Sevans- Getting wet & wild with Amy (Amy Aces)

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Sevans- Getting wet & wild with Amy (Amy Aces)

This journal starts out with homemade (mixed) Supersoil for the Mum(s), RDWC for growing out the clones. This will be a longer running journal covering my steps from seed, sex testing, raising a mum or two (hopefully), cloning, then followed by the clones growing out in my RDWC System. That’s the plan anyway. 

I popped the beans about a week ago, 4 for 4 popped. 
My next update will be sex test day. 

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Posted : 03/11/2024 4:40 pm

Sex test day- 

getting my samples ready to send off to Farmer Freeman   If you’re in a prohibition State or country and paranoid about sending a leaf sample, they have “smash cards”, you can transfer plant dna to the card, a little more stealthy. 

Sterilized my scissors, took out the serialized tag that’s in the envelope , put it in the pot and took one of the first real leaves. 
Don’t lick the envelope, the green sticker will keep it closed. Mail the samples tomorrow, I’ll likely have results in my email inbox by Wednesday/Thursday. 

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Posted : 03/17/2024 6:13 pm

Sex test update- 

recieved an email yesterday verifying receipt of specimens Saturday. 
Results in my inbox today.

wohoo, it’s a girl,

wohoo, and another. 
oh my, three girls.

all right, 4 for 4!

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Posted : 03/26/2024 3:52 pm

Auditions are over, two mums have been selected, the two that didn’t make the cut are in the 12 hour tent already. The mums will hang out in my seedling/early veg area under the high output T5 for a while (my tents are both on 12 hour cycles, if these get too big too soon, I’ll have to switch my drying tent back to a temporary veg tent and rehang my array2). 

IMG 5404

these girls didn’t make the cut, not looking sexy enough for my taste🥰😜

IMG 5405

meet the mums to be, 💕❤️🥰💋

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