Oct 2022: Mix of AutoFlowers in AutoPots

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I heard about this place (and Dr. Coco) from the "Cheap Home Grow" podcast.

I've been growing for a little over a year now. I haven't taken a break since I started.

My last grow was a nightmare grow, but I am a smarter grower now (fingers crossed).

My previous grow was problematic from the beginning. It started with stunting seedlings by over watering. Next issue:  I was using Real Growers Grow Dots (experiment as part of their Challenge), but couldn't leave well enough alone. I continued the downward spiral by adding extra nutrients. That poor decision lead to a massive lockout and the flowers just stopped growing.

Oh well, onward and upward.

I'm back to my tried and true Jack's 3-2-1 nutrients. My supplements will include mono-silicic acid, Mr. Fulvic (through second week of flower), 5:2 ratio Humic:Kelp foliar until flowering is set in. Plus, about every 10 days they'll get a dose of Recharge. 

I've put together a weekly flow chart that I will post. It will serve as a backbone for my grow, but isn't locked in stone.

The Purple Lemonade and Critical Purple popped through the coco on Oct 24. The Knows Candy is started to show just a little.

I'm going to add a 5th plant and grow that one in a 3.5 gallon bucket. I chose that size so that the light distance is more consistant in the tent. Right now, it's Knows Candy battling a Gorilla Glue.

Below, I'll show my set up in pictures.

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Here's my set up.

Buffering Coco

The above is my buffering the once-used coco. I washed it thoroghly and filtered out the dust-like coco.

AirDomes Top View
AirDome Underneath Tubing

Above: I'm using AirDomes. That means I'll be pumping a low-rate of outside air into the lower root zone.

AirDome With Stone

Above: I modified the standard set up with fish-tank air stones. The OEM include short tubing with perforated holes. However, I never feel like the air passes through efficiently.

AirDome With Tight Fabric

Above: This is another modification I use. I cut a round piece of landscape fabric that is big enough to cover the dome. This "helps" keep roots out of the AirDome. It also limits coco from falling through the grids.

To be continued ...

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Previous Post Continued:

AirPot Before Air Dome

Above: This shows the AirBase before the AirDome is placed in the pot. Note the amount of wicking holes in the base. By using this base, you no longer need to put clay balls in the bottom.

AirPot Set Up

Above: This pic shows the AirDome in place. The attached tubing runs up the side of the fabric pot and connects to a typical fish-tank air pump.

Humidty Dome

Above: This is the humitity dome I'm using. It is sitting on a temperature-controlled heat mat. Plus, I have a heater and humidifier in the tent to help keep a consitent environment. I'm doing this phase in my original 2 x 4 tent. I've since upgraded to a 4 x 4 tent.

Plant in Baby Pots

Above: 3 of 4 plants are above ground. The 4th is peeking through. I'm determined to have a 5th plant (my legal limit). Right now, it's between one more Knows Candy and a Gorilla Glue.

As you can see, I ain't 'skeered' to transfer an autoflower from a small starter pot to a larger final pot.

Please follow along. I'll have lots of photos and complete transparency - good or bad.

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Grow Plan for This Grow

Below, you will see that I have tried to map out nutrients and environmental conditions. Nothing here is etched in stone. I'll pivot as the need(s) arise.

Grow Plan Page 1


Grow Plan Page 2


Grow Plan Page 3


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One point of clarification regarding my lights. The blank as for how many watts I am running. I put 600w because I have 2 x  SP-3000 (@300w each).

Dr. Coco is solely responsible for my lighting. When I watched his Youtube Review on this light I had to add one more SP-3000 when I moved up to a 4 x 4 tent.

Click Here for: Grow Light Physics: Coverage Area & Running Arrays with the Mars Hydro SP-3000

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Day 4 for Germination (Overall)

Even though some plants are coming after the first 3 popped (through the soil), I'll end up saying they are all on Day 4 for brevity and record keeping. A month from now, a day or 3 won't matter much.

10 / 27 / 2022:

Still in the humidity dome, only lightly watering. Just enough to keep the soil damp, but not soaked.

Right now, I have 5 showing. Still waiting on the Gorilla Glue. 

IMG 0517


IMG 0519
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October 28 - Update

As of now, I have six plants above the ground. I can only keep 5, so I am going to take the 5 healthiest of the plants.

I only have 4 Fabric AutoPots, so the 5th plant is going into a SIP-style bucket in the center of the other 4 pots. This bucket is 3.5 gallons, otherwise it has the same dimensions of a 5-gallon bucket (minus overall height).

The choice for a 3.5 gal bucket was purely for height reasons. I'm trying to keep the bucket closer to the tops of the 5-gallon fabric pots. This will help with light distance later on.

My SIP of choice is the GroBucket® system. I'll post some pics for those who haven't seen this set up before.

Cannabis Grow Collage 1 for Wick Small

Cannabis Grow Collage 2 for Wicking Small

-- attachment is not available --

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Germ Day 6 (Overall)

The 6-Day plants received a bit of 1/3-strength of Jack's 3-2-1 in the pot dish only. By the time the roots get to the bottom they'll be ready for a small meal.

3 & 4 Plants are still on a tiny bit of water to keep soil damp. Starting to feed the water through the bottom out of the pot saucer.

The 1/3 mixture includes: (a) Front Row Ag mono-silicic acid, (b) Mr. Fulvic and (c) Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae 

Cannabis Grow GermDay 6 Group Shot


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Germ Day 6 - Cont'd:

I removed the dome a couple of days ago, so I added in a second humidifier to help me keep the humidity up. This is my old 2 x 4 that is now my germ and seedling tent. 

