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Hi.  This is my first grow ever.  Here in the great state of Vermont you can grow your own legally.  

Under Act 86 you can have a total of six plants, two of which can be mature (in flower).  This is per dwelling unit. So that means six total - not six for me and six for my wife. Has to be secure but if you have no children you door locks do that for you.  You can grow outside if it is in an enclosed location that can only be accessed by people age 21 and over and isn’t visible to the general public. There is no limit on how much harvest you can accumulate as long as it's secured.  You can walk about with an ounce. No selling allowed but you can give it as a gift.

So - here I grow!

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/06/2019 12:33 pm FarmerBrown liked

Got seeds from  Read an article that said if you buy seeds from another state and you get caught the F.B.I could get involved.  If you buy from out of country then U.S. Customs might find them. However it said they have never pursued a seed case and just confiscate them and put a card in the package that says contraband was taken.

I got 3 Dark Star x AK-49 Feminised, 3 Northern Lights x Big Bud Early Harvest Feminised, and they threw in 3 Seedsman Cheese Feminised for free because I spent more than 30 Euros.  I paid for the Delivery Insurance for $9 where if they don't show up they will send them again. Total was $64 USD.

Here is some info about them from the Seedsman site:

Northern Lights x Big Bud Early Harvest

BREEDER/BRAND    World of Seeds
GENETICS                    Northern Light x Big Bud
VARIETY                       Indica
FLOWERING TYPE    Photoperiod
SEX                                 Feminised
THC CONTENT           18%
YIELD                            Indoors: 500 - 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: 1200 gr/plant
HARVEST MONTH    Mid-September
EFFECT                         Body, Physical, Sedative
                                             3rd. PRIZE BHO COPA URUGUAY 2015


Northern Light x Big Bud Early Harvest is a 100% indica cannabis strain that finishes fast. It is a small-statured plant with great yield potential and one which has therapeutic applications due to its cannabinoid balance.

This strain can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. Indoor flowering is finished in just 45 days while outdoor harvests in the northern hemisphere should be ready around the middle of September making it a great outdoor choice for higher latitudes. It has very good resistance to drought, pests and mould therefore a little humidity is not going to trouble it unduly. Yields are excellent. especially considering its small size, with indoor harvests of 500 - 600 gr/m2 while plants grown outdoors can deliver as much as 1200 gr/plant!

Northern Light x Big Bud has a nice sweet flavour. Its 18% THC is balanced by other cannabinoids, chiefly CBD, and delivers a sedative effect which is both tranquilising and therapeutic, recommended for deep relaxation.

Dark Star x AK-49

BREEDER/BRAND         Vision Seeds
GENETICS                         Dark Star x AK-49
VARIETY                            Mostly Indica
FLOWERING TYPE         Photoperiod
SEX                                      Feminised
THC CONTENT                19%
YIELD                                 Indoors: 750 - 950 gr/m/2
FLOWERING TIME        60 days
TASTE / FLAVOUR         Earthy, Sweet, Woody
EFFECT                              Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting


Dark Star x AK-49 is an exceptionally high-yielding strain with good THC production. Vision Seeds claim that it is the "star" in their collection of cannabis strains.

Indoor yields are "out of this world" with between 750 - 950 gr/m2 obtained in about 60 days of flowering! Plants grow to a medium height and sport dense green/blue buds, a tendency that is enhanced by night-time temperature drops towards the end of flowering. Impressive-looking plants!

The scent and taste are earthy, woody and with sweet notes. THC levels are at 19% and the effect is fast-acting, happy, uplifting and relaxing. A real bringer of joy.

Seedsman Cheese

BREEDER/BRAND                 Seedsman
GENETICS                                 Original Skunk #1 pheno
VARIETY                                    Mostly Sativa
FLOWERING TYPE                 Photoperiod
THC CONTENT                        High
YIELD                                         400-500 gr/m2
PLANT HEIGHT                       up to 300cm
FLOWERING TIME                 9-10 Weeks
HARVEST MONTH                 October
TASTE / FLAVOUR                 Cheese


Cheese originated in the UK's underground cannabis scene where it was derived from a particularly pungent Skunk #1 phenotype. It has a very distinctive sour, lactic aroma and a powerfully relaxing effect. An Afghani strain was later incorporated into its genetics in order to increase its yield and resin-producing capabilities.

Cheese is a happy, deeply relaxing strain which can also be used to treat stress, pain and depression melting cares away. It grows well both indoors and outdoors although outdoors it performs better in warm climates. Flowering takes about 9 weeks indoors or into October outdoors in the northern hemisphere. Say Cheese and see exactly what everyone's been talking about.


I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/06/2019 12:45 pm FarmerBrown liked

This is a list of grow setup, equipment, and supplies.  Mostly purchased on Amazon.

