ILGM White Widow, AK-47 & Bubblegum 4x4

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ILGM White Widow, AK-47 & Bubblegum 4x4

Hello.  I'm beginning my first grow here in Minnesota since home growing was legalized.  I'm using a mix pack of seeds from ILGM and plan to grow 2 White Widows, 1 AK-47 and 1 Bubblegum in my 4 x 4 tent.  This will be my first effort using coco coir and I'm intrigued to see the differences from prior soil grows! 

I've soaked my seeds and have now moved them to wet paper towels enclosed in a plastic food carryout container.  (I've used those containers before and they work beautifully for sprouting seeds!)  2 of the seeds have popped and are showing a little tap root.  I plan to drop them into Jiffy peat cups and put them into my sprouter under a T5 light as soon as the other two seeds pop.  

I'll post photos when there is something to see!  

Posted : 11/14/2023 12:34 pm

Hello.  After a few initial challenges, three of my four little ladies are doing well.  My two ILGM White Widow seedlings are showing rapid growth, with my ILGM AK-47 seedling growing just as quickly.  My fourth sprout, an ILGM Bubblegum, is lagging, with very slow growth after sprouting.  The little ladies are living in a SuperSprouter dome, under the LED equivalent of a T5 light. (To keep the plants warm, I have a heating mat under the sprouter.)

The White Widows and the AK-47 have nicely developed roots that have pushed through the "skin" on the hydrated Jiffy peat pellets in which I placed the sprouted seeds.  With that progress, today I transplanted those seedling to small pots.  Given its very slow growth, I've left the Bubblegum sprout in the rehydrated Jiffy peat pellet for the time being.  I expect the White Widows and the AK-47 to outgrow the sprouter dome in the next week or so;  when that happens, I'll move them to my grow tent.  

A photo of my little ladies is below.


Cannabis Grow 20231127 153556 051

Posted : 11/27/2023 2:33 pm

My grow is progressing, as my little ladies are almost ready to transplant to 3 gallon fabric pots.  Here are a couple of pics of the ladies as of yesterday:

Cannabis Grow 20231208 073631


Cannabis Grow 20231208 073642

Posted : 12/09/2023 9:30 am

Hello.  I've been remiss about posting on the progress of my grow, but am happy to report that my ladies are all growing nicely.  Since my previous post, I transplanted each of my ladies into a 3 gallon fabric grow bag, the plants' final home.  

The following photos were taken 10 days ago, when the plants reached their sixth+ node. 

Cannabis Grow 20231220 081120
Cannabis Grow 20231220 081104

My plan for this grow has been to mainline each of the plants to 8 or possibly 16 colas.  As part of that process, I'd like to horizontally cover as much of my tent's floor space with the plant canopy as possible.  After transplanting my ladies into the 3 gallon fabric bags and giving the plants some time to adapt after the transplant, I completed the first topping of each plant.  With a few more days of growth, the new mains reached their 3rd node past the initial topping and I topped the plants again. 

I also began some initial training, securing the first two mains as near horizontal as possible.  While that process has gone very well on my two White Widow plants, I was not careful enough and cracked one of the two mains on my AK-47 plant.  I wrapped the crack on the damaged main with some saran wrap and the branch seems to have stabilized and the 2 growth tips at the end of the branch are showing rapid growth.  (Just a little too aggressive when anchoring the branch!)  

Below are a couple of current picture of the plants.   

Cannabis Grow 20231229 114334
Cannabis Grow 20231229 114321

Given my goals with respect to mainlining and coverage of my tent's floor space, I've been planning on a long vegetation period of approximately 60 days. I will, of course, have to listen to "what the ladies have to say" when it's time to think about that part of the grow!  

Posted : 12/30/2023 9:54 pm CoCoFoRcHrOnIc liked

Happy New Year, everyone!  I'm happy to report that my plants are thriving.  My previous grows have all been tall, "stretchy" sativa strains, so working with two strains that top out at 3 to 4 feet is a new experience for me.  I'm deep into the mainlining process with these ladies and they've responded really well.  Here is a current picture of the ladies; the plant on the left is the AK-47, while the other two are White Widows. 

Cannabis Grow 20240102 102648

I've been mainlining each of these plants and am particularly proud of the way one of the White Widow's is coming along.  I've topped it twice and tied down the mains after each topping.  (If all goes well, I'll do the third topping on the White Widows in the next few days, to produce eight colas.)  The following pictures pretty clearly show the structure. 

Cannabis Grow 20240102 103145
Cannabis Grow 20240102 103120

My efforts to mainline my AK-47 plant have been less successful.  The plant overall is thriving, developing nice foliage, thick branches and trunk and some nice looking mains.  However, as mentioned in a previous post, while completing the second topping, I cracked one of the two mains above the first topping.  That injury has healed quite nicely and the plant now has a hard knot, as if I'd supercropped that branch.  The injury has created an interesting question for me.  As shown in the picture below, one of the four main growth tips is much smaller than the other three--as in probably half the size of the others.

