Purple Haze from Growers Choice

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Purple Haze from Growers Choice

This is starting inside in 2x2x4 using Happy Frog soil.  it will be moved outside when old enough and I've taken some clones.

1st seed didnt take in soil, this one had bigger tap root to start

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Posted : 04/07/2021 9:32 pm

Purple Haze - gave it a little support.

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Posted : 04/10/2021 6:51 pm

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Posted : 04/13/2021 8:18 pm

looking good, new leaves, repot coming soon

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Posted : 04/16/2021 9:28 pm

looking good, will be potting into 1gal soon.

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Posted : 04/23/2021 8:58 am

been a little lazy on updates.  she's been put into a 1 gal pot and has had first feeding with compost tea from boogie brew with some black strap molasses and recharge added in.  looking like she will be a strong one.

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gonna give her a topping probably tonight.

Posted : 05/11/2021 6:00 am