Tent Stuff

TopoLite 48"x24"x72" Metal Corner/Window Grow Tent
iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo with Variable Speed Controller
Phlizon Newest 1600W LED Plant Grow Light (10W LEDs 160Pcs)
Century Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer, 3 Prong, 2-Pack
VIVOSUN 2-Pack 6 Inch Clip on Oscillating Fan for 0.59 to 1 Inch Tent Pole with 2-Speed Control
2 x IKTCH 6 Inch 8 Feet Non-Insulated Aluminum Foil Vent, Ducting.
iPower GLDUCT4X8C 4 inch 8 feet Non-Insulated Aluminum Foil Vent with 2 Clamps, Ducting


Gardzen 6-Pack 3 Gallons Grow Bags, Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles
247Garden 5pcs 1-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pots/Breathable Planting Grow Bags w/Open-Lock-Strap & Handles (Black)
Non-Woven Nursery Bags Plants Grow Bags 200 PCS Biodegradable Seed Starter bags

Grow Medium, Nutrients, etc.

Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix | 50L | RHP Certified Natural Plant Growth Media
Jiffy Medium Pellets - Expands to 1-1/2" Diameter (36 mm) x 1-5/8" Tall - 100ct
Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit: 12 Pack Small Bundle
Fox Farm FoxFarm 790218 FX14010 1-Quart Grow Big Hydroponic Liquid Concentate
Botanicare CAL-MAG Plus Plant Supplement 2-0-0 Formula, 1 Quart
RAW Yucca 2 oz
General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml

Watering/Fertigation Systems

5 gal. bucket w/ spigot at bottom & vinyl tubing
Stream Machine water gun w/ vinyl tubing      (what?)
Dr. Coco's auto fertigation, self-draining saucers, and auto-pumping drain bucket setups
HoneForest TDS Meter, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1


Ggbin 14 Quart Plastic Dish Pan, (Wine Red, 4 Packs)
T.W Evans Cordage SC-316-050 3/16-Inch by 50-Feet Elastic Bungee Shock Cord
BSTEAN Syringes w/ Blunt Tip Needles
Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Glasses for LED Grow Light Rooms
Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope
VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stainless Steel Blades

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/06/2019 12:53 pm FarmerBrown liked

For my first grow I am doing the Norther Lights and the Dark Star.  I'm saving the Cheese for outside next season being it is sativa and could get big,

First attempt at germination started in mid August but alas it did not happen for me.  One seed each of the NL and DS.  I just put seeds in moist jiffy pellets.  Never got a sprout.

Tried again in early Sept.  This time into a cup of water until the seed popped then into a moist paper towel in a ziplock until I got a bit of a root.  Then into a jiffy pellet and I was off to the races!

After about two weeks I had babies.  Pics are from 09/19/2019.

I am using 18/6 lighting for veg.

Cannabis Grow 20190919NL
Cannabis Grow 20190919DS

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/06/2019 1:46 pm

Here is a little tour of my tent and the gals.  Doing great.  This is from 09/24/2019 - just 5 days later from the previous pics.

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 8:04 am

When I started this I knew very little.  Getting bits of info from here and there.  Decided to go with coco as the medium from a suggestion on some other site.  But really had no idea how to use it correctly.  

For the first bit I was feeding according to the Fox Farm soil feeding schedule (at 1/2 strength) excluding things that did not come in their Dirty Dozen pack and omitting the Flowers Kiss foliar application because I didn't want to get into that just yet.  I was also Cal/Mag clueless.  I was also way under watering.  Like watering Friday mornings and not again until Sunday night - we goto the lake on the weekends.

So then in late September I find this great site and learned much stuff and many things.  Most importantly that coco is practically hydro.  I got some Cal/Mag and Grow Big Hydro and switched to the Fox Farm hydro schedule.

This is a pic from 09/26/2019 right before I switched to the hydro schedule.  Not too bad for not knowing what I was doing.

Cannabis Grow 20190926DS NL

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 8:50 am FarmerBrown liked

So I'm following the hydro schedule and watering at least twice a day except on weekends when we're away.  Over the next couple of weeks the plants started rolling.  

The pic here is from 10/14/2019.  I think I was a little behind in the vegging caused by my lack of knowledge but things were going good considering.

Cannabis Grow 20191014DS NL

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 8:58 am

Another little tour on 10/18/2019.  The lens glare is from shooting through my grow light safety glasses.

One thing I did learn is you have to combat tent suck.  I got those oscillating fan and tent suck permanently turned them into stationary fans.  Not sure I need them to oscillate in my small tent.  I did open one of them up and think I might be able to repair the tooth on the gear that got ground off with epoxy and a dremel.

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 9:13 am

On 10/25 I got concerned about some purple striping on stalks and purple petioles on the Dark Star plant after reading about deficiencies.  I wasn't super worried because the Norther Lights plant was looking fine.  Just to be safe I made contact with the seed breeder (Vision Seeds) via their site.  They said it was normal for this strain because it was a hybrid crossed with the Purple Kush.  Also that the color would also appear in the buds and if I wanted the super dark chronic to lower the tent temp during late flower. 