Cannabis Grow 20240102 104749Marked

The disparate sized growth tips present a couple of interesting questions.  First, will the small size of the fourth main create any negative impacts if I simply continue with my mainlining plan and top all of the mains one more time?  Second, if deviating from the mainlining plan is appropriate, what alternative is the best choice?  I could a) top the three "full size" mains and leave the "runt" main alone, to end with seven colas, b) cut off the "runt" main and continue to mainline the other mains, ending with six colas, or c) simply proceed with the plant as it currently is, with the expectation of three full-size colas and one "runt" cola.  It may not make any difference, but, hey, if you're reading a grow journal you may understand my attention (obsession?) with questions like these!   



Posted : 01/02/2024 1:04 pm
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Day: 78
Flower Day: 3

Although I've been remiss about posting on the progress of my grow, I'm pleased to say that the plants are moving along nicely and are now into the flowering period.  I flipped the lights to 12/12 (from 18/6) on January 24, 2024 and saw the first pistils on January 27.  The plants have been showing strong growth and, because of the extended veg period used for these plants, were showing some signs of flowering stretch even before I flipped the light schedule.  

Since my last post, I've completed the mainlining of each of the plants.  My AK-47 and one of the White Widows are about the same size, while the other White Widow is shorter and bushier.  It seems to be a different phenotype from the other White Widow.  Now that the plants have moved into the flowering stage, I've placed the shorter plants on risers, so all have equal access to the light.  

Here is a picture of my ladies as they were on January 14, 2024:  

Cannabis Grow 20240114 144058

During this grow, I've really focused on my plant training.  Here are pictures showing the manifold on the larger of my two White Widow plants, as well as a picture of the resulting tops:

Cannabis Grow 20240126 122021
Cannabis Grow 20240126 122032

Cannabis Grow 20240126 102533

Finally, here are pictures of my ladies as of yesterday:

Cannabis Grow 20240127 114428
Cannabis Grow 20240128 105001

Posted : 01/29/2024 3:55 am
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Day: 92
Flower Day: 17

Explosive Growth!  I'm pleased to say that my plants have experienced explosive growth since I last posted.  One of my White Widows and my AK-47 have really experienced a lot of flowering stretch and have moved on to forming buds and colas.  My other White Widow has lagged behind the other two plants and has really moved into the flowering stretch in the past few days.  

The two White Widows have really moved in different directions.  The taller of the two is lanky and seems to be a sativa phenotype.  It has really stretched and is much less bushy that my other White Widow.  The second White Widow is much shorter, very bushy and really dense;  it seems to be an indica phenotype.  I'm also pleased because the three plants now fill more than three quarters of my 4x4 grow tent.

Cannabis Grow 20240207 114705

These plants still have quite a few days to harvest, but I'm very pleased with the way buds and colas are forming.  Let's hope that the trend continues! 

Cannabis Grow 20240211 103114

Posted : 02/12/2024 2:12 pm
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Day: 106
Flower Day: 31

Hello.  I'm pleased to report that my plants are doing well and have essentially completed their flowering stretch.  I've just moved into week one of the late bloom feeding schedule.  With the second week of late bloom, the ripening period and the flush left, I am planning on harvesting some time around the third week of March, subject, of course, to how the tricomes look at that point.  (The timing would be perfect, as that week includes a couple of family birthdays, so I'm hoping we have a bountiful harvest--and some scissor hash--to celebrate!)

While my two White Widows have formed nice buds and the sugar leaves are glistening with tricomes, my AK-47 is really getting sticky and the sugar leaves are absolutely covered!  Here's a picture of one of the buds from two days ago. 

Cannabis Grow 20240224 104920

.  (When my wife looked at the AK-47 buds, her first comment was "the sugar leaves are so covered that they look life fuzzy little caterpillars!)

The most interesting aspect of this grow for me is the difference in size and structure between the indica phenotype White Widow and the sativa phenotype White Widow.  The indica phenotype is just shy of 3 feet (approx. 91 cm) tall, has branched heavily and has short inter-node spaces.  The sativa phenotype is 4.75 feet (approx. 145 cm) tall, has limited branching and is a lanky plant with long inter-nodes.   

Here's how the ladies look as of this morning, with the front plant being the indica phenotype White Widow, the right rear being the sativa phenotype White Widow and the plant in the left rear being the AK-47. 

Cannabis Grow 20240226 080331


At this point, for this grow I'm hoping that the buds fatten nicely, without any excitement at the end of the grow!  

Posted : 02/26/2024 6:56 am