Skunk #1 and Royal Cheese

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Skunk #1 and Royal Cheese

Welcome to my Journal, not entirely sure what to share as i'm fairly new to the entire process.

Germinated 3 seeds total, 2 of 3 sprouted tap roots, they went into jiffy pellets and a humidity dome. Kept the temp around 22-26 and Humidity 60-75%. Had one of the hottest weeks this summer, so it was a bit of a struggle to keep it consistent. 24 hours after placing the seeds in Jiffy, I fertigated my coco for the first time (after 8hx2 7.5ml cal/mag) and placed my Skunk#1 into a solo cup. (shout out to chat for the tip as my nursery bags were too small.) 2 days later the Cheese had enough of a taproot to place into a Jiffy. Repeated the same process with the Cheese. 

Have been slowly increasing the EC, and maintaining the pH found within the 14 day seedling guide found on here. 
(400ppm/6.4 pH first 3-4 fertigations, 550ppm/6.1 after then increasing with the seedling guide.)

Using a all in one fertilizer called MegaCrop. Seems to be doing  well so far. Wasn't able to afford the entire recommended General Hydroponics line and was suggest to use this by a friend of mine.

Not really sure if things are looking good or bad, mainly trying to get through the entire grow without driving myself insane with anxiety and stress.

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Thanks for looking at my journal. Have a wonderful day!

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Not much really to say. Just little babies doing the thing. 

Biggest mistake I made was letting non distilled or R.O. water into my humidifier and it left a white gunk on the walls of my tent and seems to have messed up the ladies a tad.

My R.O. System came in, so no more of that. Misted them with some R.O. Water and will check on them later in the day.

Bumped up the Skunk #1 to 4g of Megacrop at 650 ppm and 6.1 pH, and the Cheese is on 500ppm/6.1pH/3g of Megacrop.

Also dropped light from 30" to 24"

Will see how they do after a few days. 

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Posted : 08/30/2022 2:21 pm

Crazy what 5 days can do. 

Learned a metric butt ton the past few days from chat.

Rusty taught me how to EC properly and helped me with a deficiency problem I was facing.

Things seem to be on the up and up. Last night with the help of chat (MtnDan and RestartSpark) I was able to transplant my Skunk#1. She seems to be enjoying her new home and a feeding of 1k EC R.O. water with 6g of Mega crop/6.0 pH and 3ML of CaliMagic.

Not much really else to say, just twice daily fertigation, slowly raising EC from 600 to 900. 50-100 EC at a time.

Skunk #1 Left - Royal Cheese Right.

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