Late Start- Round 2 FULL MEPH HEAD

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Late Start- Round 2 FULL MEPH HEAD

This is a late start for my second grow. I am a few weeks out form harvest on these 3. There are 2- 3 Bears OG and 1 Deep BLue C x Sour Bubbly from Mephisto Genetics, these are all autoflowers. The one in front is not fattening up as well as I would like compared to the other two. I did top the one on the front and did some other high stress training and maybe it did not handle it well. The back left was bent 90 degrees to the side of the pot, the one in the back right was just left to do it thing.

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Cannabis Grow 20191117 114325
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114607
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114347
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114319
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114429
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114337
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114621
Cannabis Grow 20191117 114710

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Cannabis Grow 20191112 182806
Cannabis Grow 20191112 182906

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Added the red blurple for some extra watts, plus can't ever have enough red right? Still a lot of clear trichs. Breeder timeline was 75 days, looks like these girls will push way past that.

Cannabis Grow 20191118 193432
Cannabis Grow 20191118 193446
Cannabis Grow 20191118 193438
Cannabis Grow 20191118 193519
Cannabis Grow 20191118 193555

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Still going not much has changed

Cannabis Grow 20191122 225032
Cannabis Grow 20191122 225027
Cannabis Grow 20191122 224948
Cannabis Grow 20191122 225358
Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20191122 225221 Gallery

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Going to start flushing on Thursday, have to go out of town for work next weekend or I would probably be flushing now. I will be chopping hopefully next Tuesday and trimming through the week.


Where I'm from the colors in the trees don't change like this 😂


Side note: have ordered all of the supplies for a 2x4 organic soil grow, just waiting on the quantum board. I will be running autos in there for a semi perpetual grow.


Cannabis Grow 20191201 112524
Cannabis Grow 20191201 112535
Cannabis Grow 20191201 112443
Cannabis Grow 20191201 112707
Cannabis Grow 20191201 112817
Cannabis Grow 20191201 112825

Posted : 12/01/2019 8:57 am


Can you move this to completed journals.


Pulled 17 oz off these 3 not including larf that I just dried and tossed in the freezer 

Posted : 01/12/2020 12:30 pm

Cannabis Grow 20200112 153432
Cannabis Grow 20200112 153804


Cured about a month now 

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