The Bush Bunker

TD X WW from MG is the largest plant but has always had the claw. I’m really trying to concentrate on LST this time around because last time I had Christmas trees growing into my lights. But go figure this time they are all Bushy as can be.

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Posted : 03/09/2023 4:29 pm

Note: This is from DAY 41 FLOWER 1. Just catching up  

Well they are all super healthy, even with some clawing, the WWxTD is the first to flower. She is the strongest one and I got some great advice from MJ to stick with the feed and light schedule and it should correct itself with the N toxicity. It seems that if you feed normally you need to give the plan the chance to use those nutes by giving it the proper light to balance it out, otherwise the plant had a build up of N. I continue to try and LST as much as possible but it’s been difficult with how compact they are. 

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Posted : 04/06/2023 8:44 pm

Ok back to the regularly scheduled programming. WWxTD is stacking up nicely and I’ve been concerned about bud rot in the later stages so I’m focusing a fan underneath pointed up and taking out third layer fan leaves and spreading her as much as possible but she is later in flower and sticky as hell. 24 #2 is right behind and is filling bids out nicely but will likely be the lowest yeild as she stretched the least. The interesting thing will be 24 #1 is stretching a lot more and Wedding Cake is taken off this last week. The pistols had always been lacking but she has supized me how much she could fill out. I’m happy with this grow and am trying to manage the heat and rh.

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Posted : 04/06/2023 8:53 pm

This ended up being a good harvest for me. The four plants yielded 14.5 Oz.

Cannabis Grow IMG 7949
Cannabis Grow IMG 7899
Cannabis Grow IMG 7901
Cannabis Grow IMG 7917
Cannabis Grow IMG 7923
Cannabis Grow IMG 7963

Posted : 05/28/2023 6:18 pm