Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

This is not your typical grow journal. After finishing a personal-best grow of UK Cheese clones, I decided to try my hand at a full post-harvest re-veg of a couple of plants to see if I can get them to produce enough to get some cuts for clones. I didn't have any room in a tent to take cuts and reveg them earlier in the grow, and I didn't leave much in the way of branches that I could cut and reveg now.

Day 1: I left some branches with small flowers on two of the plants, cleaned out my 120x60-cm (4x2-feet) tent, and moved the plants into there. I setup the auto-fertigation system with high nitrogen early veg nutrients, set the light to a light/dark cycle of 20/4 hours, and hoped for the best!

Cannabis Grow IMG 9515

Day 3: Not much change. I had to adjust the fertigation time a few times to get enough outflow without wasting too much nutrients. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9518 (1)

Day 12: Is it possible that those are tiny new green leaves starting?

Cannabis Grow IMG 9598
Cannabis Grow IMG 9599

Day 16: Yes, those definitely are new leaves growing at the top of one of the plants! I am going through a full 50-liter reservoir each week, so this has been quite the effort for those tiny little leaves! Let's hope the rest of the branches get the same idea soon.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9625



Posted : 01/11/2021 9:14 am
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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

Day 17: A few more branches are starting to set new leaves

Cannabis Grow IMG 9633

Most of this new growth includes some floral parts, so it hasn't completely revegged. If I had a third tent, I would be tempted to put one of the two plants back into a 12/12 light cycle and see if I could get some rodelization to occur and convince the plant to make some staminate flowers and pollen. It would be interesting to see if S1 seeds from this cut would keep the yummy UK Cheese traits or revert. Maybe another day.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9638

Day 18: I pruned off the old half-dead fan leaves to avoid getting any disease problems.

Day 19: 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9642

Day 20: Starting to get some true vegetative growth, with new leaves unfurling without any signs of pistils or calyxes. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9645
Cannabis Grow IMG 9644

Day 21: Three full weeks after harvest, and UKC1 is definitely starting to reveg. UKC2 is thinking about it, with some odd little furled up leaves that haven't quite opened.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9661

Posted : 01/16/2021 11:11 am
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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

Day 22: Growing nicely. All of the leaves are expanding and looking healthy.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9687

Day 23: Noted some mold or mildew of some sort on the surface of the coco, but only near the rim of pot where the hydro halos don't reach. Drenched the soil with dr zymes. If that doesn't knock it out, I'll see about scooping out some of the coco and replacing it with fresh. It is just a few small patches, but it looks nasty in the microscope!

Cannabis Grow IMG 9692
Cannabis Grow IMG 9689

Day 24: No sign of the mold. I'll keep checking. Still feeding about 1150 EC early veg nutrients at 6.10 pH. Outflow EC is 1377. Everything is copacetic, and I'm loving the crazy leaves!

Cannabis Grow IMG 9713 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 9716 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 9715 (1)


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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

Day 25: G4r 27°C 60%

Cannabis Grow IMG 9733

Day 26: G4r 26°C 67%

Cannabis Grow IMG 9736 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 9737 (1)

Day 27: G4r 25°C 67% Found more fuzzy mold on the surface of UK2. Removed top layer of coco on both pots and drenched again with Dr. Zymes. Rinsed drain pan.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9748 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 9749

Day 28: G4r 25°C 68% I realized that back when I first found  the mold in UK2 on Day 23, I had turned off the valve to the hydro halo and never turned it back on again. She was already pretty stressed, and 5 days with no water or nutrients certainly added to that! So, starting  tonight, UK2 will get a #5 nursery pot over her head, to give her a full 12-hour dark cycle (with light leaks). If that doesn't causes her to make some stamens, I don't know what will! (Well, I know silver thiosulfate would for sure, but I don't have any. I may have to order some.)

Cannabis Grow IMG 9757 (1)

Posted : 01/23/2021 1:06 pm
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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

Day 29: 🇬🇧🧀#2 spent the night with a pot over her head for 12 hours. My goal is to stress this plant even further and force it fully back into flower, hoping that the process of rodelization may lead to some stamens and pollen production.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9758

Day 30: G4r 23°C 68%. I removed many of the old browning flowers from 🇬🇧🧀#1 to try to avoid any mold or bud rot. It's hard pruning off the dead parts without also cutting the new leafing branches. I'll keep at it a bit at a time. I may actually see if there are any trichomes left on these flowers and dry them. I've never had flowers that ripened this much!

