My first Seed Grow

Here is my first Seed grow from always using clones.  I hope to get better results but still have some learning to do

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Day 2, Day 10, and Day 15. My roots started coming out of the bottom and I was having to water twice a day. So I moved them up to the larger pot last night.  This morning I noticed some yellowing already. I am not sure if that is normal for seeds.

Cannabis Grow day 10
Cannabis Grow 2weeks
Cannabis Grow 2weeks small
Cannabis Grow day 2

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I did not have any growth for about a week until yesterday. They still look real yellow to me

Cannabis Grow 20191203 192647
Cannabis Grow 20191203 192642

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Just moved up to 2 gallon pots
I moved the lights to 42 inches.
The ppfd is only 58 @32 inches.
They still seem to be getting a
lot of yellowing at that height.
I'm hoping at 42 inches they will
do better.
Cannabis Grow 20200102 215438

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Really moving now
Cannabis Grow 20200117 105638

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Did my 2nd topping yesterday. This one is growing fast. 

Cannabis Grow 20200120 233935

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