PTGC 2022 Afterglow / Purpleheart

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PTGC 2022 Afterglow / Purpleheart

I started this grow prior to knowing about the contest. I just heard about the contest on a Podcast with Dr. Coco. I was going to flip the girls that day and decided to wait a week and a half so I can participate and learn. 

Here are the details:

Equipment: AC Infinity 2x4 tent, AC Infinity 6" fan with controller, AC Infinity oscillating fan and 2 AC Infinity T22 Iongrid LED lights. Home made CO2 generator from yeast, sugar and tomato.

Soil: 6 parts Build-a-soil Light, 3 parts Coco Coir/perlite mix and 1 part worm castings

Nutrients: Real Growers Grow Dots and Recharge with PH balanced RO water. 

Lighting regiment: 20/4 distance from plants 18" determined using Photone app. Intensity set to 70% for seedlings.

Temp: 84-86 lights on, 74-76 Lights off. Humidity 42%

8/15/22 Day 1: Seeds were soaked for 24 hours in Recharge @ 1 teaspoon per gal. (3 Gal pots were built and started watering with Recharge while seeding to get the Microbial party started).

8/16/22 Day 2: Seeds were split, transferred to paper towel soaked in recharge from day before. Placed in plastic bag and set on Heat mat set to Med.

8/17/22 Day 3: Within 24 hours I had 3/4" radicles. (pics) Planted into coco cups same soil mix, watered with Recharged PH'd RO water. 

8/19/22 Day 5: Both girls have broke the surface. The Purple Heart looks very heathy and strong. Afterglow has deformed Cotyledon leaves. Watered PH'd RO water only.

8/21/22 Day 7: Both girls developed first set of true leaves today. No longer a seedling! Watered with Recharged PH'd RO water. 

8/22/22 Day 8: Second set of true leaves today. Purple Heart is going to be a fast grower, already bigger that the Afterglow. (Perhaps Afterglow is under performing?) Watered PH'd RO water only

8/28/22  Day 14: 4 sets of true leaves. Probably way to early but transplanted both girls into their 3 Gal pots. Will help test hardiness of Genetics.

8/31/22 Day 17: leaves have double to tripled in sized have taken to transplant well. Purple Heart is twice the size of Afterglow. Watered with Recharged PH'd RO water. 

9/1/22 Day 18: Added AC Infinity Oscillating fan.

9/2/22 Watering every others day as needed indicated by soil moister meter. Recharge @ 1 Teaspoon per gal every other feeding.

9/10/22 Day 27: I am on vacation visiting dad for a week. Wife is watering plants for me. RO water only.

9/16/22 Day 33: Increased Light intensity to 100%

9/18/22 Day 32: Afterglow branches are growing straight up. LST applied to both plants to spread them out for better light penetration. Defoliated only required fan leaves, again for better light penetration.

9/19/22 Day 33: Added home made CO2 generator using RO water, yeast, sugar and blended tomato. (gives 1-2 bubbles per second. AC infinity oscillating fan is above plants. Tube from CO2 generator is above fan, this should draw and disperse CO2 to plants below. Purple Heart is at 12", Afterglow is at 9" in height.

Attached some photos but unfortunately the format is not compatible with the site.

Cannabis Grow CO2
Cannabis Grow 9.19.22 PH
Cannabis Grow 9.19.22 AG
Cannabis Grow 8.28.22 PH
Cannabis Grow 8.28.22 AG
Cannabis Grow 8.21.22 2
Cannabis Grow 8.21.22
Cannabis Grow 8.17.22







Posted : 09/21/2022 9:12 pm

Found a genetic on the Afterglow, defect hopefully it not a big deal. It’s the only seed out of the pack I have popped.

Posted : 09/26/2022 11:42 pm