Cannabis Grow IMG 9767
Cannabis Grow IMG 9768
Cannabis Grow IMG 9766

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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese

Day 34: 25° 74%

I gave up on trying to get 🇬🇧🧀 #2 to make some stamens. All the pot was doing was cooking the plant. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9830

Day 39: 23° 69%

No sign of any mold, and the plants are growing great. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9874

Day 45: 24° 72%

These plants are getting too big! I need to take cuts soon and then flip the bushy one. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9915

Day 47: 24° 73%

Took 18 cuts from UKC2, cut through nodes with a new razor blade, dipped them in fresh aloe vera and then Bontone rooting powder and placed in the Oxy Clone hydrocloner.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9929
Cannabis Grow IMG 9936

Day 49: 22° 70%

I removed 🇬🇧🧀 #2 from the tent and moved 🇬🇧🧀 #1 to the center of the tent and installed a scrog net. She is way too tall! Once she stretches, I will not have enough height in the tent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9951

So, I lowered the net down as far as I could and trained the branches out to fill as much of the tent as possible. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 9955
Cannabis Grow IMG 9954

Tomorrow is flip day, so she has 24 hours to recover from this not-quite-low-stress training! I'll keep pulling the branches to the sides during the first part of the stretch. My goal is to fill the entire tent with one plant.



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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese
Day: 59
Flip Day: 6

Day 50: 24º 68% Lights from 18/6 to 16/8.

Look at how well she is recovering after just a day! The leaves are growing above the net already. I pulled them out a little further to try to fill the rest of the tent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9967
Cannabis Grow IMG 9968

Day 52:  Lights to 14/10. Filling out the tent, bit by bit.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9977 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 9976

Day 53: 27º 60% lights to 13/11.

Cannabis Grow IMG 9982

Day 54: 26º 69% lights to 12/12.

I really understand now why they call this "monster cropping." I am so curious to see what she does now that I have fully flipped the light to 12/12. Will she stretch? How long until she starts popping pistils again? Will any of these branches make anything approaching colas, or am I looking at a sea of larf?

Cannabis Grow IMG 9987

Day 55: 21º 55% Added Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747 to reservoir.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0010

Day 56

Cannabis Grow IMG 0015

Day 57: Temps in tents were 10ºC this morning! Apparently, after I turned down the heat last night when it got too hot, I forgot to turn it back up. Looks like my grows survived just fine, though. In fact, this one is getting out of control. I think some serious pruning of those lower branches is in order, so she can focus on filling the canopy and stretching tall. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0022
Cannabis Grow IMG 0023

Day 58: 24° 63%

This is out of control. I need to get this pruning done, but I don't know when I'll have time. I snipped a couple of the most obvious branches off the bottom. If I had more room in my cloner, these would have been perfect cuts to clone. I guess I will just keep working at it a bit at a time, when I can.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0030
Cannabis Grow IMG 0029


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Post-harvest reveg of UK Cheese
Day: 78
Flip Day: 25

Quick catchup post.

Day 58 through Day 62. Still on transition nutrients.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0030
Cannabis Grow IMG 0043
Cannabis Grow IMG 0056
Cannabis Grow IMG 0071

On Day 63, first pistils appear! Switched to early bloom nutrients.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0090

Days 64 to 66. Stretching every which way.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0100
Cannabis Grow IMG 0106
Cannabis Grow IMG 0122

Day 67. Pruned more lower branches from reveg. She is really filling the tent.

Cannabis Grow B73E9E8B A2B2 47F5 8159 CF2CA404F76B
Cannabis Grow IMG 0129

Day 68 to 71. Pruning another peck of branches pretty much every day. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0139
Cannabis Grow IMG 0148
Cannabis Grow IMG 0160


Posted : 03/14/2021 10:51 am
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The attack of the spider mites.
Day: 78
Flip Day: 25

Day 72. While pruning some more lower branches...

Cannabis Grow IMG 0168

...I noticed that the upper leaves looked a bit odd. I pulled out my microscope and was horrified to see what was crawling all over them!

Cannabis Grow IMG 0170

Spider mites! I turned off lights (they had just come on), sprayed throughly with Dr. Zymes, let leaves dry, and turned the lights back on. Then I cleaned the drain tray, tent walls, everything. I repeated this in my other tent, even though I did not find any sign of mites or eggs there. 

