Master Kush Auto (White Label Seeds) first grow

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Master Kush Auto (White Label Seeds) first grow

Only have space to do one at a time, so here goes nothing! Scuffed seed per Dr. Coco's tutorial and dropped into shot glass of water

Ph 6.9, 

TDS 139 @ 34°C 

Kept warm on metal shelf over incandescent bulb for 2 hours and then on to paper towel 

Cannabis Grow Germination


Posted : 03/12/2020 1:02 pm

we have liftoff after 36 hours

Cannabis Grow sprouting


the stoke levels are high, pun intended 

Posted : 03/14/2020 1:58 am Nores liked

The cotyledons have opened after about 60 hours from getting wet. Seems like everything is right on track. I have her in my tent (Mars Hydro 2.5'x2.5') under a CFL of about 25 watts with a little plastic dome over her. She is hanging out around 23.5°C  and 71%RH. Seems to be doing fine. I am sure she will begin to stand up to the light here in a bit according to what I have read on the internet. I have switched the lighting to 18/6 on a timer. Just waiting to see that tap root out of the bottom of the jiffy pellet so I can transplant her to coco and perlite in a seedling bag and get her fed!

60 hours:

Cannabis Grow Cotyledons

84 hours:

Cannabis Grow 84 hours

seedling set up:

Cannabis Grow seedling set up


Posted : 03/16/2020 1:08 am valleymicro and Nores liked

Mixed Seedling blend (mL/G): 

CalMag 4.5 , Micro 1.25, Gro 0.6, Bloom 0.6, Yucca powder 1 small pinch, Root Booster 11.

750 EC, pH 7.2 - pH adjusted to 6.27ish (about 4 mL of pH down?)*

Root emerges, jiffy pellet transferred to seedling pot with pre-fertigated coco/perlite (60/40):

Seedling blend diluted to PPM204, pH 6.3 (1:2 ratio of Seedling blend to 114 PPM starting water). 

Run off: 143 PPM

*pH pen is shitty and possibly not measuring correctly. Need to buy a new one. I think the seedling blend I mixed is around 6.2 now. 

Posted : 03/17/2020 8:22 am

Fertigated for the first time at lights on with seedling blend diluted to PPM206, pH 6.3 (according to the shitty pH pen). New pen arriving in 2 days hopefully. I already ordered it from Amazon. 

Run off: 163 PPM - hopefully this will self-correct in a couple of days. I am not too worried about it as the plant is looking healthy and there was not too much time between the transplant into the newly fertigated coco and the first real fertigation. We will soon see if my hunch is correct or not...

Posted : 03/17/2020 1:01 pm Knut, chefsheri and Nores liked

RH was a bit high (around 90% and peaked overnight at 95) when I checked on her this morning. I modified the humidity dome with venting and turned on a very small fan to oscillate. Will continue to monitor humidity to make sure it stays under 80%. Possible CalMag deficiency with the curling of one leaf. Will continue to monitor and create a foliar spray if the problem seems to worsen. 

Posted : 03/17/2020 11:21 pm

I forgot to upload a pic of the possible CalMag deficiency. If anyone sees this and has any input, please let me know. It is my first grow ever. 

Cannabis Grow CalMag

Posted : 03/17/2020 11:23 pm

Sitting at 23°C and 80%RH. She just had a 6-hour nap. I will fertigate twice today bumping up the EC. She is looking good and seems like the CalMag was maybe a false alarm. I lowered the light a bit to around 2.5 inches because I thought she might be looking a bit leggy and maybe needs more light??? Will see how she responds. 

first fert: EC466, pH 6.3 (still working with the shitty is reading about .2 points higher than it should be) run off: EC300. I hope this is because I have only just started to fertigate. I will check again when 2nd fertigation comes in about 8 hours. 

Posted : 03/18/2020 1:42 pm

Seems like the leaves are twisting. Will commence CalMag foliar spray twice daily. EC800, pH 7.0

Second fertigation of the day is EC470, pH6.4 (still working with the shitty pen). run off EC342 so that seems to be on the up and self-adjusting. 

Here is a pic of the leaves:

Cannabis Grow CALMAG1



Posted : 03/19/2020 12:30 am

New pH pen has arrived, so I can feel confident moving forward.  

First fert: EC548, pH 6.2, runoff 356

Second fert: EC608, pH 6.1, runoff 436

I think I am creating too much runoff. I will work to get it to 10-20%. 

I am continuing the calmag foliar spray twice daily, and the leaves look less twisted and wavy and more straight. She looks to be growing and improving each day, but she is still looking leggy. I put a very small battery fan oscillating on her to hopefully improve the strength of the stem. She seems like it's hard for her to stand up straight when applying CalMag foliar. Here is the latest photo:

Cannabis Grow leggy girl

Posted : 03/20/2020 1:03 am

She is growing and showing progress. 

Sitting at a fairly constant 22-23°C and around 65-70%RH. 

