NL auto, first grow in years!

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NL auto, first grow in years!

I went through my old seed stash from 5 or more years ago. I got the itch to get growing again after doing a paper for a class on the rising cannabis industry. Turns out, all my seeds were dead after trying to pop each. The only one that popped was a Hawaiian skunk regular, which turned out to be male.

So I placed an order through Seedsman and got some free auto Northern lights.  I've heard NL is low odor, and that's super important to me because of prohibition! So I pulled out my grow equipment,  bought some new nutes, then popped one in a solo cup with jiffy seed starter soil  (My fav for starting,  no nutes).

She sprouted up yesterday morning! Along with some Thai basil, and some other peppers and lettuce in rockwool cubes. Those are going to be on a flood and drain table.

I'm going to try keeping it with the other plants on the table, and cut bigger holes in the cup bottom. I've heard autos shouldn't be transplanted, just plant them in the container you want to finish in. 

Anyhow, I'll take some pics later. I'm growing in a 3x3x5 tent with a 2x2 flood table on top of a 20 gallon tote for the reservoir. Got a 4" booster fan and filter with a cheap led ufo light. My nutes are Foxfarm with some GH. 

Temps are 73f, with 38 humidity. 

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So, it's been a bit since my last update!  The seed popped just fine, but the first set of true leaves came out stunted looking... and twisted a bit.  I had been giving it water. But one watering, I added a couple of drops of GH rapid start. Not sure if this caused the issue or not. The humidity stays in the low 40's upper 30's, while temps go around 72F-75F.  The food I mix in a 2L bottle, and measure out a little less than 1/4 strength, pH to 6.0.

But, she's seems to be doing fine. Been feeding her with really weak nutes and moved her into my little file box grow box. Needed for stealth. I saved on room by mounting 2 usb powered pc fans on the outside and a cheap led grow panel glued to the top(I left space for air flow) (here's the link to the light:   

Keeping her in the red solo cup and hand watering/feeding.  She's already making a smell in the tent, very vegetal, like celery. hopefully when the basil comes in, it'll help mask that. (BTW, I'm growing 2 types of peppers, lavender, and Thai basil on my hydro table)

I feel like I should clarify my grow setup: I'm using a 3x3x5 tent with a 2x2 flood and drain table, but that's for my "legit" grow, my stealth grow is in the same tent, in the corner, in a plastic file box with fans and it's own led light. I don't currently flood my table, as everything is in 1" rockwool cubes and in a humidity dome. But, that's going to change soon, since they're developing roots now)

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took pics this morning 

Cannabis Grow 20191201 061652
Cannabis Grow 20191201 061700
Cannabis Grow 20191201 061648

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So last night I swapped out my LED for my 400watt hps.  Came on this morning and I watched the temps climb into 90F within 5 minutes! I checked my exhaust and barely felt any air. So, I guess 2 things; I need a stronger fan that will pull through the carbon filter, and the other is that my filter and fan need to be lower to match the level of my light. The fan is just a 4" booster fan from Home Depot, and I dad to duct tape it to my filter, which was 4" (I thought it was supposed to slide into it?). I need to route my ducting to eliminate the u-turn shape. (I'm venting into my room, which is open)

I decided to pull everything out of the table in the tent, and pH some big cubes to start the hydro system officially. I set my little stealth grow box off to the side, and when I came back in, my cat had eaten a good portion of the fan leaves. I was pissed, needless to say.  So, I need to fix my stealth grow box now too. Until then, I'll just keep the plant in the big tent.

Growing in a small apartment room sucks. Everything I have for growing is in totes that are stacked and in the corner of my room, with various other boxes, books, binders etc stacked on top of those! Needless to say, my patience was worn to a thread! fml.

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Until I can grab a better fan, I'm going back to the UFO LED. I Swapped them out again last night (after much swearing and tripping over cats) The temps held around 81F with 47% humidity. 

Plants looking a bit yellow, but the auto is looking just fine.  I fixed up her stealth grow box this morning before work, and I'll put her back in there.  Then, I can seperate the 2 grows and stop reporting on the tent (I don't think anyone here is interested in peppers and basil) and focus on the cannabis!

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Well, I still haven't put her back in the stealth box. But she rebounded very nicely.  I did some LST  and she's already straightened up from that!

Also, she showing pistils! Already? Was it stress from being chewed on, the LST,  or my light? Temps stay at 80F and 45 humidity with light on, lights off it drops to 72F (unsure about the humidity).

I've been hand watering nutes in, increased the strength to about 1/2 of the feed chart recommendation.

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