Cannabis Grow 20191025DSt3(1)

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 11:28 am

On the weekend of 10/26 I started to get concerned about the height of my plants. especially the Dark Star.  So I read up and commenced a supercropping.  

Everything went pretty well except I did split open the center stalk of the Dark Star.  Luckily I remembered reading about grafting tape and how it was very similar to plastic wrap.  So I cut a strip of plastic wrap, wrapped it around a small nail to make it easier to wrap the branch, and put the "band-aid" on.  Seems to have worked well because I have yet to see any ill effects to that stalk.

At this time I also made a couple of frames and strung thin bungee to make Scrog nets.  I made one for each plant.  That way I can pull a plant out if needed.  Basically I made a square with two additional slats placed about 1/4 of the way in from two apposing sides.  Each slat has two holes drilled in them so they can be slid onto those green garden plant stakes which are driven into the coco on the outside edge of the pot.  I keep the frames in place by using small binder clips attached to the poles above and below the cross slats.  I also used some wire and pulled the tops of the poles in a bit for added tension and stability.  

I also did some pruning to the lower third removing leaves and some minor branches that were never going to get to the canopy.

Cannabis Grow 20191025DSt2
Cannabis Grow scrog2
Cannabis Grow scrog3

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 12:47 pm


Plants showed no signs of stress after some pretty aggressive supercropping.  Things were looking good with a nice Scrog'ed canopy so I put them on flower lighting.  Even though my LED has grow and bloom switches I have had both on since the plants got established and will keep both on.  

I went directly from 18/6 to 12/12.  Then I read some stuff about a slower transition.  Oh will - next time I will try shaving an hour off per day.

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 12:59 pm

10/29/2019 - doing the flip day counter thing because it looks like you can't set it from editing a post.

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/07/2019 1:09 pm


As compared to the pics from 10/26 the girls are stretching.  Have not moved the Scrog frame/net.  And you can see the beauty of the Scrog frame - being able to pull each plant (very carefully) from the tent to do pruning.  Otherwise I would have to probably lay on my belly or back to do that.

Did some more pruning and may need to do some more.  Going to give it a week or so.  Looking for 8 to 12 nice colas for each plant.

Cannabis Grow 20191109tent
Cannabis Grow 20191109NL
Cannabis Grow 20191109DS

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/13/2019 1:38 pm FarmerBrown liked

So again compared to the pics from 10/26, one of the girls (Dark Star x AK-49) is doing a mega stretch.  I have not moved the scrog frame and you can see that that plant has almost tripled in size and I hope I'm not going to top out in the tent.  As it is I had to move the light over and angle it.

Cannabis Grow 20191126 2
Cannabis Grow 20191126 1

And since we are going away for Thanksgiving I was extremely motivated to get the auto-fertigation system built.  Made my own halo like sprinklers, used the four plant stakes that hold the scrog frame as anchors for wire restraints to keep sprinklers off the surface.  The hose is the softer vinyl stuff and I used connectors from Home Cheapo that were great.  The ends are threaded like a screw so it was fairly easy to get them on.  A bit of spit and you had to grab the pipe with pliers while you twisted.  Used a 30 gal. storage bin as the reservoir.  Good thing about that is when filled the water level is not higher than the lowest sprinkler so no siphon worries! Built the auto-pumping drain bucket that pumps into a 30 gal. garbage can.

Cannabis Grow 20191126 7
Cannabis Grow 20191126 6
Cannabis Grow 20191126 5
Cannabis Grow 20191126 4
Cannabis Grow 20191126 3

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 11/26/2019 1:13 pm FarmerBrown liked
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So the plants have been growing along and I am really digging the auto-fertigation system.  It has been AWESOME!

The Norther Lights x Big Bud has passed the 45 day mark that the breeder said was the flowering period.  That is 45 days since the light flip.  The 45 days must be 45 from the formation of the first calyxes and pistils (which I need to note in the log of my next grow) since the trichomes are currently clear to slightly milky.

Also just got around to installing the MarsHydro SP-250 I bought on Black Friday.  It replace a burple Phlizon "1600W" (330 actual) that I will use for a veg tent.  Added plus - they now make the cord long enough that you can remove the Meanwell driver and mount it outside of the tent.  Just make sure you make a diagram or take a picture before you undo the splice if you need to slip it thru a small opening so you put it back together correctly.

Mounting the driver outside allowed me to put the light right at the top of the tent.  As you can see in the pic the Dark Star x AK-49 on the left is getting close to topping out and I need every inch I can get.  Note to self - don't veg it so large next time!

Cannabis Grow 20191215NewMarshydro


Norther Lights Getting Frosty!

Cannabis Grow frostyNortherLights


Dark Star Coming Along!

Cannabis Grow ComingAlongDarkStar

I'm coco for cannabis puffs! And like to fish also!
Posted : 12/16/2019 11:29 am
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