blackberry moonrocks is going much better. She throws giant fans. Ever the sugar leaves are big 

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the GMO has a very pretty structure. Frosting up early. Each one is a little different but they are going to produce a lot of bud. 

Cannabis Grow 03F62693 193C 431E B219 FEA69A8ACACD

Slurricane is probably my favorite so far. It’s already frosting up and it just looks the happiest. 

Cannabis Grow 667C38C9 6FFB 4B30 A553 15FB30CC1B0F


Posted : 04/14/2022 5:16 pm

Thought I would also show how much the room has grown 🙂 cheers!

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