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Hey everyone, 

This is going to be my first journal here on CFC.  It's also going to be my first photoperiod run.  I have never been in a living situation where I could control light leaks so I learned to grow with autoflowers.  Now Im in a new space and I have a dedicated grow area so I'm going to try my hand at a photoperiod run. 

Ever since I popped my first seed, Ive been obsessively devouring information about cannabis and growing cannabis as well as the medical side of the plant.  For at least a year, I listened to the Growing With My Fellow Growers show on spotify.  Then I decided to join the youtube live and found a community of real awesome people who just welcomed me with open arms so this grow is going to be my tribute to the people who taught me a lot of what I know about growing.  Fingers crossed I dont let them (and myself) down!  

On deck we have:

Amy Aces from The American One

Velvet Punch from Jack Greenstalk/DojaDNA

New England Rock Candy V2 from Kyle Breeder

Snowcaine (Spartan Cut) from Twenty20 Mendocino

I also threw an Alien OG seed down as a back up

Cannabis Grow IMG 5474

Posted : 09/27/2022 3:25 pm TheInsideDope liked

We are 9 for 9 on germination!  Everyone is looking good. One Velvet Punch ripped a cotyledon coming up but, I think it’ll be fine. 
All the jiffy pods are transplanted into a solo cup filled with Fox Farms Happy Frog potting mix and watered with plain tap water. Which, I actually haven’t even checked the ph or ec of it yet in this new house.  I need to do that as soon as I find my pen. It’s somewhere in a box.  Anyway, I’m gonna let them do their thing a couple of days. Newborns like to be left alone in my experience. Light is at 40% and about 24in. 24/0 light schedule right now. Temp is 77-83 throughout the day and rh is 50%-60%.  

Cannabis Grow CAD7AFBC 0260 4D6E AA6C FDA47DED8BB9
Cannabis Grow 22B41866 2D18 4AD4 84D8 26E21A5F8F54

Posted : 09/30/2022 12:50 pm TheInsideDope liked

Ahh! I want to mess with them so bad but, there’s nothing to do yet. Gave everyone a shot of nutrient mix. Here’s the mix I’m using:

1gal tap water

2ml calimagic

1ml diamond nectar

1ml Rapid Start

ph to 6.2ish

Each plant got about 1oz or so

Cannabis Grow 49115978 E864 45FB A8C4 41280305DC3F

Posted : 10/02/2022 5:39 am TheInsideDope liked

So, I burned a couple of them just a touch. It’s all good though. They’re chugging along just fine. I’ve had to make several tweaks to my environmental controls but, that’s to be expected  in a new location. Temps are staying around 79-81f and rh is 50%-60%.  Everyone is getting plain water from the tap. 6.3ph I’m going to install the in-line fans tomorrow and split the autos and the photos into their own tents.

Cannabis Grow 2959130E 1F0A 4762 84D3 066719C6B6F2

Posted : 10/07/2022 10:18 am Jimmy McGill liked
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Things are coming along nicely. Most of them have outgrown my rookie mistake of getting too eager to feed. I’m liking photos more and more because I feel like I can take my time. With autos, it’s a race to get them into their final homes and god forbid if you make a mistake. It could be the difference between 1 oz and 6 oz at harvest.

I’m planning on clipping a leaf off the 6 regs on Monday and getting those sent in for sex testing through Farmer Freeman.

Thanks for stopping in and thanks for all the grower love I’ve gotten from this awesome community!

Cannabis Grow 434C3977 D9C9 4CF1 A89E 33691AEBF550
Cannabis Grow ED85A60D B494 45D6 8BE5 5A693479EFFF

Posted : 10/13/2022 2:42 pm TerpeneTed and TheInsideDope liked

Took a look at the roots and figured everyone could use a little more room. Uppotted into .8? Gal pots. Not quite sure the size of these. Got them off Amazon and they’re  supposed to be a gallon but they definitely aren’t. I still like them for potting up a bit.
The medium is still plain Happy Frog and they all got about a cup of plain tap water and Recharge. At a mix of 1gal water to 1/2 teaspoon Recharge. 