I also called all the people I had recently given clones to and gave them the bad news, as the clones were infested even worse. After thinking about it, all I can think is that the old bag of Pro Mix that I brought in from the barn to pot up clones for distribution must have brought the mites in and they spread fast.

Day 73. The next morning, I turned off all the lights in the lung room, opened the tent during lights off, and checked the leaves again with the microscope. Although most of the mites were dead or dying, there were still plenty alive, so I sprayed with spinosad insecticide (Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew) and closed up the tent. 

In the evening after lights on, there were still just a few barely moving mites, so I did a second dose of spinosad, making sure to get both the top and bottom leaf surfaces.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0183

Day 75. Apparently, I forgot to refill the reservoir while dealing with the mites, and the coco was starting to dry out. Refilled the res, and though I saw no moving mites, I gave one more spray with spinosad. I will keep an eye on this in case any eggs survive long enough to hatch. I have to get this dealt with fast before the flowers really start growing, so I don't end up with spinosad in my flowers! I'll be spraying well with water next week to wash off any residue.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0237

Day 77. Still no sign of live mites. I pruned off many lower branches, trying to get rid of anything that won't make it to the canopy and improving airflow in preparation for having to rinse off the spinosad once I am sure no more eggs will hatch. No matter how much I prune this monster, she just keeps getting bigger!

Cannabis Grow IMG 0252
Cannabis Grow IMG 0251


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Day: 92
Flip Day: 39

Day 80

Switched to mid-bloom nutrients. She was still looking a bit shaggy below the canopy, so I pruned off another batch of larfy branches. Above the canopy, things seem to have pretty much recovered from the mites and the flowers are getting a lovely buttery yellow cheddar color.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0281
Cannabis Grow IMG 0280
Cannabis Grow IMG 0282

Day 85

I found one slow-moving but living mite during one of my regular sweeps with the microscope. I hate spraying spinosad when the flowers are already developing, but really don't want another infestation, so I thoroughly doused the leaves on all sides. I'll have to rinse the flowers in a few days with fresh water to remove any spinosad residue. Despite its low toxicity to humans, I don't want anything in my flowers other than what the plants produce!

I think I have almost removed all the larfy lower branches, and the flowers are looking good.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0345
Cannabis Grow IMG 0344
Cannabis Grow IMG 0346

Day 91 (29 days since first pistil)

No more mites. I haven't figured out how to rinse the buds well without causing a huge spike in RH in the lung room. I think I need to setup my portable aircon first so I can use it in Dry mode.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0431
Cannabis Grow IMG 0429
Cannabis Grow IMG 0430


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Day: 106
Flip Day: 53

Day 96

Ever wonder what the stem of a cannabis plant looks like if you start it as a cut in August, grow it to harvest in December, reveg in January, and then keep growing it until April? Pretty gnarly. Up above, the flowers are looking good, but there are just so many that almost none are forming colas. Trimming is going to be a big job, but I'll probably end up just ice-water washing and sieving a fair amount of them for hashish.

Switched to late-bloom nutrients, so should start seeing some bulk adding on soon.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0518
Cannabis Grow IMG 0520
Cannabis Grow IMG 0535

Day 105 (43 days since pistils)

And now onto the 2nd half of late-bloom nutrients, but already bulking up nicely. I keep cutting out more small branches but the jungle can not be beat back. There's enough weight on the flowers that they were dragging the branches down,  so I've started raising the net to provide some extra support.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0663
Cannabis Grow IMG 0662

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Day: 118
Flip Day: 65

Day 110 (48 days since pistils)

Trichomes still cloudy with some clear, but the flowers are expanding. It's hard to describe any of the flowers as "colas" since this monster  just has too many  flowers for it to really put much into anyone, but they are still nice and dense.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0783
Cannabis Grow IMG 0765
Cannabis Grow IMG 0768

Day 113 (51 days since pistils)

Switching to Ripen nutrients. Time to finish up this grow.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0828

Day 116 (54 days since pistils)

Even though it has only been 3 days on Ripen nutrients, the first amber trichomes are already starting (although only on the top flowers). So, I topped off the reservoir  with plain water and adjusted the pH. This brought the EC down to 202 µS/cm, so I am considering this the start of a long flush. I am harvesting the other tent this weekend, so it will likely be another week before I can harvest this one. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0888
Cannabis Grow IMG 0895

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