Cannabis Grow Grow Tent on Germ Day 6

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Germ Day 6 Overall Photo Update

I decided to put a little more effort than just using my iPhone. 

Cannabis Grow Knows Candy #1 6 Day Germ Nik openWith

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Germ Day 7 - Pics and Notes:

The first thing that stands out is how much bigger Gorilla Glue is compared to Knows Candy #2. Gorilla was hatched one day later.

Gorilla Glue is almost as big as the plants that Germed 3 days earlier.

I continue watering from the bottom small amounts at a time. Most suck the fluid right up. However, when I notice there is still fluid in the saucer when I check back later I pour it out.

I am damned determined not to overwater this batch like I did last time.

All but Knows Candy #2 are getting a 33% strength of their full strength Jack's 3-2-1. I'm waiting to see if it makes its way out of being the runt of the litter.

KC#2 is getting a mix of Root Stimulant (1/3 dose for all), Mr. Fulvic and mono-silicic acid.

Tomorrow, I'll call the 7-Day Germs (from today) Week 1 Veg, and all will be Week 2 Veg the following week (growth dependent).

Cannabis Grow Day 7 Germ Top View of Group
Cannabis Grow Day 7 Germ Angle View

Cannabis Grow Gorilla Glue Germ Day 3
Cannabis Grow Critical Purple Germ Day 7

Cannabis Grow Purple Lemonade #1&2 Germ Day 7
Cannabis Grow Knows Candy #1 Germ Day 6 CU
Cannabis Grow Knows Candy #2 Germ Day 4

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Week 1 - Issues:

Starting Week 1 (Veg) and I've hit my first issue.

I suspect these pictures show excessive protons - excessive light.

This morning, I realized my timer wasn't turning off. It is now, but I think 24 hours of  250 PPFD for 7 straight days  was more than the Purple Lemonade can take.

I don't think it is an over watering thing, I have been paying attention this grow.

My plants are sitting on tiny saucers and I put water in the saucer and when the plant sucks it up, I put a little more in. If that water is not taken up, I pour it out so that it doesn't sit in a small puddle of water.

This makes me think my accidental 24-hour lighting was more than the plants could handle. I have corrected this and they are now on an 18/6 light schedule.

Cannabis Grow PL #2 Week 1 Veg Nik openWith
Cannabis Grow PL #2 CU Week 1 Veg Nik openWith
Cannabis Grow PL #1 Week 1 Veg Nik openWith
Cannabis Grow PL #1 CU Week 1 Veg openWith
Cannabis Grow PL #1 CU Week 1 Veg Nik openWith

Posted : 10/31/2022 12:46 pm
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Week 1 - Day 2: Data

The seedlings are maintaining, while working on their second set of True Leaves.

Knows Candy #2 is still locked in a stunted phase. 

I think I have stopped the light damage to both Purple Lemonades. One extra observation, both of the PLs have much skinnier stems than the others. I hope this doesn't mean these tend to be a little more sensitive to adversity. 

I put my main grow tent Govee environment monitor in the seedling tent to ensure I am keeping the seedling in their ideal enveronment (or close anyway).

Daily Avg. Temp: 80.2ºF
Daily Avg. RH%: 75.8
Rounded: 80/76
VPD: 0.85 (this calculation is from the Govee app)

I plugged these numbers into the Pulse VPD Calculator on Setting #1 (Clone setting - should be similar for Seedlings) ti see if my Govee app is accurate. Thankfully it is, although I am likely to still use Pulse calculator because has 3 settings: Clone, Veg & Flower. The separate settings shift as the growth stage changes.


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Week 2 - Day 9 Since Germ:

The runt is still a runt. I'm still giving it a "mother's" love, even though its chances of getting culled are growing.

The others are spindly with stems that mimic a flamingo standing one leg, The rapid vertical growth seems to have stopped.

To help control unwanted (for the time) stretching I raised the light's juice to a (still) low DLI of 20. They had previously been running at what I thought was 12 DLI, but then realized my timer was running at 24 hours on. All fixed now.

Their sleep period is from 1000 - 1600, so they have all night make some progress.

I made the mistake of going to Grow Diaries website and checked out about 20 other grows of the same the Purple Lemonades and that was a little bit disappointing. Either most people lie in the beginning or mine are growing slower. There were a few with similar sizes, so I am not worried. Still, some of these people showed two sets of filled-out true leaves.

Has anyone else ever looked at other grows and wondered how so many people could have so much growth through Weeks 1 and 2?

Anyway, enough whining. Let's look at some pictures.

Cannabis Grow Group Day 9 Top View
Cannabis Grow Group Day 9 Side View

Posted : 11/01/2022 5:08 pm

Week 1 - Day 10 (for most):

Gave a bit of light nutrients this AM. Any excess liquid was poured into the top soil. We are only talking about drops of excess.

This evening, I'll put my seedling mix in the saucers. This is RO water, liquid Orca mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria (Prime Supreme), Mr. Fulvic, and mono-silicic acid. 

My average temp was 81ºF over the last 24 hours. I will bring that back into the upper 70s, starting today. I think 77º should be okay.

VPD is running just right. However, I think the following combination of temps and RH% may be more appropriate until Monday, when I switch over to Veg numbers.

Finish out Clone/Seedling Phase at 80º/80%

Veg (estimated) Target VPD 75º / 66%. 

The runt looks green and problem free, but doesn't grow. I'm keeping it alive, out of curiosity. Plus, if any of the other dampens out, I'd still bring it to the good tent on the SIP bucket, so it would be the least disruptive in the tent.

Darkness begins at 1000 am and runs to 1600.


Posted : 11/02/2022 5:42 am
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