Grower Love!

Cannabis Grow E9BB6366 C073 445E A422 4CD31101E7B4

Posted : 10/13/2022 6:02 pm Jimmy McGill liked

24 hours in the new pots and they seem happy!

Cannabis Grow 08322FD1 43D2 44C5 A199 E8CA80AD3D00

Posted : 10/14/2022 3:36 pm TheInsideDope liked

Nothing much to report. The sex tests for the Velvet Punch’s and the Amy Ace’s went out yesterday so I’m hoping for results by next Monday. Everyone got a bit of water with 1gal/1mL Rapid Start. 
Thanks for stopping by!  Grower Love!

Cannabis Grow 6B16E670 E901 4B18 94B7 241502A1C63E
Cannabis Grow 9677BE08 4B98 4529 83E2 F69103A5394E
Cannabis Grow 9C50DBEC E0E9 4411 9186 27B5D942FABB
Cannabis Grow 4D20585B 5B06 48A3 B949 82364377F573
Cannabis Grow 594784D6 ACC7 4C04 8E47 584308732C0F
Cannabis Grow 1D670ACD 9A02 4792 A3D3 D83B9659E159
Cannabis Grow EE9C25BE 3629 4203 A33A D9FED33D17A0

Posted : 10/18/2022 6:04 pm Jimmy McGill liked

Took the first and second branches off and topped everyone but one VP which needs a few more days before it gets topped too. I never really trained much with the autos I’ve grown. I’m having a lot of fun with these photoperiod plants!

Cannabis Grow 8E656BFC 3085 4C75 97D0 AC258913A2C2
Cannabis Grow CC5E56D3 2230 499A A729 0275662F56AF
Cannabis Grow 41BB84E8 DDF5 430A 95A1 9C47791761BC

Posted : 10/20/2022 5:02 am Jimmy McGill liked

Final pots!  3gal fabric pots of happy frog with 6 teaspoons of Growdots. Got one month veg nutes to burn through before flip day. Watered in about 2solo cups of water/recharge @ 1gal/1tsp. 

Posted : 10/21/2022 5:14 pm

Oops here’s photos

Cannabis Grow BA595AAA 40F6 40B5 863F 85B1A5E9350C
Cannabis Grow 7C09ECA1 5E64 4328 9251 1456E29E61EC

Posted : 10/21/2022 5:15 pm Jimmy McGill liked

Side by side tents

Cannabis Grow F4657742 412C 45B3 B4DE 9410F5987F7F
Cannabis Grow ED6E9610 56C1 486C B50D 5C19BD7A2B41

Posted : 10/21/2022 5:49 pm

Topped and transplanted within three days and they haven’t really skipped a beat. Maybe it’s the crystals lol 

Cannabis Grow 9D69F006 6097 48B4 BCAE B94356550E8D
Cannabis Grow 3E01A277 B4F3 4009 84F0 F721423B1243
Cannabis Grow 1A8271F3 48BE 4633 A8CC 9025A4DA9A6D
Cannabis Grow EC02E31E BA12 4115 9FF5 7E31924359C3

Posted : 10/22/2022 10:46 am

The ladies are looking good!  Down to the final 4 in the tent. Giving just plain water and a bit of recharge.

Cannabis Grow 7A6C7976 C4F1 40F8 BB2B 51E0D24BA160
Cannabis Grow 2B91EDDE F9F8 45DE AB96 3FE1AE583706
Cannabis Grow 171476B1 E319 49A6 B85F F4C21455C7A2
Cannabis Grow D5ECDF9C 01D2 4A1C BFEF 49610D46A02D
Cannabis Grow 7914FBDC DE51 425B B730 3BA473B8F08D

Posted : 10/27/2022 3:30 pm Jimmy McGill and TheInsideDope liked

Tried my hand at a bit of supercropping.  I haven’t really done much canopy management since I just let the autos go au naturale. I hope I didn’t mess her up too bad.

Cannabis Grow 2402C854 98FD 4BE3 9A29 75855386E345

Posted : 10/27/2022 4:38 pm LSLarf liked
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