First fert: EC674, pH6.2, runoff EC486

Second fert: EC726, pH6.2, runoff 748

The runoff seems to have self-corrected itself, and still giving the foliar spray of CalMag twice a day. I will continue to monitor and hopefully can give it up soon. Will have to mix new nutes because my starting nutes are maxed out at 750 because I diluted the initial gallon with too much water. I will do a half gallon and dilute it with what I have left of the first gallon seedling blend. I have the fan oscillating on her, and the stem seems to be strengthening up. She still seems like she wants to fall over when I give the foliar spray, but she is getting stronger and showing growth each day. 

I seem to be about on track with Dr. Coco's Plant #2 “Blueberry Kush” from Grower’s Choice Seeds from his article . Hoping to see some good growth in the next couple of days as I steadily bump that EC up to 1000. 

Cannabis Grow Day 9

Posted : 03/21/2020 1:33 am

Sitting around 22°C and 70%RH. 

First fert: EC798, pH6.0, runoff EC680

Second fert: EC854, pH6.4, runoff EC714

My runoff is still lower than my incoming EC. I guess this might be due to the small amount of fertigation and runoff. and the fact that the plant is so small that it is not drinking much yet. The numbers are not too far off from the target, and the plant looks healthy despite still being a bit leggy. So it seems like the EC in the root zone is near the target.

Still giving the CalMag foliar spray twice daily,  and the leaves seems to be much less wavy or curled. I will continue to monitor. She still has a bit of trouble standing on her own when I spray the leaves and there is a bit of residual spray on them. I still have very weak fan on her, and that seems to be helping to strengthen her stem. The third node is beginning to show. I hope the growth rate will speed up a little bit here soon! 

Cannabis Grow Day9 real


Posted : 03/22/2020 12:40 am

The leaves seem to have stopped twisting because of CalMag, so I stopped the foliar spray a few feedings ago. I am at the full strength solution now and almost to the end of week 2. Here is the feeding schedule since my last post a couple of days ago: 

Still sitting around 21-23°C and RH has dropped somewhat to about 60-65% because I have removed the dome.  


First fert: EC915, pH6.3, runoff EC776

Second fert: EC1010, pH6.3, runoff EC810

Cannabis Grow day 3


First fert: EC1016, pH6.3, runoff EC890

Second fert: EC1018, pH6.4, runoff EC993

Cannabis Grow day 5

So my runoff is climbing to be within range, which is good. Also, the first true leaves seem to be experiencing a bit of heat stress as a result of being too close to the light (~25watt CFL at about 2 inches). I have moved the light to about  2.5 inches away so our little girl doesn't get burned. I can see the third set of true leaves starting to appear. The end of the seedling stage is in sight.

Cannabis Grow 3rd node appearing

My wife has decided to name her Leah Princess. So I just call her LP. 



Posted : 03/24/2020 12:27 am

LP is doing well sitting around 21-22°C and 65% RH. She seems to be getting stronger in the stem and growing out the first and second set of true leaves. Also the third node is making progress as you can see from the 2 photos that I took at each feeding. I can't wait to transplant her into the 1 gallon fabric pot. Signs of CalMag deficiency seems to be completely gone, and the heat stress from the lamp seems to have subsisted a bit, so I lowered the lamp back down a tiny bit. Also my runoff EC is finally getting up above the input EC which means little LP is sucking up more water. Good news all around in a time when there is so much bad news! 


First fert: EC1010, pH5.8, runoff EC1196 

Cannabis Grow Day 6.1

Second fert: EC1012, pH6.5, runoff EC1292

Cannabis Grow Day 6.2

Posted : 03/25/2020 1:35 am

LP is loving her life right now. It is almost 14 complete days from the seed getting wet, and she is looking healthy. Temps steady between 19 and 21°C and RH around 70% (it's been cold and rainy here). Also I have been leaving the metal tray and sponges in the grow tent for the last few days with a bit of water and with the fan blowing across it to up the humidity. This way the plant can sit on the plastic screen and get more airflow and drainage in the bottom of the seedling bag. I can just start to see the first root peeking out of the bottom of one side of the seedling bag, and the 3rd set of true leaves are showing good growth. She was tilting over a little bit so I used a small stick to prop her up. I will pot her up to the 1 gallon bag at tonight's feeding or maybe tomorrow depending on how many roots I can see and how the third node looks. I will have to mix a new batch of nutes for early veg, and I need to make sure that I do not dilute them too much or create too much fertigation water. The one gallon of seedling blend that I mixed previously was far too much for one tiny plant. I will continue to water the peppers and outdoor herbs with the further diluted seedling blend.    

First fert: EC1006, 6.5pH, runoff EC1284   

Cannabis Grow Day 7.1

Second fert: EC1038, pH6.5, runoff EC1310 - I also increased the amount of fertigation slightly here. the difference in EC is about 272, so I will monitor and possibly increase fertigation frequency once the plant is potted up. 

Cannabis Grow Day 7.2

Posted : 03/26/2020 1:35 am
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