Gorilla by Dinafem

I Started a new grow a few days ago. Within a week of my last grow I had cleaned and reset my rent, taken a seed out from the fridge and let it warm up to room temp over 24hrs before I drop it in some distilled water for up to 24hrs  

I keep my seeds in micro centrifuge tubes with silica beads and a piece of foam separating the seed from silica. They came this way from Dinafem, but I like this method so much that other seeds of valued genetics that I have acquired over time have gotten the same treatment. I place these test tubes in a padded envelope, wrapped in tin foil, in a ziplock bag in my fridge. I was told certain factors that can degrade genetics are time, heat, light and moisture (unless ur germinating) so since I can’t slow time for my seeds I keep em in the cold, dry, dark. 


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Nov 05 2019

I took the seed out Nov 01, the cotyledons opened yesterday and this morning the root emerged from the jiffy pellet. I placed the jiffy pellet in a solo cup with coco/perlite mix. I’m using Cannacoco in a 60/40 coco/perlite ratio by volume and my final pot will be a 5 gallon equivalent airpot. 


cotyledons open: Check

in first coco container: Check

first fertigation event was after the transplant into coco this morning. Using @dr-coco schedule she got the seedling mix at 384Ec at 6.3ph. I will rise ec by 50-75 every event (2 events per day)over the next 6 days and I should be close to 1000-1100 ec by the weekend. temps and humidity light on is about 75-77f and 70-75Rh. Lights off the ambient temp drops to about 70-72f. However the seedling mat is set to 75f regardless of lights and my solo cup is in a seedling dome on top of the seedling mat.

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Nov 15 2019 (day 10)

it might be closer to day 11 but it makes it easier this way and an extra day won’t really matter. She got her final 5 gallon airpot transplant this morning along with beneficial predatory mites Stratiolaelaps scimitus to help with fungus gnats and some beneficial microbes to aid with transplant shock. 

On my last grow I wanted to really focus on VPD and I did. I now have a better understanding of its role and importance. 

On this grow I would like to focus on pruning and redirecting the energy of the plant to the main colas. I will mainline this plant like the last and ill use a trellis net as I did my 2 previous grows. But I would really like to reduce the larfy buds, I still wont remove too many leaves as my last 2 harvests have been impressive (in my humble opinion) for a new grower. And I fully attribute that to the light I’m using and the amazing wealth of knowledge and information available on

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I made a big mistake last week.  It’s difficult for me to write this. 

I was approaching day 15 and decided to top at day 14 since she was thriving. I wanted to use a scalpel but couldn’t find one so I opted to use my Fiskars. I found the spot I wanted to top above the 3rd node and reached out to cut it when I couldn’t get the Fiskars to open. I looked down to disengage the lock and topped the plant. Then removed fist and second growth tips... I realized I had topped above second node and just removed ALL growth tips! DAMN SO STUPID. My moment of inattention, my haste to get the job done. I messed up. I was originally planning on topping the plant after the kids were in bed and after I could smoke one. But no, I had to do it in a hurry stone cold sober after work.

Note to self:

Always get medicated before doing your gardening!

I have no cloning gel only GH rapid start and I don’t think it would work, nor would I know how. The best I could do was run upstairs and clip a piece off my wife’s aloe plant and scrape the gel into a shot glass with distilled water. I put the stem of the topped Gorilla in the glass. My wife has cloned basil this way. I had just mixed a new Rez of nutrients so I continued to resentfully fertigate for a week hoping the growth tips would return. I kept the top alive for a week in the aloe shot glass but no roots were emerging so I decided to scrap it all and start over. It still stings just to write this but live and learn and part of this journal and community is to “learn  in public” with others and from each other. Not sure what others can learn from this aside from attention to detail. I don’t have another Gorilla so I popped a Sweet Deep Grapefruit a few days ago and will start a new journal for it. 

So @dr-coco not sure what you consider this journal but I’m starting over.  

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