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Currently flowering in a VivoSun 4x3x72 tent with 6 different hybrid strains (Strawberry Banana, Sweetie, Tangie Cookies, Romulan Heartlet, Do Si Do, and Gmo X Strawnana) using CNS-17 Grow/Bloom/Ripe with some Micros, Cal-Mag, Humic/Fulvic Acids, FloraKleen and bleach for a sterile res (looking to swap over to H2O2 when I get some 29%)

2x Spider-Farmer SF2000's & HLG 65W v2 as supplemental lighting

Built the DIY Self-Draining Saucer setup from right here on as well as the bucket pump setup w/ condensate pump to pump out the outflow water into a waste reservoir.

Automatic watering system using 2gp/h PC drippers and an in-line dripper per pot on a digital timer fertigating 3 times per day to run-off connected to a 17-gallon reservoir.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3854
Cannabis Grow IMG 3855
Cannabis Grow IMG 3850

Veg room is currently in a dedicated 10x10 room leveraging a single BudgetLED 350W veg only light covering a 5x5x2.5 space. Using the same nutrient setup in Veg but automatic watering is provided via a Blumat drip-system (12x total) connected to a 12-gallon reservoir. Looking to make significant upgrades and changes overall to this aspect of my grow...

Cannabis Grow IMG 3851

Also plan on using a closet in the room as another dedicated flowering chamber using another BudgetLED 330W Series 3 Full Spectrum LED light and potentially some additional supplemental lights. More to come there!

I'll update the grow as I go and fill in some details but wanted to get this out there for everyone - feedback is welcome! 🙂

Posted : 08/30/2020 11:05 pm

Updated pics of the flowering chamber this evening;

Cannabis Grow unnamed (3)
Cannabis Grow unnamed (2)

Posted : 08/30/2020 11:25 pm

Starting Week 3 of flowering my six ladies in the the flowering tent. Had a bit of an issue with very high EC/PPM - was as high as 2.3EC / 1150PPM, ugh. Immediately diluted and dropped to 1.3EC / 650PPM. One plant especially didn't like the high EC and has a bit of tip burn but nothing detrimental to the grow at this point. Things should be smooth moving forward.

Also started adding Yucca Root solution to my feed to act as a wetting agent. Picked up some H2O2 and intend to switch over to using that and away from bleach for a sterile res as well. More to follow on that topic!

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Posted : 09/06/2020 2:35 pm

Deep into Week 4 of flowering and things are going pretty well. Had to raise the 2x SF2000's yet again because of the final stretch - it was a mistake having the Sativa dominant lady in the mix of the 5 indica dominant strains, however, I think the main colas are done w/ their stretching and while I'd like a bit more space under the LED's (top of the colas are about 10-13") it'll have to do for now.

Still battling some significant humidity issues in the tent; averaging 68-70% RH with the lights on and 75-80% with the lights off. Temps are a steady 74-84F. Installed an additional 6" 240CFM booster fan and used it as an intake on the bottom of the tent (exhausting via 190CFM exhaust fan - 4" so I had to turn the new 6" down a bit to maintain negative pressure) I've got a small dehumidifier, damp-rid, etc in the tent but it isn't helping all that much so far. I'm getting frustrated with the situation and think I'm just going to have to take my chances during flowering and hope to avoid mold...

Day 24 of flowering;

Cannabis Grow IMG 3964

Posted : 09/09/2020 9:57 pm

Day 29 of flowering. Things are going well; still struggling with humidity a bit but I've managed to get the average down a to 62% RH with the lights on; 70-80% with the lights off. Not ideal but I'll probably pick up a decent dehumidifier for the room soon.

Cannabis Grow unnamed
Cannabis Grow unnamed (1)
Cannabis Grow unnamed (2)
Cannabis Grow unnamed (3)

Posted : 09/13/2020 12:27 am

Just a lovely picture of the Purple Punch starting to show her purple 🙂

Just started Week 5 yesterday;

Cannabis Grow unnamed (4)

Posted : 09/13/2020 5:22 pm

Update: The ladies just finished Week 5 and entering the start of Week 6 today. Starting to fatten up nicely but unfortunately, I do have some slight light bleaching on the tops of a few colas. Not much I can do about it at this point; lesson learned. That being said, I did get my new 70-pint dehumidifier delivered today and it's the first time my tent has seen RH% in the low 50's. Continues to drop as well. Looking to dial in my VPD's once things stabilize in the lung room. Rigged it up with a condensate pump to pump it right out of the grow room window which worked out nicely.

Cannabis Grow Flowering Week 6
Cannabis Grow Flowering Week 6   1
Cannabis Grow Flowering Week 6   2

Posted : 09/20/2020 12:52 am

Update: Just started Week 7 today. Switched over to a Ripe formula and lowed overall EC to 1,000/500ppm @ 6.0 pH. Snipped a couple of calyx's off to inspect via my new WiFi microscope recommended here by Dr. Coco. Trichomes are still very clear even on the Purple Punch which is supposed to be around an 8-week strain. Will check again late this week.

Overall things are healthy, though I'm still battling a little White Powdery Mildew here and there; precision spraying w/ H2O2 and high pH RO water. Seems to be under control for now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4127
Cannabis Grow IMG 4112

Posted : 09/28/2020 2:24 am Green Mountain liked

Update: Approaching the end of Week 8. I'll be starting Week 9 on 10/11. Due to lack of proper training and haphazardly opting to grow 6 different strains in one tent with Sativa and Indica dominant hybrids, the uneven canopy really plagued the grow in the long run. Ultimately several colas toppled over which I ended up attempting to fix with some Plant Yo-Yo's (pretty cool; I like them!) 

Still feeding according to the modified CFC feed chart and things are looking good overall given the limited PAR map to some parts of the colas. All great experiences, however, as I feel incredibly confident going into my next grow in terms of plant training, a far better equipment setup with new tents, new feminized genetics on the way and just a better understanding of my goals.

Auto-watering 3x per day still. Trichomes are very milky, however, I don't see much amber yet - even on the Purple Punch strain which is supposed to be a 7-8 week flower time....we're going into Week 9 and I barely see any amber trichomes at all. I'm waiting for at least 20-30% amber prior to chopping. I'll likely begin flushing all 6 plants regardless of trichome status by the middle of next week, possibly the end of Week 9 with a harvest around Week 10.

Few updated pictures of the tent are below. Definitely very low RH% (40-45%) so I've got some pretty dry and nitrogen-deficient fan leaves, lol.

Cannabis Grow image 67367425
Cannabis Grow image 50590209
Cannabis Grow image 67367425 (1)
Cannabis Grow image 67367425 (2)

Posted : 10/10/2020 2:36 pm
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Update: After checking trichomes in further detail, I’m starting to see the amber I’m looking for and opted to begin flushing.

flushing with pure RO water and 25ml of Flora-Kleen per 5 gallons of water for the next 3 days and will harvest and begin drying / curing!

It’s been fun! I’ll post one final update post harvest 🙂

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Things came to a close last night as I harvested all six ladies. Was very happy with all but the Strawberry Banana which had a bit too much LARF for my tastes.

The Romulan was by far the biggest yielder out of the bunch and came out incredibly frosty and dense.

Few pictures after a rough wet trim before heading off to the WeDryer XL for drying and mason jars for curing.

Cannabis Grow 8C1C7620 4CF0 468B 848D 70357800AAC1
Cannabis Grow E20045B5 1920 4F75 B1A7 FF95A24EFB63
Cannabis Grow F879CCBD 50B5 4A6E AC72 C59FF1C2C6AC
Cannabis Grow E5B88B3B D4D7 4EF4 969B CA642A09192F

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