Sweet Deep Grapefruit

Nov 26 2018

I started a new seed,  it’s from Dinafem Seeds. The strain is Sweet Deep Grapefruit. An indica dominant cross of Grapefruit and Blueberry. Dinafem claimed 55-65 days of flowering indoors. Growing in coco/perlite drain to waste with GH nutrients in a 5 gal Airpot. With an HLG 135w led in a 3x3 Vivosun tent. The goal is to follow dr-coco’s methods, schedules and regimen as closely as possible. They have served me extremely well in the past. 

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Nov. 30 2019. (Day 4)

I'm fairly certain I will see a root tip pop out of the jiffy pellet tomorrow. I will then transplant to solo cup and fertigate with dr-coco seedling solution mix at 400 ec and 6.3 ph. 

Once feritigation has started I fertigate every 12 hrs raising ec by 50 every event for 6-7 days until I get to 1050-1100. 

I make a gallon of the seedling mix with distilled water at about 1100 ec and dilute with more distilled water until I get to my target ec. After a few days, when I reach a target ec of 800 I dilute with distilled water/calmag or ”calmag water” at 400ec.

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Dec 01 2019 (Day 5)

placed in solo cup with coco/perlite today. First fertigation was at 17:30 today at 400ec 6.3 ph. 

I always have my HLG 135w LED cranked up to max but I have them about 6” from the ceiling of the 6 foot tent and the “canopy” is a few inches from the ground at this point. I would say the lights are a good 5 feet above the plant. I lower the lights a few inches every day until I get about 30” from the plant. In veg I get as close as about 24” and in flower ideally 12” above canopy.

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Dec 13th 2019 (day 17)

this plant is less vigorous then the Gorilla I just botched. It’s also a much heavier “feeder” compared to the Gorilla at this stage. I hope it’s not one of the sativa leaning phenotypes of this Sweet Deep Grapefruit cultivar. The leaf fingers are quite wide and it is an 80% indica according to Dinafem.  Im using the exact same nutrient regimen and same environmental conditions but this one is showing signs of calcium and magnesium deficiencies. A few days ago I bumped up the EC to 1200-1250 when I would usually be at 1100-1150. I have also been foliar spraying with calmag water at 800ec with Optic Foliar Transport. Transport acts as a wetting agent or sufricant which makes the droplets smaller when you spray/mist. It is my understanding that this is the main reason Transport allows you to foliar feed or spray during lights on. the droplets are much smaller and will not concentrate and magnify the lights intensity on a particular area of the leaf. I have used yucca instead of Transport in the past and sprayed with lights on without any adverse effects. Transport also brings the pH up to a safe level for foliar applications (above 6.4pH)

I have been treating the deficiencies for 4-5 days but Something interesting happened yesterday. I was busy with life and my humidifier got low and shut off. Humidity dropped to below 60 and for the first and only time the leaves were praying, deficient but praying. 

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Dec 15 2019 (day 19)

I topped her today as she was pushing out a 6th node. 

I worked from the bottom removing first and second set of growth tips and topped above the 3rd node. Leaving just the tiny growth tips of the 3rd node. 

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Jan 04 first day of flower

Finished all the topping by dec 20th and I flipped to flower on the 26th. 7-8 days later(yesterday)  I noticed the very beginning of what looks like a pistil. My res is down to the last half gallon and when the lights turn on I will hand water it in and mix up a flower solution. I also did some light pruning removing growth tips that were less then 2/3 of the way up the canopy. In my previous grows these have all developed into larfy flowers. I figure the energy will be redirected to the top colas. I have only removed a couple leaves, they were in the lower middle part under the canopy shaded by many more leaves. The increased air flow created by removing them is probably more valuable at this point. 

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The first picture is from this morning and The second pic was from Friday Jan 03

yesterday the plant looked like it had some iron deficiencies, new top growth was yellowing out from stem to leaf but I believe it might just be a slight lack of phosphorus. during a transition stage the plant is using lots of energy it’s stored up during veg.  after 1 fertigation event with bloom solution the yellowing has almost disappeared 

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Jan 23 2020 (week 3 of flower)

she finally stopped stretching but one of the tops of a cola is above the light off to the side by about 1 inch. The fan leaves are below the bud and are turned in towards the light. That one branch really got away on me!

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aside from that I started to add some Raw Industries OminA, (amino acids) to my res two weeks ago, and last week I started adding Raw Industries Kelp. I should of probably only added one to this grow to see how it affects the plant. but it’s the third plant I grow in coco, they have all been different strains and all from seed so I have no real good baseline or “control” plant to base myself off of. No adverse effect and is very soluble, even the kelp. I’ve been measuring Ec and pH every 12-24 hrs and no major swings to report. Flowers are developing nicely I believe. Slight tip burn and possibly a touch too much nitrogen and not enough phosphorus.

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February 05 2020 (mid week 5 flower)

Last 2 weeks just flew by. The temps here have been swinging from unseasonably warm this caused my EC to spike a bit  

  1. trichomes are building she looks relatively happy but she has been temperamental and Is sensitive to high EC.
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Feb 1

Feb 19th 2020 (mid week 7 flower)

shes packing on weight and is giving a last push of new pistils with white hairs. I don’t mind to wait a bit longer. I’ll still pick my exact day based on trichome samples from various pistil sites. I’m going to flush for 5-7 days and the last 48hrs will be total darkness. 

I currently fertigate 5x every 24hrs. I keep my lights off time temps around 71-72f and lights on 79-80f. Humidity goes between 51-54%. I will gradually bring the humidity down to 45-50% over the first few days of flush and I will be hand flushing every 12hrs with distilled water and GH flora Kleen. 

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Yesterday was the chop. A great day after 48hrs of darkness, for me anyways. 

some of these colas were pretty big, much denser then my last crop but also a different strain. 

ill post back with weight after I trim. 

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so after trimming I was left with 272g’s from this one sweet deep grapefruit about 10 grams shy of 10oz. I use a drying rack due to space and it does dry it out quicker then I would like but right now my 1.25 gallon curing buckets are sitting at 64-66% Rh. Over the next 6-8 weeks I will burp the buckets and get the Rh to 60%. 

this was a fun grow, I’ve already reset my tent and dropped some seeds in water. I’ve started 4 different strains that I’m going to keep as mothers for the next 2 months and take clones to give to friends in June. I will start a journal on

but as for this journal @dr-coco she’s a wrap. Thanks for the great community and support 


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