Spartangrown Project V and Endgame R2

Welcome.  This will be a flowering journal of 3 (maybe 2) phenos of Spartangrown's Project V, and 5 phenos of Endgame R2.

The Endgame phenos for this round are clones of 5 girls I originally sprouted last year - this will be the 4th run with these girls.

The Project V are new from seed.  At the end of December 2023, I planted 6 seeds.  All struggled mightily.  2 died of irreperable helmet head, one male, and one runt.  Well, Project V pheno 1 is defintely female, Pheno 6 (the runt) also definitely female, and Pheno 4?  Absolutely smooth, no parts that I can see.  I'm going on the assumption she's female, though she might turn out to be male, in which case I'll have an unfortunate hole in my tent canopy.  We'll just have to be hopeful.

The Ethos Endgame R2's grow like a dream.  These Spartangrown Project V plants have fought me tooth and nail at every turn, but I finally got them healthy and dialed in.  Challenging.

So, transplant was yesterday.  I had to get rid of a couple of clones (so sad 🙁 ) to fit these Project V girls in the tent.  I kept two of EG Pheno 1, as it's the most gassy / stinky of the lot and produces well.

The arrangement in the tent is as such:

EG1  EG1  EG2

PV1  PV6  PV4

EG3  EG4  EG5

Project V #6 pheno in the middle, because she's the runt.  Funny how what you observe of them at sprout follows them throughout their life.  

This is the first day, girls have been transplanted into 5 gallon pots from 1 gallon.  Now I'm gonna give them a week or so to "take" to the new soil, and then it's off to the races.  Excited for these Vortex girls, nice to get some new genetics in the tent.

Below is the tent on Febrary 3rd, after transplanting the Project V seedlings from their starter cups to 1 gallon pots.  It was hard work getting them to that seedling stage.

Cannabis Grow TentFeb3rd

Posted : 03/10/2024 7:19 am

And here we see the results - 3/9/24 transplant day.  




I'm hoping to hell PV4 is female.  Some 10 weeks of growth and she is SMOOTH, no bits lol.  More to come.


Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow ProjectVTransplantDay2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVTransplantDay1

Posted : 03/10/2024 7:31 am

Day 1 of flower.

Girls have taken to the new soil.  Last night was their first night of 12 full hours of darkness.  Took the time to defoliate yesterday, trim a few nonsense branches, and take some clones.  Did a bit of LST too, had to shape them up a bit.    Hopefully all the clones live.  Really looking forward to seeing what these girls put out.  The runt in the middle is somewhat more vigorous now.  Good things on the horizon.


Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay1 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay1 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay1 1

Posted : 03/17/2024 8:33 am

Day 7.  

Girls are happy.  Small note: I did place the middle #6 on a riser, to get her closer and more even with her sisters.  This time, we're going to try to have the light a lil bit closer, and run temperatures a lil bit warmer than last run.  Aiming for 80F+ .  Pretty bushy in there, but I think I'll give them a couple of weeks before any more defoliation.  Just gonna let'm ride 😉 

Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay7 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay7 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay7 1

Posted : 03/23/2024 9:12 am

Day 14.  

All the girls look happy.  Project V looks like it's gonna need support later on in flower.  Trimming back the Endgames a bit to give more coverage to the Project V.  VPD around 1.1, Temps in the 80's.


Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay14 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay14 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay14 1

Posted : 03/30/2024 8:05 am

Day 21.

Defoliated most of lower plant, and tried to denode as much as possible.  I should have done this weeks ago, maybe even before flipping to flower.  No worries, each grow I learn something new.  

Tidied up the girls, gave them their full bloom nutes - 1/2 cup each Gaia Green Power Bloom, 1 cup  worm castings - and watered.  Environment has been in low 80's, as the weather warms up I'll have to adjust to keep the RH and VPD at a reasonable level.  Either way, plants are chugging along.  The Endgames are hearty workhorses as always, and the vortexes seem as though they're doing well.  Nothing to do but watch and wait.


Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 7
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 6
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 5
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay21 1

Posted : 04/06/2024 9:56 am

Day 28.

So far so good.  It looks as though the Project V is completely overshadowing the Endgames due to lack of training on my part.  *Shrug*.   I'm more interested in them anyway.  Project V #1 and #6 (The runt) have nice chunky bud structures building.  The large #4 on the right looks like it's going to produce small like popcorn style nugs, even at the very tip.  Ultimately I care how the final product smells tastes and affects, but a nice bud structure is always a plus.  Either way I suppose.

Nothing to do but kick back and watch, and try to provide the best environment I can.

Many pistils on the Project V's already turning amber.  Somehow. 

Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay28 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay28 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay28 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay28 5
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay28 1

Posted : 04/13/2024 6:34 am

Day 35.

Girls seem happy.  Had to use some plant wire to bring the top colas of PV#4 in a bit, they were already sagging and a bit (way?) too close to the light.  Noticed some yellow leaves on her as well, and also the other PV girls.  Many amber pistils for week 5 I think.  Wondering if I'm overwatering 'em.  Plants look relatively healthy otherwise, though #4 and the other PV's may be starting to yellow overall.

Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay35 5
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay35 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay35 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay35 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay35 1

Posted : 04/20/2024 10:44 am

Day 42.  Girls got another dose of Gaia Green Power Bloom and some work castings for good measure.  Tent smells great.


Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay42 5
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay42 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay42 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay42 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay42 1

Posted : 04/27/2024 8:27 am

DAY 49.  

Buds are really sagging under weight.  Vortex #4 is really yellowing quickly, unsure if she'll have enough nutes to make it to the end.  The other girls seem okay still.  Perhaps it's senesence - but #4 was also the first to yellow during veg, so maybe she simply has higher nutrition requirements.   Aiming for around 80F or less, and mid 50's RH, VPD around 1.5-1.6.  

Besides the yellowing of #4 (spreading rather quick), everyone is well.


Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 8
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 7
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 6
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 5
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay49 1

Posted : 05/04/2024 7:07 am

Day 56.

They all kinda flopped over.  Learning experience.  Next time, more string and thread.

Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay56 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay56 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay56 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay56 1

Posted : 05/19/2024 4:40 pm

Day 63.  

Harvest.  The Project V girls are done, and I'm finished with this run.  Chop chop!

Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay63 HARVEST 2
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay63 HARVEST 4
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay63 HARVEST 3
Cannabis Grow ProjectVFlowerDay63 HARVEST 1

Posted : 05/19/2024 4:42 pm